A New Site Is Making Access To Abortion Medication A Lot Safer And Easier For Women

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No matter its legal status and the societal taboos around, women will find a way to terminate a pregnancy no matter what the risks to their health or life are. Since premodern era, they have turned to sharp tools, force, and herbal medicines to terminate unwanted pregnancies when access to abortion through medical means was not available. In 2015 a report found that in Latin American countries where restrictions on abortion access are particularly high, women have drunk turpentine, bleach, livestock manure concoctions, and inflicted direct injury to their vagina by inserting sharp objects such as wire hangers and twigs to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies. In our age of information technology, the new suspect abortion tools can come right from a website where the legitimacy of a product can be up in the air. Some sites offer authentic medications, while others have been known hawk pills that cause grave harm or have no effect on a woman’s pregnancy at all.

Women on The Web is an international organization that provides safe abortion medication via mail. Recently it launched its services in the United States, which means the pool of women with access to options related to their future has vastly widened.

Women on The Web is a site that gives women safer and easier options when it comes to their abortions.

The international organization ships customers safe, miscarriage-inducing medication and, according to The Atlantic, has launched a similar service in the United State called Aid Access. The service ships at-home and safe abortion medication to addresses in the United States for $95. The site also works to grant those who cannot afford the service funding assistance. The site does conduct a screening, anyone who has been pregnant for more than nine weeks is not eligible because it is less effective, and each prescription is filled out by the site’s founder and owner, Rebecca Gomperts who is a medical doctor. The two medications used for the prescription are misoprostol and mifepristone two medications that have a 96 percent effectiveness in inducing an abortion at nine weeks or earlier. According to the Atlantic, complications from the medications are limited with less than 0.4 percent of consumers coming across serious complications.

The pills are shipped by Aid Access, come with detailed instructions on how to take them and consumers are also given access to communicate with Gomperts herself who makes herself available to answer questions through phone or Skype. Of course, the site encourages anyone who takes the medication to seek immediate medical help at a hospital if complications occur.

In an interview with the Atlantic, Gomperts explained that she decided to extend her services to the United States because she was “being inundated with requests from women in countries such as the United States, where abortion is technically legal but growing more difficult to access.”


All of the services that Gomperts and Aid Access are legal in the U.S.

According to The Atlantic, U.S. citizens are allowed to import medicines for personal use.


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