20 Types of Worst First Dates We’ve All Suffered Through

Dating is rough. If you’ve ever walked by a table of chicas at brunch, then you know that they’re probably talking about their latest adventures in love and life. I know that’s certainly what I always did, regaling my friends daily with what’s happening in my love life, the good and the bad. Mostly the bad, of course, because that’s what makes for the really good stories.

And for anyone who HAS a love life, then you know that the number one evil of dating is the first date. Sometimes, it can be good. Pleasant, even. But most of the time, first dates make us cringe. They’re awkward and weird and you walk away not quite being sure where you stand. Sometimes, even, they’re so bad that they go down in your memory as the worst first date of all time. We’ve all been there, amirite? That’s where these stories come in. Told from real women (who wished to remain anonymous for, ahem, obvious reasons), these are the 20 types of worst fist dates that we have ALL been through. Trust me, you’ll probably recognize your own or your friend’s stories in at least some of these.

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