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Best 20 Party Destinations in Latin America & the Caribbean

Traveling with your girlfriends is definitely one of the best parts of life, and when summer comes around, all we can think about is having a really incredible time. If you’re anything like me, then you’re pretty much needing a getaway ASAP — and what’s a better getaway than one of the top party destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean? This is where you can soak up life and, more specifically, the nightlife while dancing the night away. In fact, you can even dance until dawn and nobody will judge you for it.

From obvious cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to unique surprises like El Agua and Asunción, here are the 20 best party destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. There is much to do and see in all of these cities, so make sure you book yourself adequate time to enjoy the food, the drinks, the beaches, the warm weather, the gorgeous nature, and all of the clubbing your heart desires. A week in paradise is all I ask for, and these places are surely the best to start.

1. Medellín, Colombia

PHOTO: lomejordemedellin/Instagram

This Colombian city is a rising up for the young and hip, and a phenomenal nightlife destination on its own. It attracts tons of young singles who love salsa and are eager to go to the country’s top clubs, bars, and tons of music venues. You’ll be dancing until the early morning hours, so be prepared to NOT sleep.

2. Valparaíso, Chile

PHOTO: valparaiso/instagram

Head here for New Year’s and you will surely have one hell of a celebration. The fireworks on the beach where thousands gather are amazing, but you can head here any time of year for plenty of nightlife. There are tons of beachside clubs and you’ll have an insanely fun time drinking pisco sours until dawn.

3. Rio de Jainero, Brazil

PHOTO: trilhandomontanhas/Instagram

The Brazilian party capital is known to be a party destination, from New Year’s Eve to everything in between. It’s a huge celebration year-round here with the nightlife scene being varied and interesting. Some of the top clubs play trance music, but you can also find smaller clubs that are more intimate and absolutely aAH-mazing.

4. Antigua, Guatemala

PHOTO: jossecoronado/Instagram

There’s a magic air to this city that is nestled at the feet of three volcanoes, but it’s the technicolored buildings and cobblestone streets that attract visitors. If you want to party rowdy, then this is where the action is. There are hot springs for hiking and plenty of action that will secure the party-lover in you.

5. Punta del Este, Uruguay

PHOTO: bridetour/Instagram

This gorgeous little beach city is the Monaco of South America, dotted with a harbor that has amazing yachts and luxury casinos. This is one of the most exclusive (and yes, expensive) areas in Uruguay and is a favorite holiday for rich Argentine and Brazilians. But if you want to party with the rich, famous, and beautiful, here’s where to go.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

PHOTO: luija_85/Instagram

Although Puerto Rico is still recovering after Hurricane Maria, this LGBTQ-friendly destination is perfect for any type of travel. You can do a bit of good by heading there with your girlfriends and contributing to the local economy, and you will have plenty of clubs (including some that feature go-go boys and male strippers) to dance in.

7. Montañita, Ecuador

PHOTO: kiwimontanita/Instagram

This Ecuadorian city is known to have all-night parties that end when people still out from the bars, discos, and restaurants onto the street. It’s grown in popularity over the past few years, especially since bars are open daily while clubs are only Thursday through Sunday. But you’ll still find a party every single night, so stay away if you aren’t ready for noise and tons of fun.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

PHOTO: buenosaires/Instagram

Argentina is known to have a mix of European and South American cultures, and an incredible passion for dance that means the capital city has an incredibly lively nightlife. There’s tons of fashion, so if you’re heading here, make sure to bring your best heels. You’ll also find swinging jazz clubs and tango or salsa classes. 

9. Máncora, Peru

PHOTO: puertopalos_peru/Instagram

Máncora is a small town located on the northern coast of Peru that has been booming because of its great surfing. However, there’s also been massive growth lately in the number of bars and clubs available, and there’s basically a party every night of the week. If you want a quiet night, stay away!

10. Granada, Nicaragua

PHOTO: nairuy/Instagram

This Nicaraguan city sparkles with Old World architecture (after all, it was named for a city in the south of Spain) and New World hedonism. You’ll find bars everywhere, where you can drink plenty of that famous Nicaraguan rum and walk down the cobbled streets through gorgeous buildings and old churches. 

11. La Paz, Bolivia

PHOTO: uncle.travellin.matt/Instagram

You’re well above sea level in this Bolivian capital, so remember that when you drink since it means that the liquor will go to your head quicker than usual. There are plenty of slick nightclubs where you can get hot and sweaty, though you can also find world-class bars, swank cafes, and great restaurants.

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12. Acapulco, Mexico

PHOTO: visitacapulco/Instagram

There are many beautiful towns on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, but this one is known to show young people a good time. There’s also upscale nightclubs, some tried-and-true favorites, and plenty of places where you can pull a wild all-nighter if that’s your thing. And, if you’re coming here to party, isn’t it?

13. Cartagena, Colombia

PHOTO: rolandojab/Instagram

This dazzling city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia has plenty to offer for party seekers and tourists alike. There are colorful houses, a quaint old town, and a walled city… but what you really want to know about is that the nightlife and warm weather is ideal for travel. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful beaches?

14. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

PHOTO: ubdreams/Instagram

Costa Rica is a beautiful place, and Tamarindo is a rare mix of locals and travelers who come here and end up staying. There’s plenty of surfers to love it here, but the town itself has great bars and restaurants that allows this little city to have amazing weekend parties. There are beachfront pars and parties that spill out onto the streets and, well, don’t stop till dawn.

15. Panama City, Panama

PHOTO: zulay_rojas/Instagram

Come to Panama City and have a grand old time, especially if you’re heading here with your girls for a bachelorette party. You can grab food and drinks all over town, rent a sailboat complete with cocktails, or check out the local club scene. Just make sure that you are ready to dance, dance, dance.

16. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

PHOTO: paullantigua/Instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance meringue, then you NEED to head to the Dominican Republic’s party capital of Santo Domingo. It’s a great city that has beautiful markets as well as hot lounges, dance clubs, and casinos. You will have tons to do, especially if you want to embrace food, music, dance, and love of life.

17. El Agua, Venezuela

PHOTO: mi_amadavenezuela/Instagram

This city on the island of Margarita is just a short distance off the coast of Venezuela, but it’s a magical place that has one of Latin America’s most impressive beaches that are plenty of fun to enjoy during the night. but the town also becomes lively during the evening, with a series of bars and clubs along with a strip offering great drinks and even better music for a Spring Break-like party atmosphere all year round.

18. Asunción, Paraguay

PHOTO: arnaldoandres32/Instagram

The capital of Paraguay is a beautiful destination for travelers that are looking to check out historical colonial buildings during the day and then party during the night. There’s what seems to be an endless supply of nightclubs, cheap drinks to buy, and fellow ladies that will want to dance as much as you do.

19. Lima, Peru

PHOTO: sankooxo/Instagram

Lima is known to be the perfect destination for foodies since the city is chock full of absolutely incredible restaurants. But the good news is that there is plenty of nightlife here, too, and most places are open until all hours of the night. That’s what vacation is for, though, good food and good entertainment, amirite?

20. Cancún, Mexico

PHOTO: rgiacominif/Instagram

Mexico has plenty of gorgeous places to visit and you’ll surely fall in love with Riviera Maya pretty quickly. But if you’re looking for a place to party with your girlfriends, then head to Cancún for a super fun time. The aqua blue Caribbean sea won’t be the only thing you love here as you explore the many nightclubs and party destinations in this tropical paradise.

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Women In Mexico Have Started Their Own #MeToo Movement


Women In Mexico Have Started Their Own #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo Movement has arrived in Mexico.

Last week, a young activist tweeted that an esteemed writer had beaten or raped more than 10 women, with her post inspiring hundreds of others to speak out about violence and harassment in their industries.

Ana G. González, a 29-year-old political communications consultant, tweeted on March 21 that Herson Barona had “beaten, manipulated, gaslighted, impregnated, and abandoned (on more than one occasion) more than 10 women.” While she didn’t experience the violence firsthand, she said that women had asked her to speak out on their behalf.

“I knew several women that were just too afraid and not ready to come forth, but allowed me to speak for them and name this person,” González told the New York Times.

Barona denied the accusations, saying “I understand that there is collective pain surrounding the real cases of so many beaten, raped and murdered women” and “unfortunately, in public scorn there is little space for discussion, clarity or conciliation.”

His response didn’t slow down the derision he, and others who have been recently been accused of gender violence and harassment, received on the social network, however.

Since González’s tweet, more allegations have followed under the hashtag #MeTooEscritores, where women are sharing their stories of abuse in film, academia, the nonprofit sector, business, law, theater, medicine, politics and more.

Some women, fearing a backlash from their jobs or their perpetrator, are speaking anonymously or not sharing their attacker’s name. But others, who shared details in their accounts, have caught the attention of the attorney general’s office in the state of Michoacán, which is investigating information published on social media by a network of journalists that “includes acts that Mexican laws consider as crimes.”

Last year, during the height of the #MeToo movement in the US, Mexican actress Karla Souza, famous for her role as Laurel Castillo on the US legal drama television series How to Get Away With Murder, disclosed that she was raped by a director while working in Mexico. She chose to not share the name of her aggressor, which incited skepticism and criticism from many, sending a message to those who might have wanted to open up about their experience with workplace violence or harassment that they, too, could risk similar reprisal.

“When you see how these women have been treated publicly, it makes perfect sense many victims want to protect themselves by staying anonymous,” González said. “Let’s just hope this time it will be different.”

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Mixe Author Yásnaya Aguilar Says Mexican Government Killed Off Indigenous Languages In Powerful Speech


Mixe Author Yásnaya Aguilar Says Mexican Government Killed Off Indigenous Languages In Powerful Speech

Indigenous languages are often characterized as archaic, a connection to a past life, certainly not thriving cultures and communities that exist in a modern society. But this mentality isn’t just wrong; it’s also dangerous.

In a powerful speech delivered by Mixe author Yásnaya Aguilar to Mexico’s Congress last month, the writer explains that in the country, where indigenous languages are largely viewed as backwards, the state has killed off certain tongues.

“Our languages don’t die out, they’re killed off,” she said. “The Mexican state has erased them with its singular thinking, its [promotion of] a single culture, a single state. It was Mexico that took our Indigenous languages, [Mexico] erases and silences us. Even though the laws have changed, it continues to discriminate against us within its educational, health, and judicial systems.”

According to Aguilar, known for works like “Nosotros sin México: Naciones Indígenas y Autonomía” and “#Ayuujk: ¿Lenguas Útiles y Lenguas Inútiles,” by making Spanish, a language forced on the people of the region five centuries ago by Spain, the most important tongue of the nation, the state has created a culture where language discrimination can flourish.

“Languages are important, but their speakers are even more important,” she added. “Languages die because their speakers are subjected to discrimination and violence.”

For Aguilar, the country would thrive if it recognized the beauty and strengths, rather than challenges, that come with a multicultural society.

“Being Mexican is a legal status, it’s not a cultural status,” she added.

Watch Aguilar’s thoughtful speech in its entirety in the video above.

(h/t Remezcla)

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