Ritual as Resilience – How Daily Ritual Affirmations Can Help Us Stay Resilient and Empowered

There is ritual in the anatomy of the womxn by intentional creation. How our bodies prepare itself for menstruation, sex, birth, love and even life, is not by coincidence but rather by purpose. There are certain steps, or as I like to call them “rituals,” that the body must go through in order to experience these shifts within itself. The ovulation for the pregnancy, the trimesters before the birth, the connection to fall in love, are all a natural fluidity that moves along our beings in order to prepare our body for the change, the consumption, the giving, the resilience.

The routine of rituals are an innate aspect of the ways in which our bodies function and these cycles have long been used through ancestral practices not only for religious beliefs or medicinal purposes but also as a form of resiliency. In many Latinx communities they utilize ancestral practices to banish unwanted energies, bring forth wanted energies, “limpias” for the body or home, or good luck remedies; just to name a few. It is all a form of resilience act. By conducting a ritual we bring forth what we desire and vanish what does not work for us.

Just as our bodies must prepare themselves through acts of “ritual” anatomy in order to manifest forth what the body needs, it is important what our bodies practice inward we also practice outward of the body. Reclaim our resiliency by setting forth daily rituals that will help us stay grounded and help us move towards the manifestation that comes next in our lives. I have been able to practice ritual in order to stay resilient and tackle my days with the right mentality and full strength. Here is how I’ve done so.

On the rise of every morning, “movement” ritual is very important to me.


 A simple stretch can go a long way when I wake up. I stretch my muscles making sure I feel how grand I am and how far I can go. I shake off yesterday and invite today. If stretching isn’t something I am feeling, I just put some music and start dancing the morning away. It is very important for me to feel the movement of my body each morning, to let her move as she pleases or stretch as far as she needs to.

Once I am done stretching or dancing, “self acknowledgment” is my next ritual.


Self-acknowledgment can mean many things. It can be doing my make-up, taking a shower, or my favorite: simply looking at myself in the mirror and accepting myself. This helps me to get my day started and allows me to take myself into consideration for the day, before the makeup gets added, before the wardrobe goes into place, I want to make sure “bare” me is being acknowledged as well.

After self-acknowledgment takes place, my next ritual is “herb burning.”


 There is something melodic about the smell of burning herbs or even burning candles early on in the morning. My favorite to burn is palo santo, pine tree smudge or lavender smudge sticks. I burn the smudge sticks and surround myself around the smoke and spread it around my space. It not only helps me clear my mind or ground myself but also helps me feel safe as if its a declaration that I cannot be touched or brought down.

Once I have created my safe realm, I then follow it by creating my “day intentions” ritual.


A simple way of not only organizing my thoughts for that specific day but also by setting goals of what I wish to accomplish. This can be done on paper, on your phone or just in thought, by creating a list of what you wish to accomplish or manifest for the day. It can be anything from errands to something much more personal. By simply thinking of these intentions and putting energy to kick start it, I am provoking action and action leads to the manifestation of making it reveal itself.

These “rituals” can all be altered to fit your lifestyle. These rituals are what works for me. Create something that works best for you! The sole purpose of creating these rituals is to help us stay resilient in a world that consistently tries to tell us otherwise. If our own anatomy conducts rituals in order to manifest changes within us, then there is no harm in creating rituals to manifest a stronger and resilient way of living. Practice outward what our body practices inward. Invest in yourself first.


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