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20 Influential Boss Latinas Every Networker Should Know About

Every year on March 8, countries from around the globe celebrate International Women’s Day an official holiday that commemorates the movement for women’s rights. As part of our celebration of the day, we’re talking about 15 fierce influential Latinas who are shaping up the world and harnessing the energy of sisterhood to propel the careers and livelihoods of other Latinas. To create our list, we tallied up Influential Latinas featured at a national conference that occurred this past weekend called #WeAllGrow. In its fourth year, the national summit brought Latinas from across the globe, some whom you’ve seen on screen and others you’ve seen on political stages, in an effort to push for our community.

Here are 20 of the fiercest influential Latinas from the summit to celebrate, follow and learn from on International Women’s Day.

1. Liz Hernandez

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Liz Hernandez is a Mexican American Emmy-nominated television host and journalist currently working to connect people with project WORDAFUL. Her weekly videos feature the Latina as she breaks down the meaning and power behind words. In 2014, Hernandez joined NBC’s Access Hollywood and became one of the entertainment news program’s first Latina correspondents. The summit finished its final day with Liz as their closing keynote speaker.

2. Heather Conneely

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Heather Conneely is a bilingual, bicultural digital marketing professional whose career in multicultural advertising sales spans a 16 year period. She started her career as a  member of Univision Communications network TV sales department. In 2014, she was hired by Facebook to lead the company’s first New York Multicultural Team. As the head of her department, she worked to educated clients and agencies on the power of multicultural audiences. Today, Heather is a Client Partner for Facebook’s Team Beauty and she follows digital transformation journeys for some of the country’s biggest beauty brands.

3. Millana Snow

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Millana Snow has been part of the entertainment industry as an actress and model for over 12 years. She is also a practitioner of Reiki healing, a meditation teacher and the founder of Serene Social. During the summit, she led a talk regarding the importance of incorporating synchronicity and flow in our lives.

4. Candy Calderon

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Candy Calderon is a certified holistic health and wellness coach and promoter of healthy lifestyle living tips for today’s modern, busy woman-entrepreneur. Her blog addresses taboo subjects. Her side hustle, creating signature detoxing and healthy living programs, has been harnessed by people across the globe. During the #WeAllGrow keynote, she spoke on the importance of preventing and reversing illnesses through wellness.

5. Yarel Ramos

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Yarel Ramos is a journalist and anchor of the Univision Los Angeles mid-day digital show “Edición Digital California.” Her eight-year career in television has seen her take on the role of host, emcee, and anchor. She is a co-founder of Repartiendo Amor Y Oportunidades (RAYO) a non-profit organization in Los Angeles that works to provide Latino students with the right resources and tools to obtain higher education. She is also co-host of the Wait Hold Up Podcast and was at the summit to discuss how to give tips on how to produce a podcast.

6. Mariela Rosario

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Mariela Rosario is the Afro-Latina editor-in-chief behind Hip Latina. As a writer, editor, and digital content strategist she has racked up a total of ten years in the Latinx space. She led CafeMedia’s first site for Latina moms and went on to develop She is currently the Editor in Chief at and recently created Galchemism, a new platform that empowers and educates women of color in arts & tech. Her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and Latina.

7. Rosa Clemente

@rosaclemente / Instagram

Rosa Clemente is an organizer, political commentator, independent journalist, and creator behind Puerto Rico on the Map, an independent Latinx media group founded in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Her activism and political drive pushed her to become the first Afro-Latina to have ever run for Vice President of the United States in 2008. This year, the Hollywood’s initiative #TimesUp invited her to join them on the Red Carpet in an effort to turn the spotlight on issues around sexual assault, Puerto Rico, restaurant workers, farmworkers and Black women.

8. Xochitl Oseguera

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Xochitl Oseguera is the senior campaign director behind, a grassroots organization advocating for mothers and their children. Her work has pushed her to collaborate policy partners to educate the public and empower mothers of the online digital media space.

9. Zandra Zuno Baerman

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Zandra Zuno Baermann is the senior vice president of Communications and Marketing at UnidosUS where she serves as strategic communications advisor to the CEO and senior leadership. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with and advised companies like Kaiser Permanente, Nintendo of America, Walmart, and Wells Fargo.

10. Jessica Molina

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Jessica Molina is a journalist, producer, digital content creator, and podcaster whose work typically highlights efforts of the Latinx community. As a co-host of the podcast @waitholduppod, she interviews guests about the “wait, hold up” moments that have changed their perspectives on life. Jessica also serves as the Sr. Producer at Hip Latina where she oversees daily editorial content and creates weekly videos that cover upcoming trends in the Latinx community.

11. Evette Rios

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Evette Rios has hosted shows on HGTV, A&E, and TLC and made frequent appearances on the TODAYShow, TheChew, Rachael Ray, Trading Spaces as well as Telemundo and Univision. Her lifestyle brand encourages audiences to embrace the multicultural American experience.

12. Kathleen Pagan

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Kathleen Pagan abandoned her successful finance career in corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship and became the lifestyle Youtuber and blogger behind Endlessly Elated. Her content teaches her followers how to create food, cocktails and home décor. Last year, the content creator shared with her followers that Endlessly Elated would make women’s empowerment its primary mission.

13. Brenda Blanco

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

For over 6 years, Brenda Blanco has hosted, produced and directed radio, television and multimedia shows for Univision and BuzzFeed. These days she produces content for BuzzFeedTasty and has worked to grow and diversify the Tasty audience. Her experience and love for Latin American cultures led her to become an influential power over Tasty’s Spanish food channel: Bien Tasty.

14. Valeria Hinojosa

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Valeria Hinojosa was in the private banking industry as a VP for 5 years until deciding to embrace her passion for lifestyle content and started WaterThruSkin. The Miami blog about how to pursue a lifestyle with a sense of social and environmental awareness has pushed her to travel the world and explore exotic and eco-friendly destinations. These days she uses her travels as a means to acquire and promote eco-friendly brands, different cultures, green design and plant-based cuisine.

15. Jocelyn Ramirez

@weallgrowlatina / Instagram

Jocelyn Ramirez is a vegan chef, professor, and yoga instructor. In 2015 she founded Todo Verde a brand that promotes Mexican and South American inspired plant-based meals.

16. Gizel Jiménez

@giz_zy / Instagram

Anyone self-identifying as a Broadway junky will likely be quick to spot out this Cubana actress and star of theatrical hits “Party People” and “Miss You Like Hell.” The NYC-based actress’ Instagram is a treasure trove for the Latina looking to keep up her #BBG y ¡azúcar! habit. Gizel usees her account to document her trips to barre and pilates sessions while also posting clips of herself as she enthusiastically chows down on croquetas. It’s an account packed full of bailar, strength and a pretty mighty six-pack.

Follow her here.

17. Keka Araujo

@negra_with_tumbao / Instagram

Keka Araujo is the writer and blogger behind Negra With Tumbao a personal blog that touches on all things cultura, race, diaspora, and beauty. The writer, whose work has been featured in HuffPost and Blavity, has an account that brags an average of 17.6K followers. Her posts always promise to give viewers a peep into the topics (vida and fuckboys among them) that intrigue the Latina the most. Check out her account for a look into some of her amazing homecooked meals (ropa vieja for the win!) and some fly pics of her daily fashion and hairstyles.

Follow her here.

18. Juliet Casteneda AKA Juju

@iamjuju_ / Instagram

When it comes to hustle, Juju Castenada has plenty. The American actress, model, realtor, business owner, and author has been keeping up with her side gigs long before her days of making appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami.” Juju’s Instagram account acts as an appetizing fusion of her best street style and high glam moments. Baby hair enthusiasts will love the Cubana’s account for all of the inspiration her looks will bring to their edges.

Follow her here.

19. Aylen Alvarez

@aylen25 / Instagram

Aylen Alvarez is the business entrepreneur behind her self-titled phone application: Aylen Alvarez Official Fan App. Tap into Alvarez’s account and get ready for a feed packed full of travel adventures to Venice, Italy, and Paris, France. The raw veganist also uses her account to promote body positivity and exercise tips.

Follow her here.

20. Monique Gonzalez AKA Momo

@heresmomo / Instagram

The Miami-based artist first pierced the music scene back in 2015 when she took up the task of providing vocals to the “El Perdon (How Can I)” female remix featuring Pitbull. In the year’s since that appearance, the Cubana has popped up in the newsfeeds of HuffPost and Perez Hilton for her “rising pop star” status. When it comes to The Gram though, Gonzalez’s artistry really shines. The singer and model wields her account with the power of a purposeful museum curator, giving followers a chance to track her progress as an artist while also giving them a chance to glance at her style for major fashion inspiration. From pics of how to rock a hair scarf or casual sneakers, Momo’s looks are always spot on. In a post to her blog outside of Instagram, the Latina artist has described herself as “unapologetically Latina.” (UH can I get a finger snap emoji for that, please???)

Follow her here.

21. Camila Cabello

@camila_cabello / Instagram

When an artist like Camila Cabello bursts on to the scene with a hit about one of Cuba’s most beloved cities, ya just gotta put her on your list about rad Cubanas, yaknowwhudaymean?? The second generation Cuban-Mexicana and former member of Fifth Harmony has had a large and dedicated following for years, but it was her hit single “Havana” that blew up her name and, subsequently, her Instagram following. Subscribers to Cabello’s account will not get to follow the booming artist and travels to different locations around the globe but also get firsthand updates of her fleeting merch offers and latest projects.

Follow her here.

22. Danay García

@danaygarcia1 / Instagram

“Walking Dead” fans will be pumped to see the actress’s posts which range anywhere from behind the scene pics of her latest projects to videos of her on the fly ballet routines. Just after a few flip throughs of her account, followers will easily catch the same bug the nature enthusiast has for the outdoors.

23. Claudia Sampedro

@claudiasampedro / Instagram

Since her days as a cast member on the E! show “WAGS Miami,” Sampadro has worked to continue to build her brand as an athleisure clothing designer and travelista. The model, actress, and mother from Miami, Florida has an Instagram account dotted with pics that exude her enthusiasm for all things lifestyle, travel, fitness, fashion, and momming. Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of Sampadro’s posts, however, is the fact that when it comes to Instagram the entrepreneur acts as a total open book. When the Kardashians are away, get your chismosa fix with pics of Sampadro’s quirky adventures to derma clinics for laser hair removal and hydrafacials.

Follow her here.

24. Gisselle

@geexzee / Instagram

OG Hipsters who love to boast about having loved Kendrik Lamar long before he went mainstream ought to tap into the artist that is Gisselle before she blows up the music scene. (Which by the look of her latest single’s success, could be any minute.) Still, despite her burgeoning music career, perhaps the coolest aspect of Gisselle’s account is the fact that the artist hardly uses her account to hawk her brand or advertise her business ventures. Instead, the account is much more personal as she brings followers into her life as a mother, Tupac fan, and brunch enthusiast.

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