This Moment Security Yanks Becky G Off Stage Will Put You On The Edge of Awkward

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Can’t a girl just help another girl out without being charged by security? Signs seem to point to “no” and Becky G just learned this the hard way.

At a performance in Argentina, a fan captured the awkward moment Becky G got rushed by security during a Fifth Harmony performance. Even though Beck G was just coming to her girl’s rescue, security was not about to let her slide. Fair warning: the moment is hella awkward and you will not get through this video without suffering from even just a little bit of secondhand embarrassment.

The Mexican-American singer was off-stage watching her girls from Fifth Harmony perform when Dinah Jane had a wardrobe malfunction.

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While the girl group dances to “All In My Head (Flex),” the “Shower” singer notices Dinah’s skirt has ripped. Becky runs on stage to wrap the flag of Argentina around Dinah’s waist. #BeckyGtotherescue!

Unfortunately, at this point security thinks she is just another fan trying to get on stage.

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In the video, Normani Kordei, can be seen processing the entire situation as it plays out. Make no mistake though, Normani does not falter once with her choreography.

But Becky G’s efforts are swiftly intercepted by security who rush on stage and stop her.

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BTW at this point Normani might be suffering from severe secondhand embarrassment, but she is still on point with her steps. Seriously, even with her life possibly in danger Normani nails the routine. Watch and learn ladies.

The whole situation was v awkward, but you’ll be happy to learn all was resolved.

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Ally escorted Becky back on stage yelling to the crowd “Welcome Becky G!” And Becky helped Dinah get her wardrobe malfunction back in line.

Let us observe the exact moment a music celebrity learns security doesn’t care who the hell she is.

UHHH We’ll laugh about this later, Becky. Riiight?

Fortunately, Becky’s got a great sense of humor.

After the concert, Becky tweeted and laughed about the awkward moment with Dinah. Also, she fessed up to being Dinah’s #1 fan.

Gotta love a girl who can laugh at herself!




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