Cardi B and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Guest-Starred on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday Night

credit: ABC

Latina Brooklynites for the win! On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel delighted viewers everywhere by having two of our favorite Latinas of the moment as guests on his show. Trap queen Cardi B and political hellraiser Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez both made appearances on his show where they both talked about their career paths, success, and hopes for the future.

And unlike his usual episodes filmed in Hollywood, this episode was one of five to be filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for his annual Brooklyn visit.

Cardi B came out looking bad and bougie as usual, dressed in a blue suit with her hair in a sleek bob.

Interestingly enough, Kimmel brought up that it had been exactly 12 months since Cardi made her prime-time debut performing “Bodak Yellow” on the very same show. When asked about her new role as a mother, Cardi gushed that her baby, Kulture, has brought her so much happiness that she could do it “over and over again”.

When asked about childbirth, Cardi B was candid about the trauma her body experienced.

Speaking frankly about whether or not childbirth was “easier or harder” than she imagined it would be, Cardi wasted no time in addressing the cultural taboo about speaking of the pains of birth. Particularly the ones would have given her a heads up about postpartum procedures that are fairly common amongst people who have recently given birth..

“It was totally harder. She broke my vagina.,” the performer cracked. “Nobody told me they was gonna stitch my vagina.”

Not long after, 29 year-old candidate for New York’s 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an appearance.

Kimmel started off her appearance by wishing her a happy birthday and quickly moved the conversation along to discussing her unprecedented win, and how voters in her district are star-struck when she knocks on their doors to canvas. Ocasio-Cortez admitted that she’s doing so well in New York that she’s now able to rally for Democratic candidates in different states. Ocasio-Cortez then got the audience cheering when she stated that she is “fighting so that people don’t have to go bankrupt to go to the doctor”. The Bronx-born politician of Puertorican descent declared her belief that health care should be an “American right”.

Of course, the internet was prettyyyy excited for a Brooklyn Latina takeover:.


We were even blessed with a photo of the two queens meeting each other.



The fan excitement from the pairing of Cardi and Alex O-C proved that Latinas are stronger together.


We love that both Cardi B and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought their mujer magic to prime time and showed Americans (Latinx or otherwise) the spectrum of the Latina experience. As we’ve said before and we’ll say again: there is no one “right” way to be Latina. These badass Latinas prove that more than anything else!


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