Your Horoscope For The Final Month Of November Is All About Shmoney Moves

As we enter the second week of Mercury retrograde, you may have not only experienced those slight delays and technical issues that come with this mighty planet’s backward spin, but communication and clear decisions can easily become hazy. Remember not to worry about making big choices during this time, and instead choose to ultimately roll with the punches. Advice can come unsolicited, so it’s important that all signs opt to do what’s best for you above anything else. People can become exhausting during times like these, but that doesn’t mean you have to let their words affect you.


Good or bad, expect a shake-up in your relationship status this week, Aries. That can either mean an exciting new relationship or an abrupt ending to a current one. Mercury retrograde is brewing its drastic changes in your sign, Ram, so don’t be surprised when you don’t even know what hit you. If you’re happy in your current relationship, you and your partner will finally reach some massive clarity about your pairing that will better serve you both. Is that worth sticking it out or calling it off? We’ll see what this week has in store for you!


Your theme for November was to take a break from all that bull-like work ethic to open yourself up to love and loving yourself, Taurus, and this last few days of the month will definitely be the peak of that. If you’re feeling trapped in whatever romantic situation you’re currently, prepare for the floodgates to open for a positive release of all that water. Stop holding back about how you truly feel, because once you reveal what’s actually pouring through your soul, the universe is prepared to reward you for it.


Some much-needed life enhancements are awaiting you this week, Gemini! The Sun and Jupiter line up in your partnership sector on the 26th, opening the road for clear conversation between you and your partner that will put your mind and your heart at ease. This week is all about the connection between you and your mate as you embark on a brand new and exciting journey together.


Is this crab ready to switch up shells, or even the beach where you choose to plant that shell? Exciting new career advancements may bring the opportunity for relocation in exchange for your dream job, but what does this mean for your love life? On Saturday, Venus re-enters your love sector after just finishing it’s retrograde, meaning decisions about what to do with a potential or long-term suitor will become much clearer and easier to make. It also means the opportunity for a brand new one on the horizon!


You have gotten yourself trapped in a box regarding a life situation recently, but this week you’ll be able to open it. Things will finally become clear on how to tackle something you’ve been trying to get done, and communication between you and your mate will not only be better but so will the roads up that open to make these actions possible. You may revel in the joy that is a stronger connection or realize that your relationship isn’t as strong as you had been telling yourself it was. As is the case when Mercury is in retrograde!


You’ve been working hard to get your finances in order this month and should have started to see the payoff, but this week might find you having to help someone else who’s not in as great of a financial position themselves. This will leave you feeling somewhat resentful for having to help clean up someone else’s mess, someone not as responsible and focused as yourself, yet you want to help them nonetheless. Be careful of burning your hard-earned cash on a friend who can’t take responsibility for their own actions! Reckless spending is not what you’re about.


The latter half of this month has been all about showcasing your sexual energy, but this week could see that sexiness become unstable. You’ll find it hard to be on the same page about something with a partner, but does the problem need to change or just how you respond to it? Partnerships are about listening and compromise, so just because your love doesn’t see things the way you do doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong. Adjusting how you handle what your love life throws at you will serve you better as Venus and Uranus hectically oppose one another in your relationship sector.


Mercury is in retrograde, yet moves into your sign on November 30th, followed by Venus moving in on Saturday. This combination is ripe for bountiful sexual energy, yet the type that can be confused or unclear. Maybe you’re not sure about what choice to make in your love life or are giving off misleading signals. Who really cares about making a decision right now, though? At the moment, you’ll be all about the attention you’re receiving from your magical Scorpio vamp status!


Expect a jolt to the heart this week that will have you floating on the Cloud 9 of love. Your expression of compassion and focusing on yourself earlier in the month serves you well now when it seems that anything this week can’t possibly conclude without anything short of a happy ending. However, Mercury’s retrograde might create some misunderstandings at work, so just remember to keep a cool head and not let minor flubs get the best of you. Nothing can bring you down this week!


Your friends are quick to lend their advice this week without you even really asking for it. Needing to talk things out and get things off your chest might be interpreted as seeking opinions on how you should be living your life, but remember that they are not the ones living it for you. While moral support is appreciated, don’t take someone else’s words too close to heart if it’s not the decision that feels right for you this week. Great conversations are in store for you this week, so use the opportunity to listen and grow in a way that suits you and only you the best.


Mercury retrograde is bringing you to a crossroad in your career, but, fortunately for you, either option seems beneficial. It’s hard when either decision could be a good one, so take the time to really think about what’s best for you and not let other’s get in your ear. This same positive energy lends itself to your relationship sector, where single Aquarians might be at the receiving end of an important person’s gaze. Is a successful and well-respected individual romantically eyeing you? Lucky you!


A legal situation might arise this week, and if Mercury retrograde has anything to do with it, it’s definitely regarding something rooted in the past, possibly even from earlier this year. Fortunately, this dilemma will go in your favor, especially with a helpful support system having your back. Speaking of the past, a former lover could pop up this week, ironically as you begin a new creative or work endeavor. Good thing this will actually turn out to be a positive run-in!



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