Users On Twitter Think That Kulture Kiari Cephus Is A Harry Potter Spell But It’s Really The Name Cardi B Gave Her Baby

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Baby Bardi has officially graced us with life. After months of anticipation, Cardi B has finally given birth to her and her husband Offset’s first child and fans cannot get enough details about their new baby’s name.

In a post to her Instagram, the “I Like It” rapper revealed her daughter’s name which is super on brand.

Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18???????? @offsetyrn

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Cardi shared the news of her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus’s birth on Tuesday with a photo of herself in a field of flowers. Yes mi gente, Kultur. As in the name of her father Offset’s last two Migos albums, “Culture” and “Culture II” and the lyrics “do it for the culture, they gon’ bite like vultures.” Also as in Kulture with a K because ya girl Bardi has some personal beef with the letter C.

Cardi might have hinted that she was due to give birth to Kulture a day beforehand.

“Last night was the worst night ever ????????????This last month of pregnancy is hell,????” she wrote. The next day after fans began to speculate that she might be in the hospital she tweeted “I’m at home watching IT.” Anyone know if clowns can trigger contractions?

Of course, it didn’t take long for Cardi’s loyal fans to create memes in celebration.

Pics of 5-year-old Cardi are literally all over Twitter now.

Many are pointing out how she has a pretty magical sounding name like her mom.

Just like a Harry Potter spell that one.

Some couldn’t help but highlight how close to home it hit for a certain Klick.

Wonder how long Kris will swoop in on this golden opportunity.

And there’s tons of speculation on where Cardi got the idea for this name.

We all know she tries to avoid the letter ‘C’ when she can for a certain reason ????

After months of keeping quiet about her pregnancy, Cardi B finally revealed her baby bump to fans during a performance on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this year. She has since canceled her spring and summer tour dates for health reasons. She still plans on touring with Bruno Mars for his “24k Magic” tour later in the year.


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