The Olympics Figure Skating Competition Got Hit With Latino Pop Power

credit: Icenetwork/Capital Latin

The Olympics are in full swing and as is usually goes with the Winter Games, everyone is obsessed with the figure skating competitions.

If you were watching the pairs ice dancing short program, you might have noticed a whole lot of Latino flavor in the musical choices.

It left a lot of viewers thinking this couldn’t be a coincidence.

Turns out, it wasn’t. According to Sports Illustrated, teams competing in the competition were required to incorporate some “Latin rhythm” in their routine. And Latino viewers were FEELING IT!

It’s no surprise that this requirement meant more than one team turned to the biggest song of 2017. South Korea’s Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin, and Shiyue Wang and Xinyu Liu of China, both skated to “Despacito.” That’s right, it ain’t dead yet!

While the South Korean team opted to go with the original Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee version…

(and handled a wardrobe malfunction during the routine with total grace btw)

The Chinese team on the other hand decided to go for a stripped down cover version of the mega hit.

The cover is by singers Madilyn Bailey and Leroy Sanchez, who both lost their sh*t hearing themselves during the Olympics.

I mean, can you blame ’em?

Then the South Korean team doubled down on the Latino fire by adding Mariah Carey’s “My All” and Thalia’s “Mujer Latina” to their routine.

As soon as I hear “Mujer Latina” come on I was gone!

Which got a some people thinking that maybe Tommy Mottola had a hand in all this.

The famed record executive was Mariah’s ex-husband, and currently married to Thalia, so…

While many were living for this Latino Olympic moment…

Some felt a bit confused.

These are people I don’t have time for. Just go with it. Let that Latin groove hit your hips! Te va gustar!

It wasn’t just “Despacito,” “Mujer Latina,” and “My All” hitting the ice during the short program.

Puerto Rico represented hard in the music choices for other teams as well.

The German skaters hit the ice to Marc Anthony’s “Aguanile” and it was amazing!

How that fire didn’t melt under all the heat is beyond me.

The whole Latino vibe gave the ice dancing program, which can sometimes be a bit of a snooze, a bit of, well…

Yeah, it definitely got warm in that arena.

But we all know that at the end of the day, música Latina just makes for a better party!



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