Funny Girl Salice Rose Makes Videos For Latina BFFs — And You’ll Want To Share Them With Your Mejor Amiga Right Now

Your BFF — the one who you call when you feel like your world is shattering, that person who encourages you to be the best version of yourself and who you can be your truest self around. She’s also the loca who somehow gets you into the wildest situations, has video proof of your drunken scandals and forces you into double dates with someone you’d never give play to — like ever! — just so they can get some.

She drives you nuts, but you literally wouldn’t replace your best nena for the world.

Peruana funny girl Salice Rose understands the special dynamic. The social media influencer makes short videos on Instagram that homegirls can relate to, from gassing your BFF’s life while taking the perfect photo of her, to reminding her that she’s way more poppin’ than her ex’s new boo to highlighting all the differences between y’all that make you wonder how tf you two are even so close.

Here, some of Salice Rose’s hella relatable bestie vids, just ‘cause we love our girlfriends.

1. When her pain is your pain.

You don’t ever have to struggle alone, girl.

2. You can count on her to get the perfect angle, lighting and pose for the photo you’re about to send to your crush.

“Yesssss, just like that. They’re gonna die. You’re literally a goddess, and your radiance is going to kill them.”


3. When you have to push ya girl to make a move on her crush.

She’s a baddie, so you know she’s worrying for no reason.

4. Making songs on-the-spot to gas her life.

When she sings “hija de tu puta madre” it has an entirely different meaning.

5. When you’re not talking, but you still can’t stop laughing because LOL you know why.

There’s literally nothing worth laughing about except that you two can’t stop laughing — for no reason.

6. When she’s annoyingly overprotective, but you love her anyway.

“Don’t mess with my girl. I’ma be the one to break it to ya.”

7. When she thinks she can have more than one BFF.

Hahaha, mami. That’s not how this friendship works.

8. When you accept your girl and all your putivities.

“I ain’t mad at cha. Got nothin’ but love for ya. Do your thing, puti.”

9. The boba friend who never knows what’s going on.


10. When your wardrobes are entirely different and you wonder how tf you’re homies.

“I would never go out like that, but you look great!”

11. When she reminds you that your ex can’t get any better than you.

“LOLOLOL, want to laugh? Did you see who she’s dating now?!”

12. You know THE song that’ll get your girl to lose control.

Sometimes you love it, other times you’re dying for it to just stop.

13. Making nerve-racking moments more stressful — but in a good way.

Trust me, we’ll laugh about this later.

14. Sorry, Becky. You’re just not Bey.

It’s not you; it’s just that you’re not her.

15. When you’re calm and she’s, well, not.

How do we even enjoy each other’s company?

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