Merriam-Webster Chooses ‘Feminism’ As ‘Word Of The Year’ And Latina Twitter Is Pumped AF

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Last week, women gained another big victory when Time Magazine announced their 2017 “Person of The Year” was the Silence Breakers of the #MeToo movement. This week, Merriam-Webster is continuing the trend with the announcement that their “Word of The Year” is FIERCE’s favorite one: feminism!

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Webster’s Editor-at-Large, Peter Sokolowski, told the Associated Press that the increase in lookups for the word correlated with some of this year’s key events.

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Thanks to the Women’s March in January, the inauguration of a self-proclaimed pussy grabber, and the #MeToo takedown of powerful men in entertainment and politics, searches for the word shot up 70 percent since 2016.

For the last couple of years, the word has been included in Webster’s annual Top 10 pick.

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It’s been a big year for feminism (edit: decade, century, millennium, but who’s counting?). This year, “feminism” shares it’s word-of-the-year honors with other words that that played a major role in political discourse: “complicit,” “recuse,” and “dotard.” All were tied to major White House figures including Ivanka Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump.

The word also has Latina Twitter pumped AF.

For many, the pick was an inspiring result of the good fight so many women have fought this year.

“Yes! Inspiring choice. Thanks, Merriam-Webster.”

They’ve also included a few tweets about male tears and toxicity that are just gold.

And for some, no words could really do the choice justice.

Here’s hoping Merriam-Webster’s pick informs those who’ve got their understanding of feminism twisted.


Because in case you missed it, the rudimentary definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

And if you’re not here for that…


Well then step aside.

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We got this.


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