Netflix Series ‘GLOW’ Introduces A Badass Latina Character And We Stan

The Netflix comedy series “Glow” premiered its second season in June 2018, bringing new adventures, dramas, bad 90s hair, and costumes to the world of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling. But it also brought something else to shake things up.

A new character named Yolanda, a badass Latina who doesn’t take any crap in or outside the ring.

Here’s a few things to know about Yolanda!

1. She’s played by Shakira Berrera

shakirabarrera / Instagram

The Nicaraguan-American actress doesn’t have a ton of acting credits to her name, but has appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lethal Weapon,” and “Queen of the South.”

2. Her character Yolanda has a nickname.

shakirabarrera / Instagram

What is it? I’ll give you a hint. It’s after a childhood toy from the ’80s. It’s Yo Yo!

3. Shakira, and Yolanda, can move!

shakirabarrera / Instagram

Shakira graduated from Rutgers with a B.F.A. in dance. That came in handy for this character, who uses her dance moves in the wrestling rings…and elsewhere.

4. Yolanda is Mexican-American.

shakirabarrera / Instagram

Which is great considering the lack of representation of Latinx characters on television. We need more that have actual depth.

5. She’s bisexual.

enjolrasandrson / Instagram

Yolanda is the first bisexual character to appear on the show, though arguable not the only LGBTQ+ character. She’s out and proud, and doesn’t feel the need to hide her identity.

6. That’s important for a few reasons.

LuxuryLexxx / Twitter

TV and film has a tendency to portray people from the LGBTQ+ community as tragic characters, reducing them to their traumas. Or they’re in the closet and battling with their identity.

7. Not here though.

krystalllrose / Instagram

Nope, Yolanda thrives in her sexuality and while we can assume she’s had some hardship, it’s not the focus of her story. Perhaps that will come up in season three, but this proves it isn’t necessary to always lean on characters like Yolanda to only be compelling if they’re tragic.

8. In fact, she finds love.

ElaineAtwell / Twitter

Spoiler alert, but Yolanda is so fly and cute one of her wrestling colleagues falls head over heels in love with her. And it’s totally adorable.

9. And her love interest…

shakirabarrera / Instagram

Is also a woman of color – and it’s Arthie, aka Beirut the Mad Bomber. After being paired together for a dance routine, they become totally smitten. Showing the blossoming love of two women of color is something beautiful to see.

10 . She’s a stripper.

afearlessevil / Twitter

Yolanda was “discovered” by Sam, the creator of the wrestling show, at a local strip club where he saw her dancing.

11. And once again, she’s not ashamed.

shakirabarrera / Instagram

When anyone tries to make her feel bad or embarrassed about her day job, she shuts it down real quick. Having an unapologetic stripper on TV is awesome and helps reduce stigmas.

12. Well, she might be a little embarrassed.

enjolrasandrson / Instagram

But only when she was about to drop her top and her boss was there in the front row. She warns him that it’s about to come off and he leaves the room because now that he knows her it’s harder to watch. Men, I tell ya.

13. Her wrestling persona is Junkchain.

vcxx0 / Instagram

The character initially belonged to Cherry, but after she left the wrestling show to star on a cop series she had to forfeit her character.

14. But then is forced to fight for it.

shakirabarrera / Instagram

In a very offensive match where Sam makes “Chola Junkchain” fight “Black Junkchain” to see who gets to keep the name.

15. Her character, and others, delve into racial and ethnic stereotypes.

enjolrasandrson / Twitter

That fight, and the wrestling personas of several of the other characters play into stereotypes that are not just offensive but super reductive. It gives the show a place to speak on these stereotypes and why they’re not ok. That includes Junkchain.

16. In real life, she’s backed that up for big stars.

shakirabarrera / Instagram

Shakira has used her dance background to dance on stage with Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Don Omar, Chiquis Rivera and others.

17. Is Yolanda inspired by anyone?

CaseyRackham / Instagram

Maybe! There was a wrestler back in the day who was the first open gay woman wrestler. Her name was Sonya Deville. And before her there was a wrestler named Tiffany Mellon, only she sued the original real life GLOW for harassment stemming from beliefs about he sexuality.

18. She landed the job with a tape.

GozaRoza / Twitter

Shakira recorded an audition tape and submitted it to a casting director. That tape landed in the hands of the show’s creators and the rest is history.

19. She wasn’t welcomed at first.

Lailoca / Instagram

On the show! When she first arrives on the series, the other characters don’t like Yo Yo, thinking she’s going to take their job. But that proved to be untrue. And in real life that wasn’t the case either. The cast was happy to have her, and she was already friends and former colleagues with Britney Young, who plays Carmen/Machu Pichu.

20. GLOW isn’t it for Shakira!

shakirabarrera / Instagram

She just signed on to be a series regular on the comedy “Three Rivers.” She had these words to say: “Representing every dreamer out there. Every Latina. Every underdog. Every fighter. Don’t stop knocking on those doors. And if you get tired of knocking, kick them down. I promise, the right one will open for you.”

Shakira is someone to look out for, and out there representing Latinas with style, grace, and fierceness. We can’t wait to see more!

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Netflix Is Turning Gabriel García Márquez’s Classic ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ Into A Series


Netflix Is Turning Gabriel García Márquez’s Classic ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ Into A Series

Fans of magical realism rejoice. On Wednesday, Netflix announced it acquired the rights to Gabriel García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and will be turning the literary masterpiece into a Spanish-language series.

This is the first time the 1967 novel, considered “one of the most significant works of the 20th Century,” will be adapted for screen. For years, the author, who died in 2014, refused to sell the film rights, believing the story could not be done justice through a two-hour project, according to Deadline.

Rodrigo Garcia and Gonzalo García Barcha, García Márquez’s sons, who are serving as executive producers on the show, believe a series is an appropriate approach to the book.

“For decades, our father was reluctant to sell the film rights to Cien Años de Soledad. He believed that it could not be made under the time constraints of a feature film, or that producing it in a language other than Spanish would not do it justice,” Rodrigo Garcia told BuzzFeed News, adding that the “current golden age of series,” with “the level of talented writing and directing, the cinematic quality of content,” changed the family’s mind.

“The time could not be better to bring an adaptation to the extraordinary global viewership that Netflix provides,” he continued.

The series will be filmed in Colombia.

“One Hundred Years of Solitude” tells the story of the multi-generational Buendia family, whose patriarch Jose Arcadio Buendia founded Macondo, a fictional town in the South American country.

The book has sold more than 50 million copies and has been translated into 46 languages.

In a statement, Francisco Ramos, Netflix’s vice president of Spanish-language content, said, “We know our members around the world love watching Spanish-language films and series and we feel this will be a perfect match of project and our platform.”

He’s right. Since announcing the adaptation, fans of the magical realism novel have been celebrating the news.

There’s no word yet on when the series will debut and who will star in it.

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This Film About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is At The Center Of The Most Expensive Sundance Documentary Deal Of All Time


This Film About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is At The Center Of The Most Expensive Sundance Documentary Deal Of All Time

Since winning her congressional election in 2018, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is everywhere. And now, she’s headed to Netflix.

On Thursday, the streaming service announced that it acquired the rights to “Knock Down the House,” a film profiling four women vying for office during the 2018 midterm elections, including AOC.

The documentary, which won the “Festival Favorite Award” at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival — beating out 121 other films to land the highest number of audience votes — allegedly cost Netflix $10 million. According to TechCrunch, if this price tag is correct, it’s the most expensive Sundance documentary deal of all time.

“Knock Down the House,” which raised money via a Kickstarter campaign last year, was produced by New York’s Jubilee Films. The movie follows the campaigns of Las Vegas businesswoman Amy Vilela, Saint Louis nurse Cori Bush, West Virginian coal miner’s daughter Paula Jean Swearengin and Ocasio-Cortez. The women were all first-time candidates who gained attention for taking on powerful incumbents in an effort to create systemic change. Of them, only Ocasio-Cortez made it to Washington.

“It is a transcendent moment when skilled filmmakers are able to train their lens on a major transformation,” Lisa Nishimura, VP of Original Documentaries for Netflix, said in a statement. “With intimacy and immediacy, [filmmakers] Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnik, bring viewers to the front lines of a movement, as four women find their voice, their power and their purpose, allowing all of us to witness the promise of true democracy in action.”

There is no word yet on when the film will hit Netflix.

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