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Romancing through a Latino Los Angeles- 20 Day Date Ideas

Day dates can be difficult, usually lacking in good music options, open bars, delicioso dining options. But fear not, we have a great list of Latinx-themed date ideas sure to impress el amor de tu vida! Go out and explore Los Angeles. From tacos and pupusas to mariachi and comic books, Mitú’s got your back!

1. La Monarca


With more than a few locations throughout Los Angeles County, La Monarca bakes some mean pan dulce, a variety of brunch treats, and sells locally roasted Oaxacan coffee with hints of native spices and brown sugar. Tastiest caffeine ever!

2. Tlayuda LA


Latina chef, Laura Guerrero, has certainly brought Oaxacan cuisine up a notch, perfectly crafting the tlayuda- a pizza de Mexico straight outta Oaxaca. You can easily scarf this down with your date while surrounded by a simple, yet cozy, dining room.

3. Candela’s Guitars


If you and your date are musically inclined, test out a few handcrafted guitars at Candela’s, made by master-craftsman, Tomas Delgado, who comes from three generations of luthiers (the correct term for guitar maker), He considers his business a labor of love.  Make sure to take a tour of his studio, where all the wood-working magic happens!

4.CaCao Mexicatessen


Even a lunch for dos is bound to sport some mole at Cacao, this unique Mexican deli. But the true day date draw comes from the wonderfully flavorful champurrado– decadent hot chocolate with a delicious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices.

5. Latino Outdoors


This NPO has made it their mission to get the urban population (Latino or not!) to leave the concrete and feel the dirt under their feet. This is a perfect day date to get out of the city and unwind while learning something too! Some of their classes include birdwatching, restoration projects, and just plain old hiking!

6. La Chuperia #1


Day date are sometimes just extensions of night dates, right? Your and your cariñcan will away your hangovers with these over-the-top Bloody Marys, complete with fruit and vegetable garnishes and thirst-quenching locally crafted cervezas. If you are staying well into the night, make sure you boogie down on their dance floor!

7. Artists & Fleas


Find all of L.A.’s best artists at this one-stop-fair! Showcasing dozens of local craftspeople selling anything from local honey to alpaca scarves. Perusing Arts & Fleas will have you finding the perfect birthday gift for your date (which you’ll obviously have to buy on the sly).

8. Plaza de la Raza


This cultural/community center always has something nifty going on. Immerse your date in some seriously colorful latin culture. Even if you are feeling not so artsy that particular day, grab some tacos and have a picnic in the surrounding bonito Lincoln Park.

9. Templo San Muerte


The “death saint” was the culmination of pagan gods from South America assimilating to Spanish Catholicism. Glimpse into this religious sect for a strange and enlightening day date… Even if you get nothing else out of it, at least Instagram-worthy!

10. Museum of Latin American Art


If you find yourself strolling through Long Beach with your date, making a stop at MOLAA is an absolute must. WIth a meticulously curated collection of Latinx contemporaries, this modern museum is a gem for the Hispanic humanities. Social commentary on the Latin experience was never so beautiful.

11. America Tropical Interpretive Center


Wow, your date with your extensive knowledge on Los Angeles history by introducing them to this almost century-old mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros- a pioneer in murals that depicted the heritage, social struggles, and daily lives of L.A.’s Latino community. Hundreds of other street art examples are also on display and worth the trip- especially with free admission!

12. El Coraloense


The ceviche at this restaurant will impress your date- hook, line and sinker. With a husband/wife duo hailing straight from the shores of the Gulf of California, the seafood is perfectly prepared and always muy authentico. For a well-rounded meal, share the ceviche sampler platter and swordfish “wings.”

13. Amara Coffee & Cafe


Not sure if you had figured it out yet, but Latin countries and chocolate go together like leche e galletas… This quaint little Venezuelan cafe has some sweet homemade azucarados to woo your date- because chocolate is totally an aphrodisiac. Also, the churros are known to sway anyone’s sensibilities.

14. El Pueblo de Los Angeles


Tagged the “Birthplace of Los Angeles”, this historic district is in the heart of L.A.s famous Olvera Street, South California’s epi-center of Mexican culture. Go back in time on a city-funded tour of the area and buy some baratijas for your honey at the local shops.

15. Cactus Store


Maybe you and your date live together or you want to give them an undying token of your love (because who can kill a cactus, right?). The Cactus Store is the best spot to pick out the next little addition to your relationship. For added cliche, you can give it a cute name.

16. Mariachi Plaza


For decades, Mariachi have been gathering at this gazebo in the middle of Boyle Heights, looking for any gig they could find. Sometimes, it still happens today and there is now a museum dedicated to the musical genre. So, while you and your amado are meandering through the square during festival season, toss the guys a few bucks and request your song!

17. La Pupusa Urban Eatery


Sometimes the quaint hole-in-the-wall Salvadorian pupuseria is just what the date needs. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your S.O. across the table mauling down some excellent frybread topped with pickled cabbage and salsa. It’s so much tastier than it sounds!

18. Casa 0101


Rife with heritage, this cultural center, founded by Real Women Have Curves author Josefina Lopez, sports a theatre, art gallery, and classrooms designed to help advocate for the Latin American demographics in L.A. and throughout the country. Before catching an early evening play (with optional dinner!), you and your date can peruse the Deleage Gallery which features local artists.

19.Taqueria Vista Hermosa


Walking in here might seem unimpressive to your date, it does kind of look like just a regular old taqueria. But watch their face melt into a foodgasm and pat yourself on the back. This local taqueria, run by Raul Morales, is well known for its al Pastor tacos- a (maybe Lebanese inspired) recipe that has been passed down for generations. You’re lucky he’s even sharing it with you, let along your S.O…

20. Seite Books & Zines


 Sometimes it’s great to unplug and read for a while, it’ll perk up the conversation between you and your beloved. This independent bookstore specializes in a variety of topics like LGBTQ, the Latin Experience, Revolutions, Comics, Independent magazines and more! They even have a slew of events and host the Annual East Side Zine Market.

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20 Things To Avoid Eating On Your Valentine’s Day Date


20 Things To Avoid Eating On Your Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that, unfortunately, can be very stressful. Not only does it force couples to examine the status of their relationships (Are we just hooking up? Or are we finally serious?), but it also forces couples to plan a romantic date on the one night of the year where most restaurants are fully booked. Adding to that stress is the fact that most Italian restaurants are off limits (unless you want to scare your date off with your garlic breath).

Because we care about you, we’ve compiled a list of 20 foods to avoid eating on Valentine’s Day. So, before you lock in those reservations at your favorite grub spot, keep in mind that there are definitely foods that can kill romance faster than you can say “garlic breath”.

1. Garlic


We’ll start the list off with the most notorious romance-killing food: garlic. As we stated before, garlic breath can be a total turn-off. Who wants their romantic kiss to be ruined by an odor so strong that it’s famous for scaring off vampires? Take the safer route and opt for a cuisine that’s light on the use of garlic.

2. Onions


Onions are another common food additive that can make one’s breath less than pleasant. We’re not saying that you should avoid these pungent bulbs altogether (they’re practically everywhere), but it might be smart to order the French Onion Soup on a night with less smooching.

3. Oysters


Oysters are another entry that makes this list because of their halitosis-inducing effect. Yes, oysters have the reputation of being an aphrodisiac (which would otherwise be perfect for a romantic night), but they have an even bigger reputation for carrying a very strong, very fishy smell. If you still can’t resist slurping down some molluscs with your amor, pack some Listerine strips in your purse just to be safe.

4. Tuna Salad


Traditional tuna salad generally contains the tri-fecta of unromantic smells: onions, tuna fish, and relish. Unless you and your boo have a relationship that can withstand even the strongest of unpleasant orders, be kind to your S.O. and go with a B.L.T.

5. Bean Burritos


As Latinas, we admit that we have a soft spot for burritos. Unfortunately, a burrito packed with beans can make for an uncomfortable (read: gassy) night of indigestion. If you’re planning on spending the whole night with your date, ask the waiter to hold the beans. But if you really need your bean fix, pop a Beano tablet before digging in. Your date will thank you.

6. Marinara Sauce


Just another reason to avoid Italian food on V-day. Yes, marinara sauce is delicious, but it is also a food notorious for ruining outfits. It’s tough to eat spaghetti and meatballs without splashing all over yourself. And walking out of a restaurant looking like a baby who’s just switched to solids isn’t a sexy look.

7. Ramen


Although ramen might seem like the perfect choice for a cold February night, its messy noodles earn it a spot on this list. Let’s face it: there’s no pretty way to slurp ramen down. So, if you’re super secure in you and your partner’s relationship, have at it! But if you and your date’s relationship is still in its infantile stages, it’s better to steer clear.

8. Saucy Wings


Not everyone can look like Jessica Simpson when gobbling down a plate of hot wings. Yes, they’re delicious, but sauce-covered wings can be messy. Not to mention, it’s practically a requirement to eat them with your hands, which guarantees you’ll be reaching for, and discarding, napkins all night. Save the wings for football nights with your partner, when everyone will be covered in sauce with you.

9. Spinach


Here’s one of the few additions to this list that doesn’t earn a spot due to its smell. Spinach is practically odorless, but its infamous for getting stuck in people’s teeth. Not exactly a sexy look. In fact, it’s best to avoid leafy green veggies in general if you want to preserve a flawless smile for the night.

10. Chili Peppers


Chili peppers are a staple of a lot of Latin food, so this entry might land a little too close to home. The thing is,unless you have an esophagus made of steel, super spicy foods can cause some un-sexy side effects. Chili peppers are known to make their consumer sweat, as well as make their eyes water.

11. Corn on the Cob


Corn on the cob can also be one of those foods that gets stuck in your teeth. There’s nothing hot about a smile full of yellow kernels! Avoid at all costs.

12. Turkey


We doubt you’ll be tempted to have Thanksigivng in February, but just in case the opportunity arises, remember that turkey is full of tryptophan. And tryptophan has a reputation for making people fall asleep. No one wants to head home early due to sleepiness on a night when you should be up late with your date!

13. Red Wine


This might be a hard one to stick to, but if you’re trying to keep a kissable pout, you might want to avoid red wine. Although its no doubt a romantic drink, unfortunately, red wine has a tendency to stain its drinker’s lips blue or purple. If you know you’ll be imbibing later on, it might be best to invest in a burgundy lipstick to disguise the unwanted color change.

14. Too Much Alcohol in General


If you’re stressed about Valentine’s Day especially, it can be tempting to want to get rowdy in order to calm your nerves. But remember, alcohol lowers the drinker’s inhibitions, and that, in turn, can make you act stupid. Stick to a two drink limit to avoid any booze-fueled mistakes.

15. Brussel Sprouts


Although brussel sprouts, when prepared correctly, are delicious, this trendy veggie can have quite a…fragrant aroma, which can be off-putting to some people. If you’re trying to keep a romantic mood going, avoid this sulfurous cabbage.

16. Strong Cheese


That’s right–we suggest you avoid both stinky cheese and wine if you’re planning a romantic date night. We guess that means a spontaneous trip to Paris is off the table, right? If you must indulge, stick to milder cheeses like mozzarella or brie.

17. Raw Fish


Like all raw animal products, raw fish like sushi can be a hotbed of the salmonella bacteria. Eating raw fish like sushi or sashimi can be a gamble–there’s practically no way to guarantee it’s been prepared properly. You don’t want to end up with a bad case of food poisoning on Valentine’s day!

18. Veal


Veal doesn’t have a strong smell or the tendency to stain your best dress, but it does carry a negative connotation. If you don’t know your Valentine that well, it’s better not to freak them out by ordering roasted baby cow for dinner. Save that for an anniversary dinner (if at all).

19. Salad


We suggest avoiding salad on Valentine’s day for purely arbitrary reasons. Salad is a little boring. It’s Valentine’s day, after all! Say yes to the steak!

20. Cherries or Olives


And finally, we suggest you avoid both cherries and olives. Why? It’s unattractive to be intermittently pausing to spit out tiny pieces of food from your moth. If you have any control over your meal, opt for the pitted versions of these flavorful snacks.

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I was reading about (relationship topic) and they said _______________ What do you think?

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I was reading about (relationship topic) and they said _______________ What do you think?

Passion starts with your five senses. Ask questions that have a connection to one of the five senses to spark a sensual connection with your date. Ask questions about interests and enjoyment to open a connection that’s more than skin-deep.

Here are 20 passionate questions that could light sparks, even on the first date. Once you ask, listen carefully and watch your date before you respond.

1. Where would you most like to travel?

@lattewithstrawberry / Instagram

This question will tell you a lot about your date and get them to open up about what they enjoy. If they’re up for Paris and the Eiffel Tower or would rather hit the beach in Cancun, you will know what place inspires your date and know a little more about their physical nature.  A dating study found that 18% of couples who discussed travel went on a second date compared to only 9% of couples who only talked about movies.

2. Do you like to cook?

@chefgemamtz1769 / Instagram

This question opens up the world of food and taste. If they do cook, follow up with a question about what they most enjoy cooking. If they don’t, be smooth and ask what they most enjoy having cooked for them. With any luck you will love the same spices … with a passion.

3. What is your favorite animal and why?

@chihuahuastagrams / Instagram

To be honest, if someone has no favorite animal, they might not have any passion for people either. Whether they love cute Chihuahuas or soft kittens, you might be able to sneak in a comment about how they are more desirable than the animal. Don’t be sleazy or obvious — try to find a characteristic that’s complimentary and a little sensual, like smooth fur or strong muscles.

4. What romantic movie do you like most?

“Like Water For Chocolate” / Miramax Films

Your date might say “Like Water For Chocolate” in which case the rest of the conversation is an easy and natural way to get more passionate. Ladies, if your date says “The Avengers” is the most romantic movie he’s ever seen, go with the flow and ask him what he likes so much about superheroes.

5. What is the most fun thing you liked to do as a child?

@hermosa_nina1 / Instagram

Passion should be like playing so this question will bring out memories of what your date loved to do when they were small. We may grow up beyond childhood things but the warm memories help to establish a bond that could lead to passion.

6. What is the best present you ever got (or gave)?

@thereconnection / Instagram

Whatever the present is, and whether they gave it or received it, find a way to compliment your date and encourage them to describe why the gift was “the best.” This question offers the perfect opportunity to say, “I would love to give you the best present you ever got some day.”

7. Tell me about your close friends.

@reemsabounyofficial / Instagram

You will probably hear a lot of information about names that are hard to remember but this question is pure gold to make a personal connection with your date. You’ll find out who they care about and what they love to do naturally. Just open up and listen.

8. If you had all the money you wanted, what would you do?

@millionaire__goal / Instagram

This isn’t a question to bring up at the beginning of your date, but if you’re getting along, it can be a good one to bring out hopes, dreams, and interests.

9. What is your favorite time of the day?

@zandjtravel / Instagram

Those tired questions about “what job do you have?” and “what do you do for a living?” are passion-killers. Change things up and ask what your date’s favorite time of the day is. You might hear passion-starting responses like “sleeping late in bed” or “relaxing in the pool after work.” This question invites a lot of follow-up discussion — potentially the passionate kind.

10. I was reading about (relationship topic) and they said _______________ What do you think?

Dr. Ruth Westheimer & Bruce Springsteen @mary_climb_in / Instagram

To do this question right you need to read a little about relationships. If you’re getting along really well, you could try a quote from the famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer: “I was reading that a relationship therapist said that when it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between your ears. What do you think?”

11. Have you had anything crazy happen to you lately?

@pikaeho / Instagram

This topic could turn negative if your date has been in an accident or had another problem, so be prepared to change the subject to something light if this is the case. If not, you might hear some funny and charming responses that offer opportunities for getting closer.

12. What really makes you laugh?

@felipeesparzacomedian / Instagram

Laughter doesn’t just make us healthy, it helps us bond and can lead to passion and joy. Learning what your date thinks is hilarious could be perfect. What if it turns out you two are both big Felipe Esparza fans?

13. What are you superstitious about?

@xeniabydesign / Instagram

This could be a great chance to get closer — especially if you ask it while you’re walking somewhere together. Does your date believe that the evil eye will keep bad spirits away? Do they think if they put their purse on the floor an evil spirit will take their money? You can laugh and find out new superstitions — again, getting closer.

14. Which kind of chile do you like best?

@lucianoleonphotography / Instagram

This is a subtle way of getting heat into your conversation. You can talk about all different kinds of chiles, from the ones your Tio grew in his back yard to Tajin. Chile and passion are a natural fit.

15. Boxers/briefs or thongs/bikinis?

@caulfeildhq / Instagram

If things are going really well, you might try this cheeky question. Many Latinas aren’t going to tell you straight up, guys, but then again, maybe they will! If you get another answer, it could be intriguing … like nothing at all!

16. What is your favorite memory of things you did with your primos?

@fabianflorez12 / Instagram

A lot of us have crazy stories about the things our primos did to us growing up. My primos convinced me if I went up on the roof at midnight in a bikini I could get a moontan. This question can bring you closer to your date with laughter and intimacy.

17. Which new food have you tried recently that you really liked?

@buzzfeedtasty / Instagram

Be sure to encourage your date to talk about taste and texture with this question. If you’re enjoying a good meal, hopefully, your date will say they like what they’re eating! Arousing the senses of taste, smell, and vision encourages passionate responses.

18. Which kind of music do you love to dance to?

@greenhedi / Instagram

If you don’t dance, then ask which music they like to relax to or work out to.  If you’re an experienced dancer and your date isn’t, this is the perfect opportunity to get closer.

19. When do you feel most at ease with yourself?

@casehawkins / Instagram

Whether it’s playing basketball with amigos or cooking dinner for family and friends, you will learn the most natural thing that makes your date feel comfortable. If passion is your goal, putting your date at ease is essential.

20. I told you a secret … what secret can you tell me?

@richsingle.dating.match / Instagram

Tell your date a secret that isn’t too heavy or negative — but make it a secret with some spice that invites their curiosity and interest. The secret could involve something intimate, but don’t get into too many details. Make the secret mirror the passion you plan to share with your date if the two of you are simpatico.

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