20 Pictures From Kat Von D’s Wedding You Probably Didn’t See

Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes celebrated their February nuptials with a divinely gothic wedding ceremony over the weekend, and we’re pretty sure its theme beat the one for this year’s Met Gala. The makeup maestra-slash-tattoo ace and the Prayers frontman hosted an elaborately dark wedding ceremony, and even though we didn’t get an invite (it’s still in the mail, I swear), thanks to Instagram (and the close friends of the couple), we were able to get a feel for most of what the wedding day entailed!

From Kat Von D’s blood red gown to a red cake shaped like a castle, here’s everything we know about the spectacularly black-attire only bash.

1. The wedding location.

CREDIT: bevhillshotel / Instagram

The couple hosted their wedding at one of the world’s infamous hotels: The Beverly Hills Hotel. The upscale venue has seen many a celebrity weddings and had guests like Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn and Frank Sinatra.

2. Surprisingly, Kat did have a partly white wedding.

CREDIT: sinister_apples / Instagram

Guests entered the ceremony through an “immaculate white” room and signed a guest book with feather ink quills and a scroll.

3. The dress code was all black attire.

CREDIT: sstrazzere / Instagram

Guests of the bride and groom were asked to wear all black clothing. During their wait for the ceremony, they drank LITERAL smoking drinks and took pictures with elaborate white cross set-ups.

4. The actual ceremony and reception took place inside a blood-red setting that looks like it was straight out of a Guillermo del Toro movie.

CREDIT: markusbiren / Instagram

The area was ornately decked out in floor-to-ceiling candle and flower decorations. Super “Pan’s Labrynth” ish, amiright?

5. See what I mean by decadent AF?

CREDIT: edenfolwell / Instagram

The ceremony was held in a room with a floral ceiling dome as its centerpiece.

6. And the drippy red waxy candles?

CREDIT: markusbiren / Instagram

Intricately designed red candles lined the floor for an extreme look that was two parts infernal and glam.

7. Just look at the centerpieces!

CREDIT: the_ol_ashel / Instagram

Literally your mom’s quinceañera nightmares and your darkest dreams.

8. But even more importantly, look at Kat Von D!

CREDIT: prayers / Instagram

Chica literally wore horns down the aisle!

9. Instead of having a maid of honor hold her train…

CREDIT: thekatvond / Instagram

She had spandex-wearing contortionists do it for her.

10. Of course, the untraditional goth queen made a statement with her walk to the aisle…

CREDIT: sinister_apples / Instagram

Kat walked solo down the aisle and gave her self away, which is a SUPER feminist statement if I can say so myself.

11. The couple said their vows on a circular platform in the middle of the room.

CREDIT: minkshoes / Instagram

Instead of having everyone face a stage at the front, Kat and Rafael married in the center of a room, with guests sitting around them in a circle.

12. Kat met her Rafael, who was also wearing a veil, on the platform.

CREDIT: imnotarobotgirl / Instagram

The couple went all in their effort to show that they are equal partners and also in love with goth.

13. Things got super emotional for the couple while they exchanged vows.

CREDIT: katvond_spain / Instagram

Rafael literally could not stop tearing up. At one point he got so choked up that Kat laughed at him and consoled him with a hug.

14. After they made their vows, it was onto their ridiculously immaculate reception.

CREDIT: dimebagzhag / Instagram

The couple sat down at matching red goth thrones in front of their guests.

15. Together, everyone enjoyed an entirely vegan meal (of course).

CREDIT: rqvdw / Instagram

The wedding menu featured corn tortellini in vodka sauce, a harvest roast and a red velvet wedding cake.

16. The couple also showed off their amazing musical chops.

CREDIT: iamleah / Instagram

During the reception, Kat Von D sang “Into My Arms” for Reyes at a red piano.

17. She also had some of her best pals who are also famous musicians perform.

CREDIT: thekatvond / Instagram

Robert Harvey, Heresy44 and Matty T from the Tennis System performed.

18. Everyone dove into a vegan red velvet castle cake that was all kinds of regal.

CREDIT: whats_baking / Instagram

Because this is a goth vegan fairytale, mi gente!

19. Kat Von D and Rafael even had an insane entrance!

CREDIT: thekatvond / Instagram

Which featured the two tattoo enthusiasts on its walls.

20. The couple on their way to their honeymoon.

CREDIT: thekatvond / Instagram

The couple headed off to a secret undisclosed destination for their “meditative honeymoon.”

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