A Shop Owner Complained About Graffiti On The Walls Of Her Store And This Teen Created A Mural On It To Empower Women

It took a total of 603 hours to paint the mural. Finally, after all the paint brushes were put away, 15-year-old Isabel Peinado created a piece of art many are saying is working to inspire the community of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles. The mural has been catching the attention of various news outlets around Los Angeles and earned her a Girl Scouts Gold Award— Scouts of Greater Los Angeles’s greatest honor.

Peinado’s mural, titled “Empowerment,” portrays 16 famous women who made their mark on history.

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The mural includes the faces of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, painter Frida Kahlo, the feminist nun For Juana Inez de la Cruz, Mae Jamison— the first African-American woman astronaut to enter space, and Princess Diana.

For Peinado, creating the mural was an opportunity to give back to her community and encourage them to celebrate women’s empowerment.

“I hope this mural inspires little girls to choose any profession or calling they decide,” Peinado told NBC4.

To complete the mural, Peinado spent seven days a week at the site painting the wall that rests on the side of the neighborhood grocery store, Ray & Roy’s Market. It also quickly became a neighborhood passion project of sorts.

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Peinado was inspired to create the mural after walking through Boyle Heights and seeing all of its colorful displays of wall art. After getting into contact with the city councilman Jose Huizar, who’d been contacted by the owner of Ray & Roy’s about constant gang graffiti that appeared on its wall, Peinado was given permission to create the mural.

Initially, the high school sophomore was considering a mural that featured only Latinas, but ultimately realized the importance of including a more diverse group.

CREDIT: Credit: mitú

“I want women of all different races to feel they’re represented,” Peinado told Boyle Heights Beat. “I want them to know that anything is possible if you are passionate, hardworking, and dedicated to doing what you love.”

Peinado’s mural is located on the corner of 4th and Camulos street and on the side wall of Ray & Roy’s Market.


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