Jeff Sessions Is Attempting to Illegally Block Victims of Domestic And Gang Violence Asylum

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On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The suit accused Sessions on Tuesday, of the “evisceration of asylum protections” in his recent decision to refuse incidents of domestic and gang violence as credible points for being granted asylum.

The organization stated that Sessions latest rulings betrays our country’s “values and flouts our laws.”

In a post to the ACLU website, the organization wrote of an indigenous woman from Guatemala known, by the alias Grace, who had come to the U.S. in an effort to escape the beatings, rapes, and threats she had endured from her abusive partner. The post detailed how Grace should have received protection from the U.S. under asylum rules established by Congress over 20 years ago. Still, due to the Trump administration’s current strike on refugees, especially those seeking safety from Latin American countries, her asylum claim was denied. The woman now faces deportation which could likely lead to her very real death.

With the help of the ACLU, Grace and other asylum seekers have filed a suit against the Trump administration’s effort to end asylum laws.

This past year, Sessions took aim at elements of the U.S. asylum law which furthered the Trump administrations zero tolerance policy and efforts to separate thousands of children from their parents. The ACLU has claimed that “by applying these broad and unjustified changes to the credible fear process, the government is attempting to subvert decades of settled asylum law and setting up asylum seekers like Grace to fail their interviews. For example, gender-based persecution has been recognized as a basis for asylum for decades. However, Sessions has declared that the plight of domestic and gang violence survivors is “merely personal.”

Users on Twiter have thanked the organization for their ongoing work.

The group’s effort to protect women and children from assault and abuse affects so many families in the United States and abroad.

Many who support the ACLU’s efforts have highlighted the ways those of us watching can help.

The comments section of the ACLU’s post on their suit has been filled with supporters who have signed up to make monthly donations to their organization.

Some have even shared how Sessions’ ruling has affected them personally.

Many of the commentators recalled out how their own family members were deported under Sessions new laws. One lawyer reflected on how her own client was denied asylum because of Sessions’ rulings.



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