This UK Brand Is Embracing Self-Love With It’s New Body Positive Campaign


This year has been a pretty big deal for the body positivity movement. Big brands like Target and American Eagle have finally listened to the demands of the every day woman and begun to feature models who look just like their customers: beautiful, just as they are, in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Amidst the explosion of new brands vowing to make a habit of doing the exact same, UK clothing brand Missguided is leading the charge by putting the stretch marks of its models in the limelight.

The brand has rolled out a new campaign that shows off all their models’ marks.

In an effort to celebrate every day women and build a more inclusive standard of beauty, Missguided is claiming its throne as a leader of the body positivity movement.

Earlier this fall, the online retailer announced that they would no longer be airbrushing its models’ stretch marks. Women across Twitter delighted in the company’s decision. It’s a step forward in dismantling the clothing industry’s penchant for rail-thin, completely unblemished, mostly white models typically favored in fashion.

In a new campaign that the company is calling “#Make Your Mark,” the brand is breaking ground by featuring a line up of un-retouched models of different, shapes, sizes, colors and (hello!) genders.

The campaign is embracing the full beauty its models featured in the campaign.

The photos used for the brand’s latest ads feature nine diverse models who all put their bodies (stretch marks, wrinkles, tummy pouches, love handles, and all) on full display. And they do it all in heels.? ? ?

The brand says the campaign is an effort on their part to reflect their belief that all women deserve to feel confident about their bodies, societal beauty standards be damned.

And according to all of the YASSSes on Twitter, women are loving just about every bit of this campaign.

The company’s mission to inspire “babes the world over to love themselves” has women excited about the models who are embracing their beautiful imperfections on camera.

They’re especially amped about the brand’s decision to feature models of all sizes.

Honestly, it even has me wishing Missguided had picked some of my own friends to do the same.

The campaign’s body positivity is leaving so many feeling empowered.

And it looks like love for the campaign isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

For many, Missguided’s campaign is the motivation they needed to embrace their bodies – marks and all!


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