21 Weird College Majors We Wish We Would Have Known About While Still In School

When I was in college, we all made fun of the people that came to school just to end up taking easy classes. There was classes on baking arts and physical education. It’s only now, ten years since I graduated, that I realize some of those people may have had it right since the beginning. Although there’s a lot of weird college classes out there, there’s good news for those of us who love that kind of thing: Weird college majors!

If you’re in college now or are reminiscing about your school days, this list is for you. From a major that deals with the science and technology of surfing (yes, really) to a Ph.D in Decision Sciences (yes, as in, the science of making a good decision), here are the 21 weird college majors… that we kind of sort of seriously wish we would have known about while we were still in school. Although I’m ultimately happy with where I ended up, it’s nice to know that there are many more options out there. Plus, if I ever wanted to go back to school, a Master’s in Packaging is always an option.

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