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Which Eyeliner Style Are You Based On Your Horoscope?

It’s pretty clear we’re all different. But could those differences be attributed to our zodiac signs? For thousands of years, people have given pretty much credence to the time of year you were born and how it influences who you turn out to be. While this concept is usually applied to things like personality traits, we think it’s far more valuable for determining eyeliner styles. Seriously, how else are you supposed to know whether the cat eye or the double wing is right for you? If you need a little guidance in the makeup department, don’t fret — rely on your horoscope to lead you in the right direction when choosing how to apply your eyeliner.

1. Aries – Bold Cat Eye

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As an Aries, you’re the head of the zodiac, which is apt because you’re also incredibly headstrong. You tend to be impulsive and stubborn, rarely bending to others’ will even when it would be far easier. With such a bold personality, you need a bold look to pair it with. That’s why we recommend an exaggerated cat eye with heavy lining on your lower lid. This look screams “powerful lady,” and it’s just the vibe you need when you’re taking on the patriarchy.

2. Taurus – Geometric Eye

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Being a Taurus means you’re the best of both worlds. You like being calm and relaxed, but you also go through moods when you channel the bull and feel like rampaging through the world. This flip-of-the-switch behavior results in times where you’re romantic and supportive, but also stubborn and overindulgent. Don’t worry, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with treating yo’ self, especially when it comes to eyeliner. That’s why we recommend a fun, geometric eyeliner look. You get to indulge in fun while still keeping yourself grounded.

3. Gemini – Clean and Straight Eye

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Ah, Gemini. You’re so incredibly resourceful and charming, but that often gets you into trouble. Sometimes, your boundless energy and intellectual prowess cause you to overthink things, leading to depression or being extremely judgemental. Or worse, it might cause you to start rumors and gossip that probably shouldn’t be spread. Because you often take on many personalities, it’s best to keep your eyeliner simple so you stay away from the drama. Try clean, straight lines to make your eyes pop.

4. Cancer – Double-Lid Wing Eye

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Cancers have natural nurturing power, meaning they help connect others with their feelings and make them feel safe. They’re associated with the moon, which brings their creativity into full swing on good days. On bad days, you might catch them withdrawing into themselves and just wishing the world would go away. To embrace your artsiness, we think a fun double-lid eyeliner look could do just the trick. Bring it out into a wing and add some shading, and you’ll truly stand out in the crowd.

5. Leo – Colored Cat Eye

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Leo, you’re a lion, so let’s hear you roar! You’re loud, proud, and never willing to back down. Your heart is always worn on your sleeve, which gives you a flamboyant nature that others don’t want to mess with. While this usually makes you kind and courageous, it can also come off as jealous and aggressive on your bad days. For your eyeliner, why not just let your personality shine through? Play with a colored cat eye that will make others understand your true nature.

6. Virgo – Feminine Eye

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Virgos are all about helping others. They are certainly the most giving of all the signs, constantly using their dedication and hard work to inspire others. Unfortunately, this can also backfire on them sometimes, making them come across as preachy or critical. Overall, you’re probably a sweet and gentle person, so your makeup should reflect that. Opt for a light, feminine look when it comes to applying your eyeliner to match your personality.

7. Libra – Red Cat Eye

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Libras are probably the most romantic of all the zodiac signs, and they certainly use this to their advantage. There’s a good chance you’re charming, lovable, and probably feel like you belong in the plot of a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, this kind of entitlement can appear as vain or delusional in some cases. Just in case you do ever get your wish and wake up in a romantic comedy, try a soft and dreamy cat eye look with a dash of red to play up your fantasies.

8. Scorpio – Heavy Lower Lid Eye

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Strong, sexy, and dangerous, Scorpios encompass everything Latino. These magnetic people have big personas that carry them through life. Unfortunately, their trendsetting ways can often make them a bit jealous or vengeful around their loved ones. You’re probably already well-known for your intense eyes, so run with that theme by giving yourself bold and thick lines on your lower lid. This look goes well with whatever fashion trend you’re currently sporting.

9. Sagittarius – Blue and Green Wing Eye

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As a Sagittarius, you’re fun, flirty, and dying to see what the world has to offer. Your ultimate goal in life is to find truth and balance, and you’re on a path to do that through contemplation and dedication. Unfortunately, these same traits can often make you come across as argumentative and reckless when trying out new things. Why not invoke your daring nature when it comes to eyeliner? Try a flirty, blue and green eyeliner wing to lighten the mood.

10. Capricorn – Natural Eye

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Capricorns understand that life isn’t easy, and sometimes, your goals take time and a lot of hard work to achieve. They aren’t afraid of a challenge and won’t back down until they reach the finish line. Family is a top priority for Capricorns, but unfortunately, they also fall prey to materialism and pessimism. You’re not really a fan of spontaneity and experimentation, so stick with an eyeliner look that’s tried and true: a simple, natural line that follows the curve of your eyelid.

11. Aquarius – Double Cat Eye

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Aquarius, you’re all about the water. Just like the waves of the ocean, you want to touch everything you. Your curiosity knows no bounds, and you’ll often bring people together in your search for the next big thing. Communication is your strong suit, but you can often become guarded and detached when it comes to expressing your inner feelings. Combat these issues with an eyeliner look that draws people to look into your eyes: a double cat eye.

12. Pisces – Corner Line Eye

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Last but certainly not least is Pisces, whose head is often up in the clouds. If you’re a Pisces, you have an old soul that often absorbs the energy around you. You use this energy to provide wisdom and healing to your companions. Unfortunately, these good intentions can make you gullible and sometimes out of touch with the real world.  Show off your dreamy nature with a bold and powerful diagonal corner line eyeliner look.

By matching your makeup to your horoscope — who knows? Maybe you’ll come into your own and take advantage of all the unique strengths you have to offer the world.

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Your Weekly Horoscope For The Week Of December 3rd According To Guacardo


Your Weekly Horoscope For The Week Of December 3rd According To Guacardo

The weight from our final Mercury retrograde of the year lifts on Thursday and, boy, aren’t we glad to leave that notorious backward spin in the dust! As we enter the holiday season and the final month of the year, issues that became hazy during the last three weeks become so clear that a lot of you may be feeling an epiphany. Be that in work, love, or your living situation, prepare to enter the latter half of the first week of December with a wonderfully refreshed outlook!


From finances to sexuality, your mind is such a jumble this week that you can’t seem to focus on which one is more important or how to go about it. It’s hard to make decisions when Mercury is in retrograde, especially when he’s out there continuously throwing things off as is. Fortunately, that pesky planet turns direct in your sign on Thursday, finally bringing you the clarity to tackle whatever important issues need attention in your life.


Paranoia about the way things are going in your life only increases confusion and miscommunication this week. By addressing issues head-on, you can get the clarity you need and have a conversation about your concerns. In terms of your love life, not hashing things out only creates a disaster. Fortunately, this won’t be the case. Worrying only creates more problems, while clear communication this week provides a breath of fresh air between you and your love. Embrace this soulful connection!


Expect a glowing, romantic week that’s nothing short of a fairy tale, Gemini! On the 7th, a New Moon in your partnership sector will see a major level up in your personal game of love! Whether that means making it official, moving in together, or tying the knot, you’ll have more sweet bliss than you’ll know what to do with. What a fun problem to have!


You might be feeling some trust issues with those closest to you this week, Cancer. Either you’re starting to put two and two together in terms of shady things they’ve done or said (or haven’t said!). You’re right to be skeptical, as it’s a reminder to put your needs first. Is this someone you’re ready to commit to? Your decision-making clears up on Thursday when you’re better able to access the situation and trust your intuition.


Say hello to your fiery love life, my feisty Leo! On Friday, a New Moon occurs in your love life sector, setting your romance world aflame. Jupiter’s in your corner, the planet of luck, and it feels like nothing could go wrong. The feeling’s right! For those who are single, you might meet “The One” this week, while attached Leos might feel a stronger bond with their special someone. This luck will carry over to your work life as well, so take advantage of any and all opportunities.


You’re living in a bit of a fantasy this week, Virgo, as a conjunction between Mars and Neptune in your partnership sector ignites both dreams as well as well your drive to make them happen. You and your partner might get a little extra freaky this week as you explore new things together. Nice! Basically, whatever is on your mind right now, you’ll more than likely be able to make happen. You’ll feel as if you’re actually made of magic!


You’ve most likely been doing the heavy lifting in more than one situation in your life, and this week you’ll really feel it. The resentment from always having to clean up someone else’s messes who won’t hold themselves accountable for their actions reaches its final straw with you, and you might just combust from the build up. Don’t feel bad about an outburst – you’re the one being taken advantage of. Stand your ground and own up to how you’re feeling so you can either mend it or cut that person out.


Clarity is wonderfully bestowed upon you this week when Mercury turns direct in your sign on Thursday. If you’ve felt misunderstood in any aspects of your life lately, it’s been causing you to retreat into self-doubt and depression. As Mercury allows you to say what’s on your mind, you’ll learn that nothing can get better without speaking your mind. If you don’t, you’ll only continue to stay in that recluse state you’ve put yourself in. 


A fresh start is in the cards for this week when a New Moon in your sign on Friday connects to Jupiter, showering you with all the luck. Whatever you feel in your heart, follow that desire to watch just about anything you’ve been hoping for come true. Talk about manifesting, Sag! Strike while the iron’s hot!


Are you getting some steamy signals from a platonic friend this week and not sure what to do about it? With Mercury retrograde in your sign and moving through your friendship sector, things might be buzzing off with someone you’ve only considered a pal. Are you reading the situation correctly or is this person really laying on the hints right now? Mercury turns direct in your sign on Thursday, which means you’ll be able to more clearly decide on whatever path you want to take with this situation. 


With Mercury finally turning direct on Thursday, a career decision you’ve been weighing on finally becomes clear. That is to say that we hope you held off on making big choices during Mercury retrograde, Aquarius! Confide in loved ones when it comes to narrowing down your choices, as you’ll find lots of good advice from those close to you. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective in order to make the decision that’s right for you, and, fortunately, this person is very much on your side.  


You might unintentionally be finding yourself retrospective this week, Pisces, but if there’s one thing you’re good at, it’s living in your head. You’ll likely put a magnifying glass on your personal life, questioning why you’re really with the person you’ve chosen to commit to. Is it really love or have you let mere physical attraction go further than anticipated? Is this partnership truly grounded? Your passions and feelings ebb and flow on any given day this week and you’re not sure which feeling is the truest. Consider this, though – if you have to question it in the first place, was it right all along? Trust that fishy intuition.

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Find The Perfect Wine And Queso Pairing For Your Zodiac Sign


Find The Perfect Wine And Queso Pairing For Your Zodiac Sign

Between red, rosé, white or blends, people’s favorite wine can not only divide them amongst friends but it also says a lot about their personality. If you’ve ever found yourself at the bar wanting to order something fancy but can’t tell apart a Merlot from a Pinot Grig to “what in the world is a Gewurztraminer?!,” look no further than our guide on the best wine for your zodiac sign. Make yourself a winning charcuterie with the perfect cheeses to go with that glass and enjoy a pairing that truly reflects you.

Aries: Apothic Inferno and Smoked Gouda

Aries are known for their fiery and stubborn temperament and impatience, so if you’re an Aries and need to a wind after a long day of being a boss, you like to turn to a red wine. There’s something about that deep devilish color that makes you feel empowered, which is why we love Apothic Inferno Red as the quintessential wine for an intense ram. Aged in whiskey barrels, this wine comes with that extra kick that’s as badass as you are. Pair with a smoked gouda for a flavor that’s as bold as your personality.

Taurus: Red Burgundy and Pistachio and Fig Goat Cheese

Bulls are all about the finer things, which is why you definitely expect no less when it comes to your wine. A red Burgundy from France has your name written all over it, Taurus. It’s refined, delicious, and very expensive — just how you like everything. This Pinot Noir pairs best with a goat cheese, but if you really want your Taurean stamp on it, bougie up that chevre even more by opting for one with fig or pistachio to truly please your rich palette.

Gemini: Moscato and Brie

Twin Geminis thrive on duality, so when it comes to your taste buds, you crave sweet as much as you do salty and savory. The perfect wine for a Gemini is a sweet Moscato, something fruity and still a bit fancy. Noted with apricot, peach, and nectarine, this pairs beautifully with the savory flavors of soft cheeses like goat or brie. A citrusy glass with a bit of chevre? This pairing is as likable as you are.

Cancer: Tempranillo and smoked meats

Strong-willed and clever, Cancers need a wine as strong as their dignity. Reach from your protective little shell for a Tempranillo from Spain, a ruby red wine known for its notes of berries, vanilla, and tobacco. You’re all about creature comforts and this wine will definitely taste like home, which is why we suggest opting for some warm comfort food over traditional cheese pairings for this particular wine. Sip a glass with a bit of lasagna or smoked meats and kick up those precious ‘lil crab legs, Cancer.

Leo: Cabernet Sauvignon and Asiago

Ah, what wine could possibly be suitable for someone as regal as a Leo? You’re a leader, an attention-grabber, and as dignified as they come. A red Bourdeaux Cabernet Sauvignon is you in a bottle, my royal lion! With notes of currant, plum, and cedar, this French wine will have you saying “oui oui oui!” to another glass. Cabs go best with nutty, aged cheese, so pick out a block of some bold aged Asiago or Parmigiano while you watch over your kingdom.

Virgo: Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

Grounded and reliable, a Virgo expects the same from their wine. Every Virgo should reach for a Sauvignon Blanc if they want something as down-to-earth as themselves. This wine has grassy notes of herb and citrus that are just as balanced as your personality. Nom on some goat cheese and maybe even add some greens like asparagus or zucchini and a plate of oysters for some time to reflect on how you always get things right the first time — just like your vin et fromage!

Libra: Sparkling White and Camembert

For Libras, your wine consumption probably means you love finding any excuse to celebrate with friends. As a very social sign of the zodiac, you view drinking spirits as something done in the festive company of others. For the outgoing people person that you are, nothing says a great night like a fun sparkling white as bubbly as your personality! Since this spirit is dry, a soft and creamy cheese creates the perfect balance in taste and texture, so slice up that brie or camembert and share with friends for a fun and lively evening.

Scorpio: Syrah and Manchego

The tannin-packed dark and sexy flavor of a Syrah is Scorpio in a bottle. Too bad there’s no way you could ever put a cork on your passionate nature, saucy Scorpion! You’d be a fool to think a Scorpio would be seen drinking anything other than a deep red, and nothing matches their personality more than the full-bodied punch of flavor of a Syrah and its peppery aftertaste. Just like your old soul, partake in a nutty aged cheese like a Manchego as you eye everyone who isn’t as cool as you.

Sagittarius: Malbec and Aged Cheddar

For someone as a clear-thinking as my centaur explorers, you need a wine that envigorates that sense of adventure in you. Look no further than the ever-drinkable Malbec from Argentina. With its plush taste and ripe tannins, this smooth red perfectly fits one of your chill nights spent only with a couple of your closest friends, as Sagittarians like to do. Cut up some aged cheddar while you talk about your big picture ideas for the rest of the night!

Capricorn: Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar

Practical, ambitious, and wise, the classic Cabernet Sauvignon simply screams ultimate Capricorn. You work hard and need a drink that matches your drive, which is exactly the popular regality of a good, bold cab. Aged, nutty cheeses go best with this type of red, so go for something fun like an aged cheddar with caramelized onion to celebrate your latest achievement you undoubtedly just conquered like the hard-working boss babe you are.

Aquarius: Orange Wine and Gruyer

Aquarians are one of the most offbeat and unpredictable signs of the zodiac. You’re funny, smart, but also a huge humanitarian with a big heart and a socially-responsible outlook at life. For quirky Aquarians, go for something like an orange wine, a skin-contact wine soaked in citrus peels with a bold, nutty flavor. This unconventional wine flavor sums up the water-bearing Aquarius’ individuality and complements with the flavors of something like a gruyere cheese to really stand out from the pack.

Pisces: Rosé and Feta

Sweet, dreamy Pisces, is there any wine that seems more well-matched for your light and earthy persona than the summer Rosé? The popular sunny day spirit of choice is a no-brainer for our sincere Pisces. Just like our last night of the zodiac, Rosé is actually one of the oldest forms of wine and has probably seen as many past lives as you, my fish friend. Pair a glass with some chunks of creamy feta or Havarti to bring out the fruity and floral flavors of the Rosé. It’s sweet and well-liked, just like you!

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