Best 20 Party Destinations in Latin America & the Caribbean

Traveling with your girlfriends is definitely one of the best parts of life, and when summer comes around, all we can think about is having a really incredible time. If you’re anything like me, then you’re pretty much needing a getaway ASAP — and what’s a better getaway than one of the top party destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean? This is where you can soak up life and, more specifically, the nightlife while dancing the night away. In fact, you can even dance until dawn and nobody will judge you for it.

From obvious cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to unique surprises like El Agua and Asunción, here are the 20 best party destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. There is much to do and see in all of these cities, so make sure you book yourself adequate time to enjoy the food, the drinks, the beaches, the warm weather, the gorgeous nature, and all of the clubbing your heart desires. A week in paradise is all I ask for, and these places are surely the best to start.

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