20 Awkward Prom Photos That Will Make You Relive Your Greatest Moments

Prom is a special time in everyone’s life, whether because you absolutely hated it or you absolutely loved it. Or, perhaps, you even fell somewhere in between… Or, better yet, you both hated it and loved it. I have many nice prom memories and, funnily enough, have even been able to strike the “prom pose” as an adult because those photo instincts never die.

No matter what kind of prom you had, though, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have at least one super awkward prom photo hiding in your albums. There are the photos where you question your date’s hair, where you’re looking off into different cameras, where you’re posing weirdly with your squad. But all of these photos are for the greater good, a.k.a. the joy of reliving those great moments at some point in the future and both laughing and crying over all the awkward prom photos you once took.

In memory of this, here are 20 awkward prom photos that you’re not soon to forget.

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