For Years My Mom Wouldn’t Let Me Use A Tampon Because Permanecer Pura

credit: CW / bluegrassfarma / Instagram

Dale, we’re going to have the period talk. And not the one that your mother never gave you. Vamos a hablar en all the ridiculous superstitions and period stigmas de nuestras mamis and how it’s affected us growing up. I’ll start. Beginning at age eight or nine, my mom and tías suddenly got a magical glint in their eye telling me que ‘any day now, you’ll get your period and become a woman and get your own tetas.’ K.

That’s it. That’s all the info I got until the day I got my period, with years of buildup, and then the true horror of it all sunk in. This isn’t just one magical glow-up day, like in the Sims? I just feel like mierda for five days and then it happens *cada mes* until I’m una viejita?!

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