9 Gross Microaggressive Pick Up Lines Latinas Get Way Too Often

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Microaggressions are the slight comments that tear down people of color on a daily basis. For the Latinas, who get called “exotic” and are fetishized by men like we’re some sort of conquest, microaggression is a part of our every day reality. Here’s a look at the backhanded comments and pickup lines all Latinas have experienced at least at one point in their life by a man.

1. “What are you?”

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Ugh, this. This is the question all the boys ask because we’re not white. Seriously. Think about how many non people of color get this question on a day to day basis. Not only is it extremely rude/ presumptuous it’s also racist AF. Go sit down and think about your life’s trajectory. If you see yourself on my path GTFO.

2. “No – what are you really?”

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Getting this as a follow up question to responses like “I’m a human being,” “I’m American,” ‘I’m a woman” is just an out an out display of disrespect. Having a man ask you this question after you’ve already given them the answer is exhausting. I find that I usually get badgered with repeat questions like these when a guy is embarrassed that I’ve low-key called them out on their racism.

3. “You’re not like most hispanic girls.”

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Any guy whose ever delivered this backhanded compliment has got to be some other kind of stupid.

4. “You should dress up as princess Jasmine for Halloween.”

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UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. First off. I can go as any damn Disney Princess that I want. The fact that you think I can “pass” as Jasmine is completely different racial problem in and of itself. Second, reminding me that Disney has been slighting Latinas for over 80 years will get you no where.

5. “You’re like more white than you are Latino.”

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Again with the backhanded compliments, I swear I actually really do like myself and I love being a Latina. Wouldn’t want to be anything else. You on the other hand…  I see you trying to negg me into a conversation with you. You can take your snide comment meant to teardown my confidence and eat it.

6. “You’re spicy.”

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Words like “spicy” and “juicy” are only ever applied to curvy, browned haired women of color. Instead of the terms like “pretty” and “beautiful” that white women get, we get stuck with words that make us sound like exotic pets and steaks. Listen up guys, there is no amount of verbal seasoning available in the world to up your game. Go. Home.

7. “Wow, your name is hard… Can I call you something else?”

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Sure! Call me never.

8. “Can you say something sexy in Spanish?”

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Pendejo. Is that sexy enough?

9. “You’re so exotic.”

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Like a bird? Please tell me where the compliment is in that.


There are tons of other pick ups women receive by offenders on a day by day basis. And yet, there are also tons of other terms men can use to compliment us with out offending us. Remember, we are people. Just like you. The next time you’d like to compliment us, we are totally down. Just remember we’re not exotic marvels, condiments and we’re definitely not here for your ego, or to be objectified. You can call us intelligent, funny, kind, beautiful or don’t call us at all.


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What other awful “compliments” have you received from men? Tell us in the comments below!