Kat Von D Just Got Hitched And Her Wedding Photo Is Proof That This Pairing Is All About The En Vida Y En Muerte Kind Of Love

Kat Von D is many things. Goth queen, makeup maven, shoe designer, and tattoo artist extraordinaire are just a few of the labels that make up who she is. This week she tacked on the word “married.”

In an Instagram posted to her account, Von D shared a picture to celebrate and announce her recent marriage and the photos are giving us total ride or die vibes.

The tattoo artist teased her first wedding picture Wednesday.

Just last week, the makeup business mogul announced to fans that she was engaged to Rafael Reyes, better known as Leafar Seyer, of the electronic rock group called Prayers. Fans were quick to express their excitement over Von D’s future vows and her recent wedding announcement proves they didn’t have to do much waiting.

“Today, I married my soul’s mate, my mind’s twin, my best friend: @prayers ?Juntos en vida y en muerte,” Von D wrote in her wedding announcement post on Instagram.

In a separate post to his own Instagram account, Seyer shared the same photo with a caption that read “Today I married the girl of my dreams [En Vida Y En Muerte].”

If Von D’s Instagram is any indication, this post has been a long time coming.

Von D and her new groom are bigs fans of documenting their love on social media, particularly Instagram. These days, both artists have Instagrams that are a cluster of pictures of each other. For Valentine’s Day, Leafar posted a video of Von D on Instagram as she watched a plane fly above her with a banner that read, “I love you Kat Von D.”

Of course, Kat Von D Nation has been quick to support and congratulate the Latina and her new marital status. One commenter replied to the announcement with a post that read: ” True love never dies ??? and yours seems immortal.”

Congratulations Kat! From our loving black hearts, to yours!

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