Natasha Aponte Is The Boricua Who Got Hundreds Of Guys To Meet Her For One Single Tinder Date

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It’s rough out there for a Tinder user. In order to just nail a date, a person has to swipe through a series of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of profiles and pictures and hope their darndest that the ones they liked will return the favor. With users typically approving most of their selections based on optics alone, picks can be damningly superficial.

In a recent social experience, a Latina based out of New York seized an opportunity to highlight the problems of dating apps and dive deep into how this can affect people socially.

On August 19th, hundreds of men unknowingly met up on the same date in  N.Y.C.’s Union Square.

As it turns out, the men had all been invited by New York-based Puertorican Instagram model Natasha Aponte who had asked unwitting men she met on Tinder to meet up for a date. Aponte, as they soon learned from her, had collaborated with creative director Rob Bliss of the viral video agency Rob Bliss Creative to message them and invite them to what they thought would be an event put on by a DJ only to be surprised when Aponte appeared on stage. While greeting the men she soon revealed she had invited all of them to meet her in person so that she could dismiss them based on her own superficial criteria to their face.  (So basically, esta chica constructed her own version of “The Bachelorette” in one evening.)

During her Bachelorette-esque Tinderelimination, Aponte shut down Donald Trump supporters and men cheating on their partners.

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“Half of you people here are in relationships, so those people should leave now,” Aponte told the crowd before going on to eliminate more men. “The first elimination is if you think you can support Trump and date a Puerto Rican, now’s the time to leave. If anyone’s a tourist or doesn’t live in this country, you should leave too. Also, anyone named Jimmy. I don’t enjoy the name Jimmy.”

Aponte and Bliss posted a video of the event on Youtube on Thursday. Footage revealed that many of the men were bothered to have brought to the park under the guise of having an actual one on one date with Aponte. Still, many stuck around for the competition which included men racing against each other and doing pushups. Ultimately, she did eliminate men until she got down to one person who she went on a date with.

In an interview with Good Morning America about her scheme, Aponte says that she walked away from the experience with an important life lesson. “Be open because the person you actually might be with is something that you would never, ever choose,” she said.

Many have slammed Aponte’s “experiment” saying it was just a move to gain attention.

Others have questioned whether the reaction she has gotten to her stunt would have been given the same sort of attention if it had been constructed by a man.

Still, plenty of women are hailing her as a complete reina.

It was pretty misleading of her, but it was also pretty dope that she just made herself The Bachelorette.

And quite a few people thought it was just pretty dang funny.

So what do you think of Aponte’s stunt? Tell us in the comments below!




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