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The New Face Of CoverGirl Is Dominicana And She’s Everything

Injecting diversity into the beauty scene seems to be the name of the game for the CoverGirl brand these days. And it’s something we’re totally here for. The makeup brand has been shaking up what the beauty industry has looked like for the past few years now. They’ve featured more women of color, women with disabilities, men, and women of different sizes.

CoverGirl’s newest face is proof that beauty is strength. Even cooler, it’s Afro-Latina.

Fitness guru, Massy Arias, joined CoverGirl and she’s proving athleticism can be the most ultimate form of beauty.

The Dominican beauty has been vocal with her fans about her decision to muscle up to fight a bout of mental illness. After moving to the U.S. at the age of 13, Arias slid into depression as she struggled to learn the English language and discovered her brother had cancer. At her lowest point, Arias told PopSugar, she weighed 114 lbs. “I used exercise as a drug — as a form of relieving or curing my depression,” Arias has said of her personal fitness journey.

Becoming a CoverGirl is a dream come true for Arias whose hopes of representing the brand started as a young girl watching America’s Next Top Model.

I remember watching America's next top model growing up as a young girl. Dreaming of a chance to experience for just one minute what it'd be like to take pictures with pretty makeup and pretend I was a model… A Covergirl. Oh, but did I ever believe I would one day become one. It's extremely humbling now to be in a position where I can possibly inspire young girls and women around the world. Follow @covergirl to join me on this exciting new journey!#COVERGIRLMADE This one is for you my tribe! I am a @Covergirl ???? _____________________________________________________________ Recuerdo cuando adolescente ver el show de America’s Next Top Model. Soñando con una oportunidad de por un minuto saber lo que sería tomar fotos con maquillaje bonito y fingir que era un modelo … ganarme el premio de ser una Covergirl. Oh, pero alguna vez me había creído que algún día me convertiría en una. Con muchísimo honor me siento de estar en una posición donde posiblemente pueda inspirar a jóvenes y mujeres de todo el mundo. Sigan @covergirl para unirse a mí en este emocionante nuevo viaje! # COVERGIRLMADE

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Arias wrote about never fathoming she could one day become a CoverGirl ambassador as a young girl. Let alone have the opportunity to inspire and motivate girls like herself across the globe.

These days, Arias is a personal fitness trainer with a dedicated Instagram following of 2.3 million strong.

If you have a dream you must chase it, you must protect it, and believe that you are capable and worthy enough to achieve it. In fact, giving up isn't an option. Some might have to work harder than others, but this journey is your journey and you can't lose focus on how you get there or how long it'll take you, doing so will only regress the progress you have made already. There will be obstacles, you will make mistakes, but along that journey you will also learn how to be better, how to work more efficiently, and how to get back up even stronger. "YOU NEVER LOSE, EITHER YOU WIN OR YOU LEARN". How bad do you want it? How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to get where you want to be? Some dream, but you….you will make it HAPPEN! SO GET UP AND GO CHASE LIFE… For my fitness programs visit ?? WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #childofgod #ma30day #beastmode _____________________________________________________________ Si tienes un sueño tienes que perseguirlo, tienes que protegerlo, y creer que eres capaz y lo suficientemente digno para lograrlo. De hecho, renunciar no es una opción . Alguno tienen que trabajar más que otros, pero esta jornada es tuya y puedes perder el enfoque en cómo vas llegar a tu meta o el tiempo que te llevará, hacerlo sería sólo una regresión del progreso que ya has logrado. Habrá obstáculos, se cometen errores , pero a lo largo de ese viaje también aprendenras a ser mejor, a trabajar más eficiente , y cómo levantarte de una caída aún más fuerte que nunca. "NUNCA PIERDES, O GANAS, O APRENDES DE LAS LECCIONES QUE NOS DA LA VIDA" ¿Qué tanto quieres lograr esa meta? ¿Cuánto estás dispuesto a sacrificar para llegar a donde quieres estar ? Algunos sueñan , pero tú …. Tú vas a lograrlo! Así que levántate y ve a perseguir tu meta! #hijadecristo

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She shares tips and tricks with her audience via her Instagram 4 week workout plan, MA30DAY. Oh yeah, and since she’s nailed down the whole English thing, she communicates with fans in both of her fluent languages. She’s also a huge advocate for smashing judgment over wearing makeup at the gym.

 “It’s really a personal choice, and I wish there wan’t so much judgment around it.”

#Ad When you think you have one outfit then realize your #C9 leggings from @target are reversible ? okay dolls told you I was going to show you these sassy leggings. These are high waisted and also come in this fuchsia color I'm also obsessed with. They fit true to size and the fit is incredible. What do you guys think? If you own these snap a picture and tag me in it. Show me how you wear these…do I smell a giveaway? Get ready dolls because I'm going to be doing some awesome giveaways soon! #anewkindofstrong #c9attarget #childofgod #ootd ______________________________________________________________ Cuando crees que solo tienes un vesturario y te das cuenta que tus leggings de #c9 De @target son reversibles ? okay mis reinas les dije que les iba a mostrar estás leggings reversibles y aquí están. Yo digo que todas las leggings deberían ser así para yo no gastarme un dineral. Pero estás leggings son de cintura alta y vienen en un fuchsia súper bonito Que creen, les gusta? Algunas de ustedes tienen estás mismas leggings? Les digo que por ahí vienen muchos retos con giveaways de mis vestuarios completos. Así que prepárense ? #hijadecristo

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In an interview with Allure about her CoverGirl debut, Arias says when it comes to makeup at the gym it’s her prerogative. “It’s really a personal choice, and I wish there wan’t so much judgment around it. If the flick of a cat-eye or a brick red lip gives you some extra motivation and feeling of, ‘I got this,’ why not go for it? CoverGirl’s belief that you can wear makeup when, where, and however you want is really about personal transformation — just like fitness.”

Dang, girl. Put that on a camiseta.

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People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners


People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners

Yes, we know. Makeup maven Kat Von D has been long been on the outs with fans who once adored her. In addition to the slew of offenses stacked up against her, Von D’s recent declaration that she would not be vaccinating her son after his birth certainly has not done her any favors.

Now, the tattoo artists’ latest controversy means she’s enduring another fall from her fans’ graces.

Beauty enthusiasts are currently accusing Von D of scamming them out of their money with the Trooper Tattoo Liner

Cheyenne Vaughan / Facebook

At the end of last month, Facebook user Cheyenne Vaughan accused Von D’s makeup brand of “putting a sample-size eyeliner into a longer-shell tube,” and then selling it to customers for “triple the price.”

Vaughan shared a photo of the eyeliner in her post that showed the dismantled product in three pieces. One was a long tube, the other a cartridge that holds the actual product, and the last piece: a cap.

“Yall I’m about to lose my mind right now,” Vaughan wrote in the post. “Kat von D really been putting a sample size eyeliner into a longer shell tube and selling to my dumb ass for triple the price. I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND RIGHT NOW.”

Facebook users who saw the post were quick to respond to Vaughan.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” wrote on user.

Others came to Von D’s defense, asking Vaughan to support her claims with actual facts.

“Did you actually make sure this is factual, by weighing the amount of liquid in each one? I didn’t think so. Wtf is wrong with people??”

And of course, many didn’t waste time in bringing up the fact that Von D is anti-vaccinations.

“Y’all need to stop supporting the anti-Vaxer,” one wrote.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” replied another.

Six thousand shares of the post later, and Von D responded with her defense.

@thekatvond / Instagram

In a post to her Instagram account, Von D asserted that she wasn’t cheating customers. In fact, according to her, while the cartridge is the same size for every liner, the amount of ink inside of it differs depending on the liner size.

“The cartridges in both full size liners and mini liners are the same — it’s the amount of product inside each cartridge that is different. So, for example, the product fill on our full size Tattoo Liner is 0.55 ml, while the product fill for the mini is 0.2 ml – thats over DOUBLE the amount of product! Any brand who has an eyeliner with similar component on the market will tell you the same thing. You need that much cartridge space for the pigment to flow out,” she wrote.

See for yourself in the comments section of Von D’s post on whether or commenters are satisfied. Hint: people remain stanning their anti-Vanti-ant-vaxx position.

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Selena Quintanilla’s Family Is Creating A Makeup Line In Celebration Of The Tejana Queen


Selena Quintanilla’s Family Is Creating A Makeup Line In Celebration Of The Tejana Queen

This just in: the late Selena Quintanilla is getting her very own makeup line. I know what you’re thinking: hasn’t this been done before? But no, actually, it hasn’t. While big brands have had Selena-inspired collections, this will be the first full line, and it’s coming straight from the Quintanilla family.

According to The Blast, the queen of Tejano music’s family is launching “Selena Vive,” a full cosmetics line that will include lipsticks, eye makeup, foundations, nail polish, perfume and accessories.

The late singer’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, is also preparing to trademark the name “Selenaville,” what fans have nicknamed the museum dedicated to the star in Corpus, Christi, Texas, for a possible other cosmetics line.

While a release date hasn’t been set yet for either line, fans are already celebrating.

In 2016, MAC released its Selena collection, which sold out promptly. A year later, Forever 21 similarly starting selling Selena merch.

News of the late singer’s official line comes after Netflix announced they would be working with the Quintanilla family to produce a series on Selena’s life.

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