Fans Of Ronda Rousey Are Talking About Her Incredible Journey Of Battling Addiction And Family Tragedy To Be The Ultimate Champion

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Ronda Rousey packs a mean punch and fans can’t get enough of it. In the lead up to her upcoming RAW Women’s Championship competition, outlets are reporting on the fascinating life and journey of Ronda Rousey the mixed martial arts and judoka wrestler of Venezuelan descent.

In a now-viral video of the wrestler’s life and career, fans are getting a bit of insight into the Raw Women’s Champion.


The Latest Video about Rousey’s life paints the wrestler as a woman whose ridden out the highs and lows of her career ambitions with great force.

According to the video, Rousey whose maternal grandfather was of Afro-Venezuelan descent grew up in a household where her mother was a decorated judo fighter. According to sources, her mother was the first American to win a World Judo Championship and helped Rousey to train at a young age. In the early years of her life, Rousey struggled to overcome a speech sound disorder called apraxia which was occurred after she was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. In 1995, when the wrestler was eight, Rousey witnessed her father break his back during a sledding accident. After learning that he would be a paraplegic, he committed suicide and Rousey was left without her father.

Rousey began a promising career as a judo fighter at the age of eleven.

Rousey became the youngest judo fighter at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 but lost in her first match. Four years later, she competed at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China and qualified for a Bronze medal. Still, soon after her big win, she ran out of her prize money and her life began to spiral out of control. It didn’t take long for her to turn to alcohol and to develop a Vicodin habit that ultimately saw her sleeping in her car between shifts at a bar she worked at. Fortunately, martial arts quickly became a refuge for Rousey once again and in August 2010 she made her MMA debut. The fight lasted for only a few seconds, but Rousey won and soon became a phenomenon in the women’s league. She soon became a fighter for UFC and in 2015 her fame saw her make an appearance in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Around this time, Rousey was a loved fighter. In 2015, however, Rousey fought in UFC 193 in 2015 where she was knocked out in the second round and became her first loss. A year later she lost another fight to Amanda Nunez. At the time, Rousey admitted she had hit a truly low point when she told outlets she’d considered suicide. This past year she came out strong. In January she made her debut at WWE’s wrestle mania where she became a Raw women’s champion.


Check out the full video about Rousey’s career below!

The Genesis Of Ronda Rousey

The WWE's Ronda Rousey has overcome addiction, personal demons, and family tragedy in her career — here's how she became the face of women's wrestling

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