If You’ve Ever Been Accused Of Being A Tender Headed Child, Please Proceed With Caution On This One

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If you’re an Afro-Latina like me, you know the joys of being a woman encompassing the best of both worlds. The combination of your African and Latino roots means there’s a whole lot of culture and roots to embrace, celebrate, honor, and love. However, the comb might not be one of them.

When it comes to the roots on our heads, some of us have it too damn hard. And it 100 percent has to do with the fact that we’re “tender headed.”

If you’re an afro-latina with a tender head proceed with CAUTION!

This one’s filled with all kinds of triggers.

The sight of your mother wielding a comb in her hand.

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Because to this day, that image alone is enough to bring you to your knees in fear and plead for mercy.

These words: “Are you crying?”

Even though you know they mean well, you’ve been trained to believe that there’s a comb wack behind any answer to this question.

These torture thrones.

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The marks these babies left on your legs after hours of detangling may have faded, but the emotional scars they left are still there.

Your mom’s blistering side eye.

She hit you with it hard, especially when your new stylist was giving your hair the estimate.

Any time you go to a salon and see a fellow tender headed child in the trenches of getting their hair yanked.

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Second-hand tender headedness is a THING and your tear ducts being triggered are proof.

Children sitting on the ground crisscross style.


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A sizzling stove.

Nothing like the words “hold you ear” to make you mentally prep for possible third-degree burns.

Hair clips, boletas, bobby pins, scrunchies, and any other type of colorful hair accessory you can find at Walgreens.

You know you still feel the yank, tug, and pull from these days.

But hey, pull yourself out of your stress hole for a moment and look on the bright side!

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Through all of the tears and post-traumatic stress, these days you’ve learned how to grit your teeth and get it done. Because when that style is finally over you know all that hair makes you look FLY AF.


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