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These 20 Memes Will Have Latinas Saying ‘Same AF’

Because sometimes art imitates life, here are 20 relatable memes about being Latina that will make you LOL so hard you won’t need any blush.

1. From a young age, we learned how to make tough decisions.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

And has never failed.

2. The Too Faced Chocolate Palette is cool, but it has nothing on this masterpiece.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

It’ll leave your face smelling like sugary goodness. Dulce de Leche glow though, come through and give me some life. Just be careful with the Mazapan one, it’s fragile.

3. Telenovelas had educational value

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

My insult game wouldn’t be as good as it is today without Soraya Montenegro.

4. They thought us how to deal with difficult people.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

And we’ll be forever thankful!

5. THAT feeling of disappointment.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

How can you trust anyone?

6. If lying was a job, I would be fired the first day.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

There’s much to learn from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

7. We need something that comes with highlighter, blush and some real bronzer to match our morenita skin.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

You won’t find it at your local Sephora but at your nearest bodega.

8. Remember when we couldn’t wait to become adults…

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

I wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

9. This eye palette is fire in more ways than one.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

It gives a whole new meaning to a smokey eye.

10. The sad truth about matte lipsticks.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

You know which limes we’re talking about. Those that have been sitting in a taquería forever. They’re basically there for decoration.

11. Same goes for those with ashy, unmoisturized skin.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

Don’t forget the knees. Now this is an insult.

12. When eyebrows are not even sisters… just distant cousins.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

The struggle is real!

13. Nothing gives more highlighter goals than a glistening piece of flan and when the light hits… it’s a glorious moment.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

You look delicious.

14. When all you want is Netflix & Chill… by yourself!

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

Is it Friday yet? Everyone knows that this is the only way to spend your weekend.

15. We never lose our faith.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

Somethings are worth waiting for and, trust us, we are very patient for some new RBD.

16. Our desserts are moisturizing goals, tbh.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

You deserve to be more than a basic Walmart sheet cake. Treat yo self.

17. This perfect glow up that only happens during summer.

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

That feeling you get when you get your first summer tan? That is perfect bliss.

18.  When the body wants what it wants.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

It’s time to dance… y el cuerpo lo sabe!

19. The only time size really matters…

Credit: Facebook @wearemitu

Ok well, not the only time ?. We like big lashes, too.

20. Also the bigger the dress, the better.

Credit: Instagram @wearemitu

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If You Laugh At These 20 Tweets About Abuelas, You’re Def Going to Hell

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If You Laugh At These 20 Tweets About Abuelas, You’re Def Going to Hell

The matriarchs of our families, our abuelas deserve unwavering respect for everything they’ve done to love and raise us. Teaching us right from wrong, showing their love through food and quietly sacrificing for their loved ones, our grandmas are extraordinary people. Still, that doesn’t stop us from making fun of these hilarious little women.

There’s no better place to find jokes about our abuelitas than on Twitter. Whether it’s about their salty ways or their tough love, there’s plenty of tweets that poke good natured fun at them. Just don’t let your abuela catch you laughing.

They’re pretty funny, but if you laugh at these abuela tweets, you’re def going to hell.

1. Abuela just isn’t tech savvy.

Twitter / @noproperlady

To be honest, you’re probably lucky if your abuela’s house even has wifi. If it does, don’t count on an easy-to-remember password. Our abuelas didn’t come up in the tech age like we did so it’s understandable that this stuff is hard for them. Still, don’t make fun of your grandmother too much unless you want to be stuck doing tech support.

2. *Stares in Abuelita*

Twitter / @yeli_tu

Let’s be real, not much is going to stop an abuelita from making judgements about her grandchild’s life. Not even the afterlife. So, you can be sure that no matter what you’re doing, your abuela is somewhere out there looking at you while tiredly mumbling, “Ay, Dios.”

3. That authentic Abuela smell.

Twitter / @sarair_

Considering our abuelas stay trying to feed us, it makes sense that even their scent is tied to the kitchen. Whether it’s pozole and limón or menudo and pan dulce, those smells are kind of like your abuela’s personalized perfume. It might not be Chanel N°5, but it smells great to us.

4. You’re never too grown to get yelled at.

Twitter / @brittalaflame

If you think you’re old enough to avoid getting chewed out by abuela, think again. As matriarch of la familia, she’s earned the right to check you whenever she wants. However, it’s not just you that’s in for it. Whenever you feel bad about getting in trouble, remember all those times you’ve seen your abuela take your mom down too.

5. Don’t mess with perfection.

Twitter / @iwatchVHS

When it comes to things that are sacred, their home cooking is like a religion to our abuelas. You mess with that, and you’re messing with something almost holy. So, if you don’t want your abuelita to look like this, you might just was to comer los frijoles like she told you to.

6. She’s earned it.

Twitter / @kelseydarragh

Listen, abuela has had a hard day and she deserves to unwind. It may be 9 am here but what do they say about it being 5 o’clock somewhere? Don’t judge abuela. Just give her una mas tequila shot and go on with your business.

7. Abuelita tried to save our soul.

Twitter / @ItsAllBollocks

Mija, you’re precious to abuela. She only wants to make sure you’re protected in this world and the next. The least you could do is gargle some holy water and stop making fun of your poor abuelita.

8. The newest Olympic sport.

Twitter / @shadiacrespo

Abuela might love you, but she’s not above taking off her chancla and putting you in your place. So, abuela’s naturally going to dominate in this game. Look at it this way, you weren’t victimized by her chancla — you were just her training partner.

9. The Look™

Twitter / @Lib_Librarian

Garunteed, if you’re back on your BS, you’re going to get that official Look™ from your abuela. It could send a chill down the spine of the baddest hombre and stop your grown tios right in their tracks. Sure, it’s easy to make fun of the Look™ when you aren’t on the receiving end but you better hope abuela doesn’t turn it towards you.

10. Abuelita likes to party, too.

Twitter / @lelatoledo14

There are two possibilities here. This abuela could have only seen the word “Jesus” and shared it in hopes to spread el amor de Dios. Or, abuelita just likes to par-tay. Either way, you do you, grandma and thanks for the laugh.

11. She’s got your best interest at heart.

Twitter / @Viciousjess

If you think you have freedom to pursue anyone you want, think again. When she asks “Y el novio?” she’s not trying to see someone with a giant tattoo on his face. Unless that tattoo is La Virgincita or the crucifixion. Those MIGHT get a pass.

12. Sana sana colita de rana

Twitter / @fifyy01

Abuelas made Vivaporu what it is today. Now, even folks outside the Latinidad know the power of this little jar. That being said, if abuelas could mix their love of food with their love of Vicks, we’d already know it. However, there’s no doubt they already tried it.

13. Savage, abuela, savage.

Twitter / @WandyFelicita

Abuelas don’t hold their tongues when it comes to criticizing their grandkids. In fact, you’re sure to get some solid shade if abuela is feeling especially feisty. That art of subtle yet devastating shade is something you can’t be taught. You simply inherit the talent when you become an abuelita yourself.

14. This look didn’t age well.

Twitter / @rauls2cool

Keep in mind this was the style back in the day, but that tattooed makeup didn’t age well with the changing trends. Especially when it comes to those thin, high-arched eyebrows abuela has tattooed up on her forehead. Still, be careful about teasing abuela over this look unless you want her to roast you on your own makeup game.

15. Abuela swears by it.

Twitter / @krystashayeoh

If you look in every purse and bag in your abuela’s home, you’re going to find tubs of Vaporu. According to her, this magicial miracle can cure your cold, stop your runny nose, heal your broken bones, heal your broken heart and find you a new man. Here’s to hoping we can believe in ourselves as much as our abuelas believe in vaporu.

16. Abuela didn’t raise no diablos.

Twitter / @commonhspanicg

Abuela didn’t raise no dark brujas so you better not show up looking like one. If you come around with those devil nails, be prepared to get on your knees and recite the rosario for the rest of the night. She’s just trying to save your soul, mija, and that’s no laughing matter.

17. Every Abuela everywhere.

Twitter / @kaliwhatchumean

No matter where your grandma is from or how old she is, she probably looks like this. It’s only natural. One day you look like yourself, and the next day you’ve become an abuela. Is it funny? Sure, but you might not want to laugh. This is a glimpse into your own future, after all.

18. Masters of chisme.

Twitter / @taejinkoook

If you want that good chisme, you’ve got to head to abuela’s kitchen for the download. She’s got the goods on the whole community and she’s ready to spread everyone’s business. Except for you, of course. She’d never gossip about her precious grandchild. Just kidding; she’s totally talking about you too.

19. We get it from our abuelas.

Twitter / @DiovanniFrazier

Abuela has always been a bad babe, but when she was your age, she was the fiercest mujer on the block. She definitely hasn’t forgotten about it. So, if you ever start feelin’ yourself a bit too much, allow abuelita to humble you a bit. It will serve as a reminder of what a babe SHE was.

20. Every BBQ ever.

Twitter / @commonhspanicg

If anyone deserves to kick back and enjoy the asado, it’s abuela. Grab her a cerveza and fix her un otro plato. Our abuelas give us so much joy, fun, love and knowledge so let’s show these cute old ladies our respect.

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If You’re Latina These Memes Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time


If You’re Latina These Memes Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

If you grew up in a Latini household, chances are you can relate to waking up early on a Saturday morning, to the sound of your mother’s cumbias, salsa or rancheras, ready to start cleaning every corner of the house. Sleeping in on a weekend? Unheard of. All in all, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

From growing up on VapoRub and sopa only to not being able to ever listen to your “musica del diablo” or watch anything that wasn’t your mom’s novelas, here are 20 memes that show what it was like growing up in a Latino household:

1. When you wanted cookies but got a sewing kit instead.

CREDIT: lovetoknow.com/royaldansk, instagram.com/fiercebymitu

This was honestly the biggest scam as a child. But, we’d always fall for it! Come on, mom, I just wanted some delicious, sweet, and creamy Royal Dansk dipped in hot chocolate.

2. Having to get your Oscar-worthy performance on to avoid getting in trouble.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/yippiiiieee

Remember when minutes were free after 9 p.m. or some chisme broke late at night when it was past your bedtime? You had to make sure you put on the best performance of your life a la Soraya Montenegro so you wouldn’t get caught.

3. When you piss off your mom at the market one too many times.

CREDIT: ABC News, Kate del Castillo, instagram.com/fiercebymitu

When you asked over and over again for those Lunchables or those boxes of cereal and your mom finally got tired of it…. and well, the rest was history.

4. If you’re Latina, you know the oven is used as another storage space for las casuelas.

CREDIT: instagram.com/latino.memess

This was the second biggest scam of your childhood probably. In most Latino households, the oven was not used for baking nor was it every just empty. You’re damn right we used it as a storage for all the other casuelas and baking pans. And you’re damn right it was a struggle to bake chocolate chip cookies because it meant you’d have to take everything out just to store it back in again.

5. If it’s not cumbia, salsa, rancheras, then it’s not welcome in this household.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

When you just wanted to listen to Panic! At The Disco, Paramore or My Chemical Romance on full blast but your parents thought it was “musica del diablo.” They stayed hating on our impeccable music tastes if it wasn’t the artists THEY grew up listening to.

6. When anything and everything you did was somehow cause for you getting sick.

CREDIT: FX, www.instagram.com/wearemitu

When you couldn’t even walk to the kitchen or the bathroom without socks or your chanclas on because your parents thought it would be cause for you getting sick. Listen, mom, listen, I’ll be fine. I’m just too lazy to put my chanclas on, can I live my best life? Barefoot?

7. As soon as the chile started grilling, it was time to evacuate the household.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/thecrazygorilla

When you’d have to quarantine yourself under your covers because the smell would even seep through your bedroom door. Those chiles were no joke. The smell would creep on you like a ghost.

8. Sopa? Again? Can we have McDonald’s?

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/latino.memess

It was always sopa y frijoles! I mean, now, we’re not complaining. But back then, it was like, “AGAIN?!”

9. When you grew up believing aloe and Vicks were better than healthcare.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

Nowadays, who needs healthcare right? We STILL got Vicks and aloe in our parent’s backyard somewhere.

10. This was probably the most stressful part about attending family parties.

CREDIT: dreamstime.com/enriquegomez, www.instagram.com/fiercebymitu

Most of the time, when you come from a Latino family, you don’t just have a couple cousins, aunts, and uncles that you can count on one hand. We have dozens and dozens of cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, third cousins and the other family friends that you’re not sure whether you’re related to or not. So when it comes to family parties, it’s a whole process having to say Hi to them all. It’s a superpower almost.

11. If we had a dollar for every time we heard this question during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and well, year round… we’d be billionaires. 

CREDIT: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air NBC, www.instagram.com/fiercebymitu

Nope, I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t need one. Give me some money or shoes instead, thank you and goodnight.

12. When a quick trip to el super suddenly turns into hours, days, weeks…

CREDIT: PBS, www.instagram.com/wearemitu

This may have been one of your worst fears: walking into the grocery store and having your mom spot someone she knows. Once that happens, it’s game over.

13. You better believe it was NEVER butter.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/thecrazygorilla

Now comes the third biggest scam of our childhood and something we possibly carried on to our adult lives. When you were looking for butter (or sour cream) and instead you were hit with beans, salsa, or some other leftovers your mom decided to pour in those containers. Why?!!!!

14. I mean, what better season to have caldo for dinner than during the summer?

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

Why is it that they make caldo or posole right at the peak of summer? Don’t you see me sweatin’ out here?!

15. When the only channel your television ever knew was Univision or Telemundo.

CREDIT: Cartoon Network, www.instagram.com/wearemitu

When you would never get the chance to watch your shows, movies or cartoons growing up because the only thing the television was made for was for Primer Impacto and your mom’s novelas.

16. Not being able to offer help without getting yelled at for offering to help.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/yippiiiieee

To a Latina mom, you can always be doing more. You can always clean a little more. You can always help a little more. You will never be enough.

17. When you had to convince your parents not to cancel your friends. 

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

When your friend wouldn’t greet your parents the “right” way, so you thought twice about bringing them around again.

18. As a child, taking a nap was risky business in a Latino household.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

This was possibly the worst way to wake up from a nap. When you’d wake up hungry, dazed and confused, then suddenly realize you’re all alone.

19. Responding with “que” was the ultimate form of betrayal and disrespect.

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

When you never, ever said “que” to your mom because you said “mande” or you were sent to your room.

20. When you basically never did anything right. 

CREDIT: www.instagram.com/wearemitu

When you’d wash all the dishes but would forget one or two forks (to clean “later”) but your mom would realize one minute too late. *cue your mom yelling*

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