A.J. Delgado Is Accusing Her Former Lover And Trump Campaign Adviser Of Secretively Slipping A Woman A Birth Control Pill

The story of the lawsuit surrounding two former Trump administration officials and the consequences of their affair is nothing less than equal parts grotesque and telenovela-esque. There’s no denying that the Trump administration has been plagued by a telenovela-style drama since its very first sex scandal surrounding Trump’s former communications director Jason Miller and former aide A.J. Delgado. In the latest update on the ongoing legal battle between the two campaign officials, Miller and Delgado have become wrapped up in a new court filing with accusations of more extramarital partners and an abortion-inducing smoothie.

Delgado and Miller have been wrapped up in an explosive contest as early as August 2017.

So, a quick run-up on the two’s relationship and history: in mid-2016, Jason Miller had just stepped away from Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign as his digital and communications adviser. He was soon hired by the Trump administration to be a senior communications adviser, this is despite the fact that throughout Miller’s campaign run with Cruz the communications strategist often posted anti-Trump tweets. After Trump’s election, Miller was brought on by the Trump administration to be a part of the transition team and served as its chief spokesperson until January 2017 when he resigned, despite being declared Trump’s pick for White House Communications Director. Miller sent out a tweet that chalked up his resignation to his desire to “spend more time with his family,” which in today’s Trump Administration translates to “there’s a salacious accusation against me and I’m done.” The accusations in question surrounded Miller’s extramarital affair with Trump campaign staffer A.J. Delgado, a Harvard Law graduate of Cuban descent who ended up having Miller’s child in July 2017. In the months after Delgado gave birth to their son, the two entered into a heavy custody where it was revealed that Miller had engaged in more than one extramarital affair and had visited a strip club in Orlando, Fla., with other Trump staffers before a presidential debate.

So here we are almost a year later in September. There Trump Administration continues to spit out new scandals revolving around sex, and both Miller and Delgado remain tied up in a custody battle over their son with each accusing the other of new misbehaviors.

Delgado’s latest and most volatile accusation against Miller comes packed with a claim that he had secretly forced a woman he’d had an affair with to have an abortion.

According to a report published by Splinter, the woman, known in court documents as Jane Doe, met Miller in 2012 while she was working as a dancer at the Orlando strip club called Rachel’s. According to court documents, after the woman told Miller that she was pregnant with his child he allegedly came to her place with a smoothie laced with an abortion pill. The drink ultimately induced an abortion and Jane Doe ended up in a hospital emergency room where she endured heavy bleeding, the loss of her fetus and almost entered into a coma. The woman was hospitalized for two days after the abortion pill likely reacted with street drugs that might have been in her system. After checking out of the hospital, Delgado got in contact with the staffers who had joined Miller on the night they met at Rachel’s. To keep Doe from speaking further, Miller apparently attempted to have her sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for money.

Up until September 22nd, Miller had worked as a political commentator on CNN.

On Saturday, Miller announced via Twitter that he would leave his post at CNN after new reports about his behavior towards Doe surfaced. In a post to his Twitter account, Miller denied Delgado’s latest accusation saying “I have decided to step away from my role … to focus on clearing my name and fighting the false accusations being made against me.”

“To be clear, none of this is in any way true,” Miller added, in reference to forced-abortion claim against him.

Just to clarify some opinions on the latest of MIller’s scandals of our own. While it’s easy to make fun comparisons to telenovelas in today’s era of Trump’s Sex Scandal Administration, it’s important to note that not even El Titi went this low to clear up his wrongdoings.

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