A Recent Survey Just Revealed That A Full Forty-Two Percent Of Women Might Not Vote For The Midterms

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Once women, started organizing in the 18th century, it took nearly a hundred years for women in the United States to get the vote. Still, despite the monumental decision, we still struggle in our fight to gain access to rights as basic as autonomy over our own bodies and the decisions we make about them. Truthfully, even with all of the models of women in the public sphere in our country and across the globe, it will likely take another one hundred years to alter the restrictions in which we live under today.

During a presidential term as uncertain and threatening as the one we’ve witnessed in the past two years under Donald J. Trump, it’s hard to speculate the impacts his administration will bring about in the long term. Still, one thing we can count on is how women and their votes can affect our futures as we move forward and into midterm elections.

There’s no doubting the potential women have of redefining our country.  Still, a recent survey reveals that not all women are making it a priority to do so.

A recent study surveyed an array of American women from the ages of 18 to 35 and of different racial, ideological and political backgrounds to unravel their potential to affect the 2018 mid-terms. Statistics from the survey revealed that even though only 29% of women said that they were happy or satisfied with Donald Trump’s presidency and 70% were dissatisfied or angry about it a full 42% of millennial women might not vote for this year’s midterms. This is despite the fact that  53% of young women surveyed said that they believed that the Trump Administration’s policies have mostly hurt women.

Two of the top reasons cited for this uncertainty included “Not interested in politics or elections (31%) and don’t think my vote matters (19%).”

This is all despite the fact, that when it comes to the issues most women are concerned about is Healthcare.

According to the survey, the number one point of concern for women of all ages involves healthcare. However, when it came to issues like abortion women proved to be completely divided. Twenty-eight percent of women said they believed abortion should be legal in all cases, while 34%, 25%, and 13% expressed that they believed abortion should be either legal in most cases, illegal in most cases and illegal in all cases respectively. Forty-five percent of the millennial women surveyed answered that they were worried that access to abortion would be restricted in the near future.

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