The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Your Friends And Family With Disabilities

With Nochebuena and Dia de Los Tres Reyes Magos right around the corner, you’re probably scrambling to figure out what your family and friends want. Gift giving is a little difficult in general but if you have disabled family or friends or you’re disabled and what to get yourself something nice, you may not know what gifts will make someone happy while also being accessible for them. Some of these gifts may seem simple but you’d be surprised just how great they are at improving disabled people’s lives! Here are 20-holiday gifts for your disabled familia y amigxs!

1) Electric Blankets


Most likely where you live, it’s going to be cold during the winter months…unless your from the hell hole that is Florida. Literally, it’s always hot there. Anyway, sometimes during the cold months la cobija just doesn’t cut it at keeping you warm. And for someone that’s disabled, the cold can trigger painful symptoms such as tight joints. Electric blankets are the perfect gift for someone disabled in your life who needs that extra warmth for their body to relax. And don’t worry, electric blankets have come a long way and have timers built in that turn them off after a few hours.

Get an electric blanket here!

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