Stacey Dash Is Known For Disparaging Communities Of Color And Now She Wants To Represent Them In Congress

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Stacey Dash has long lived up to her “Clueless” character. The part-Mexican, part-African American actress-turned-conservative talking head has belittled the issue of racism and called for an end to Black History Month as well as the demise of BET. Now she thinks she has a shot at representing California’s 44th Congressional District, which includes the largely people of color-populated cities of Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach

On Monday, Dash filed paperwork to run for Congress. While she hasn’t made a formal comment about her campaign yet, she tweeted, “Come to my account for the straight news. Formal statements coming.”

The former Fox News contributor’s run will be tough — and not just because she’s a Black Latina woman, identities that she believes won’t negatively impact her political dreams in the post-ism fairytale she lives in — but also because the conservative is running in a district that’s 61 percent Democrat and just 10 percent Republican. In 2016, the district, where she lives, voted 83 percent for Hillary Clinton and 12 percent for Donald Trump.

In addition to her anti-Black sentiments putting off the district’s vast African-American demographic, the Trump fan’s support of the now-president’s xenophobia will also push away Latinos and immigrants. Even more, Dash has advocated for the return of the sexist Mad Men era, encouraged women to stop talking about the wage gap and suggested that trans people use the restroom in bushes.

With this track record, people of the Internet have been calling the former star “clueless” for running in a significantly people of color and progressive district.

“You’ve been selling out the black community for years. Now you think they will vote for you in Compton, Watts, and the surrounding areas? You really are CLUELESS,” one Twitter user said. “We have enough unqualified people in government already. Go away, and save yourself the humiliation,” another added.

It’s safe to say that most people’s reaction to Dash’s run could be summed up by Chrissy Teigen’s face during the political hopeful’s painful Oscars appearance in 2016.

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