20 Influential Boss Latinas Every Networker Should Know About

Every year on March 8, countries from around the globe celebrate International Women’s Day an official holiday that commemorates the movement for women’s rights. As part of our celebration of the day, we’re talking about 15 fierce influential Latinas who are shaping up the world and harnessing the energy of sisterhood to propel the careers and livelihoods of other Latinas. To create our list, we tallied up Influential Latinas featured at a national conference that occurred this past weekend called #WeAllGrow. In its fourth year, the national summit brought Latinas from across the globe, some whom you’ve seen on screen and others you’ve seen on political stages, in an effort to push for our community.

Here are 20 of the fiercest influential Latinas from the summit to celebrate, follow and learn from on International Women’s Day.

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