Demi Lovato Is Global Citizen’s Newest Mental Health Ambassador And What Inspired Her To Work With Children In Iraq Might Make You Tear Up

It’s easy to love Demi Lovato. Over the years she’s proven herself to be a true creative genius and bridged a career as a successful actress, musician and activist. She’s never shied away from speaking out about her struggles with bipolar disorder, body image, and self-harm. Throughout the course of her career she’s managed to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with and a true advocate for mental health issues. Just when we thought that the Latina had done all that she could, she hit us with some news.

Earlier this past week, Demi Lovato graciously announced her new role as Global Citizen’s Newest Mental Health Ambassador on Instagram.

For real, this girl doesn’t just hit the trifecta, she is the definition of. Take notes.


In her post to fans, Lovato explained her strong desire to work with “vulnerable communities” across the globe and at the moment touch the lives of Iraqi children in particular.

…with [Global Citizen’s] support and our combined platforms, I will be able to further my work around some of the issues I deeply care about as it relates to mental health and well-being around the world.

The singer went on to explain the moment she felt compelled to help Iraqi youth.

In October 2016, I, along with my friend and partner Mike Bayer, went to Kurdistan to visit one of the biggest refugee camps in the world. The experience of meeting with some of the displaced families, and my encounter with a very young girl who told me all she wants is to just be happy (what a simple and yet completely out of reach wish), will stay with me for the rest of my life…The trauma that displaced families and children all around the world feel from losing not only their homes, but also some of the people closest to them, is unfathomable and has long lasting impacts. My hope is that this program can bring at bit of comfort to those who need the most. This isn’t about politics or race or religion. It’s simply about humanity and protecting one another.

The “Sorry Not Sorry,” singer broke her silence about her fight against mental health in 2015. Since then, Lovato has worked to support fans and fellow artists battling with their own mental health issues. Last year, she spoke on the importance of mental health awareness at the Democratic National Convention. And her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. She’s been the recipient of numerous awards for her advocacy including the GLAAD Vanguard Award and the Artistic Award of Courage,

Super pumped to see what other mental health-related work Lovato has planned! There’s no doubt there’s quite a bit of room for her help in so many communities.


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