9 Boricua Designers And Sellers To Buy From And Promote On The Anniversary Of Hurricane Maria

credit: PeacefulSoulShop / Etsy

On the anniversary of Hurricane Maria, we’ve been focused on how to promote support and love for the island that has been so relevant in the cultural and historical significance of our country. This week, we’re looking at Boricuan designers and small business owners who are ruling the clothing and accessories game on independent shopping sites while also promoting the little island’s economy.

From Latinas who create words of wisdom, to those who will make you feel in on jokes of the culture, here’s a look at 7 puertoriqueña designers and the cutest pieces they make.

PeacefulSoulShop by Kianya

CREDIT: PeacefulSoulShop / Etsy.com

Kianya is the self-described “independent Boricua artist” whose line of Tshirts and jewelry boasts an array of urban collections and culturally intimate dedications to Boriken History and urban fashion.

Check out more of her stuff here.

KarlaandCo by Karla

CREDIT: karlaandco / etsy.com

Karla’s collection of Boricuan Pride pieces comes straight from her hands. The Puerto Rican mother of two makes all of the fun and unique custom designs on her page, each item is hand-pressed to order.

Check out more of her stuff here.

ILoveItAndMore by Mystic Flower

CREDIT: ILoveItAndMore / Etsy.com

Mystic Flower is the Bori behind the colorful designs of pieces of her lineup of pendants and necklaces. Each piece proudly boasts Boricuan and Taino pride while also intimately paying tribute to the culture.

Check out more of her stuff here.

ShopOriginalsCo by Alexa and Joe Jimenez

CREDIT: ShopOriginalsCo / Etsy.com

The wife/husband team behind ShopOriginals and the fashion production company called Concept have amassed a large number of fun designs on their Etsy page. With an array of Girl Power-style patches and hats with phrases like “Brown Barbie” emblazoned on the top, there’s no doubting this fun and feminist line will find a place in your corazon.

Check out more of their stuff here.

LuluMoonPR by Lourdes Serrano and Lourdes C. Gonzalez

CREDIT: LuluMoonPR / Etsy.com

Everything is coming up Boricua in this fun line of crafted jewelry designed by a mother-daughter team. Lourdes Serrano and Lourdes C. Gonzalez are the women behind the line of handmade accessories made in and out of Puerto Rico and Texas. Lourdes Serrano lives in Puerto Rico while her daughter designs out of her home in Texas. Together the two manage through their long-distance relationship to create dream designs and accessories.

Check out more of her stuff here.


SimplyMpr by Mairym E.

CREDIT: SimplyM /Etsy.com

Mairym E. is the Puerto Rican designer and creator behind SimplyMpr. She’s based out of Caguas, Puerto Rico and creates unique pieces that reflect her love and passion for the lovely island she was born on. Most of her pieces are personalized and inspired by the culture, history, and customs of Puerto Rico.

Check out more of her stuff here.

ShikitaMakes by Keren

CREDIT: ShikitaMakes / Etsy.com

Keren is the owner and designer behind ShikitaMakes a clothing and accessories line full of humorous cultural references to Puerto Rico. Keren’s designs are here for all of your tshirt, mugs, hoodies, Samsung and iPhone case, pillows and legging designs.

Check out more of her stuff here.



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