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20 Latino-Made Wines For Your Next Girls Night

With the increased focus on shopping at Latino-owned businesses, you won’t be surprised to find that there are dozens of wineries owned by former migrant workers and children of immigrants to supply your next bottle. These 20 Latino-made wines are sure to be a hit at your next girls night in Stop by if you’re ever in Napa Valley, or sign up to have a case delivered – you’ll be set for the holiday season!

Ceja Vineyards

Credit: @CejaVineyards / Instagram

In 1967, Pablo Ceja, his wife, and their six children moved from Mexico to Northern California. Four more children and 15 years later, two of his sons led the way to purchase 15 acres of their own land to make the family’s dream of owning a winery a reality. Now spanning 113 acres, Ceja Vineyards is still a fully family-run operation that produces red, white, rose, and dessert wines for all palates.

Mi Sueño Winery

Credit: MiSuenoWinery / Instagram

With a motto of “si se puede,” you know this place puts all of their heart and soul into their wines. Lorena and Rolando Herrera founded the winery the same year they got married and have spent the more than 20 years since then nurturing their dream. The winery’s 1999 Los Carneros Chardonnay was served at White House dinner honoring then-president Vicente Fox of Mexico in 2001.

Fathia Vineyards

Credit: @FathiaVineyards / Instagram

Formerly known as Fausta Family Vineyards, this winery changed its name to Fathia – which means victorious – to honor the people whose hard work and friendship allowed Fausta Franco-Guerrero and her family to make their dreams a reality. Franco-Guerrero grew up in the Sonoma Valley and knew she never wanted to leave, so when she met a man who felt the same way, they got married and got started on building their vineyard. Fathia focuses primarily on red wines, though their Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat wines are all worth a look, as well.

Madrigal Family Winery

Credit: @MadrigalFamilyWinery / Instagram

Madrigal Family Winery is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It’s being run by the third generation of the Madrigal family in the U.S. and produces about 6,000 cases of wine per year, specializing in single-vineyard and estate wines. Visitors can grab a cheese plate with their wine tasting or sit down for a full lunch spread right between the vines.

Gustavo Wine

Credit: @GustavoWine / Instagram

Gustavo Brambila is the son of a migrant vineyard worker and winery mechanic. He was one of the first Latino graduates of UC Davis’s oenology program and keeps close to traditional, old-world winemaking techniques. Brambila was portrayed in the movie Bottle Shock, which tells the story of how California wines went up against European powerhouses in competition and won.

Guillen Family Wines

Credit: @GuillenFamilyWines / Instagram

Unlike most wineries on this list, the Guillen Family Wines organization has their roots in Oregon. Jesus Guillen arrived in Oregon in 2002 with the goal of learning English and using his computer systems engineering degree, but two tastes of incredible wines led him to become a winemaker. Now, he and his family are creating their own Pinot Noir wines at affordable price points.

Alex Sotelo Cellars

Credit: @CellarMistress / Instagram

Alex Sotelo breathed the fresh air of Napa Valley and knew that something special awaited him there. Though he knew nothing about winemaking, he studied English, the arts, and viticulture in college and eventually released his first wine under his own label. His Seven Stars Moscato is named for his seven sisters.

Marita’s Vineyard

Credit: @MaritasVineyard / Instagram

Marita’s Vineyard was founded by Bulmaro Montes, who simply couldn’t leave the winemaking life after his retirement as Vice President of Operations for Joseph Phelps Vineyards. His sons helped him start the operation in 2001, and it is named for Montes’ youngest daughter, Mara. The family-owned vineyard offers wine tastings accompanied with Spanish tapas for guests.

Robledo Family Winery

Credit: @RobledoFamilyWinery / Instagram

Reynaldo Robledo purchased 14 vineyards in California’s wine country area to found the first winery established by a former Mexican migrant worker. The winery produces a range of white, red, and dessert wines as well as olive oil. Robledo and his family consider their grapes treasures that allow them to express the passion and love they have for their home.

Voces Cellars

Credit: @VocesCellars / Instagram

Fernando Candelario makes small batches of wine from premium vineyards to create truly unique wines that tell the story of the land on which they were made. Candelario prides himself on running a company based on passion, hard work, and simple operation principles that allow him to dedicate his time to his goal of making great wines. The company produces primarily red wines.

Quintessa Vineyards

Credit: @Matthew_Singer / Instagram

Quintessa’s gorgeous, 160-acre property is home to several varieties of wine. The winery offers several tasting experiences, from a simple, sit-down lesson to a grand tour of the grounds, including the caves and gravity-flow winery. Described as “exceptional” and “graceful,” these are definitely bottles for a special occasion.

Maldonado Vineyards

Credit: @MaldonadoFamilyVineyards / Instagram

Lupe Maldonado is a former migrant worker who went from days in the vineyards to owning his own 10-acre plot. He and his son, Hugo, oversee the entire winemaking process while also running a small vineyard management company. The winery’s Farm Worker label honors Lupe’s roots, and its wine club can set you up with quarterly shipments of Chardonnay and more.

Bodega De Edgar

Credit: @BodegaDeEdgar / Instagram

Edgar Torres began his career in food and drink as a waiter, where he learned about wines and their creation. He founded Bodega de Edgar in 2007 with just 250 cases of wine, a number that has exploded to 2,500 cases per year. Torres focuses on creating delicious yet affordable wines, though his latest release is yet to come.

Encanto Vineyards

Credit: @EncantoVineyards / Instagram

Owned by a Mexican immigrant and made by a Sacramento, Calif. native, Encanto sells Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs, and Sauvignon Blancs. The winery strongly believes in balanced wines that are influenced by their climates, making each vintage taste unique. Their wines have won gold medals at the World Wine Championships, scoring at least 90 points for each win.

José Wine Caves

Credit: @JoseWineCaves / Instagram

Named for a brother who passed away, José Wine Caves is a gorgeous property that includes olive trees, vineyards, and sprawling vistas of California wine country. The company creates a variety of wines from grapes that thrive in hot and rocky areas, such as Aglianico, Montepulciano, Dolceto, Petit Verdot, and Sauvignon Blanc. Jose Wine Caves’ extra virgin olive oil – called Mi Tesoro – makes a perfect pairing.

Tres Perlas

Credit: @TresPerlasWine / Instagram

What began as a vineyard management company eventually developed into a vineyard of its own. Oscar and Denise Renteria work together to implement new vineyard technologies and market their brand, which is named in honor of their three daughters. The company creates elegant and unique wines named for important people and moments in the family’s history.

Herencia Del Valle

Credit: @LatinxWine / Instagram

This winery considers itself “the heritage of the valley,” and it’s easy to see why. With a deep dedication to acknowledging the history of winemaking while continuing to improve and innovate it, Herencia del Valle makes small-batch wines that make an impact. Its award-winning wines have already sold out for this year, but keep an eye out for new allocations.

Delgadillo Cellars

Credit: @DelgadilloCellars / Instagram

After years of working in the wine industry as a cellar master and private vineyard contractor, Ignacio Delgadillo, Sr. and his son founded their own label in 2001. The family owns two vineyards and focuses on making fruit-forward Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Honrama Cellars

Credit: @Honrama.Cellars / Instagram

Miriam Ramirez had a dream: to be a business owner and have her own winery. Now Miriam Puentes, she and her husband, Juan, have made the dream a reality. The name Honrama is a combination of Honorio Ramirez Mata, Miriam’s father’s names. Honrama Cellars offer a variety of affordable reds and whites, along with a wine subscription club in the works.

Llamas Family Wines

Credit: @LlamasFamilyWines / Instagram

This family with migrant worker roots now works in the offices of their own vineyards and winery. Founded by Oscar Llamas in 2009, the winery is a family affair. His wife, Lola, is a wine consultant. Alex Llamas, who worked in the fields as a child alongside his parents, helps source grapes from vineyards farmed by his family. Llamas Family Vineyards releases just a few wines per year. Right now, you can get your hands on a Chardonnay or two vintages of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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FIERCE’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for The 22 People In Your Life

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FIERCE’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for The 22 People In Your Life

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year thanks to the pretty trinkly lights, hot cocoa, cookies everywhere and the smell of Christmas trees all around. But it can also be a stressful time of year because sometimes, despite your best intentions, you just might not know what to get for your family and friends. You love them, sure, but some of them are impossible to shop for.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the internet for the best and most inventive gifts that you can get for everyone in your life. From something for your abuelos to your new boyfriend to your BFF, this is the ultimate FIERCE Christmas Gift Guide for the 22 people in your life. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve even included a bonus gift for all of the people who you might have forgotten about in years past… Because, yes, they deserve a little something too. Happy Holidays!

1. For your mami

The Instant Pot ($79) might just be the perfect present for your mami. It’s a 6-in-1 machine that works as a programmable pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, plus it can sauté, steam and warm. That might really take the pressure off of her (no pun intended) by helping her to make food much quicker and easier. That way you can actually spend time with her more. It’s a win-win!

2. For your papi

This AncestryDNA Kit ($59) might just be perfect for your hard-to-shop-for papi. He’s always talking about where his family comes from and now he can really see it. The best part is that this kit from Amazon is $40 off the original price tag, so it’s kind of a deal too. Don’t be afraid to get YOURSELF one for a Christmas present, too.

3. For your crush

How do you tell someone that you kind of sort of like them? Well, nothing beats chocolate. Period. Specifically, I’m talking about Norman Love Confections dark chocolate espresso bar ($8). They have many different options, including ones with raspberries and cherries plus different varieties of chocolate, but you can’t go wrong with this one that includes espresso in dark chocolate.

4. For your hookup buddy

Sometimes, if you want to keep your relationship strictly platonic but still get a little something-something, you have to send a clear message with your gift. And with the Massage Oil Candle ($14), that message is clear. And that message is: Romance me, massage me and thanks but bye.

5. For your new love

The J.Crew X S’well X charity water bottle ($35) makes for a pretty sweet gift for someone that you haven’t been dating for all that long. You know that you SHOULD get them something but you can’t be sure what. However, this water bottle is great because everyone needs to be more hydrated so it shows that you care without going overboard.

6. For your boyfriend

Your boyfriend has probably been obsessing over the All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet ($80) for a while, amirite? It’s a great device to show him that you truly care and especially that you care about his love of books, television and everything else. Heck, maybe you can even watch your fave HBO Now shows together.

7. For your girlfriend

If you want to let your girlfriend know that you’d like more nights spent snuggling in front of Netflix, then there’s no better gift than the Loop Thread Blanket ($139) from Zara. It’s cozy, perfect and comes in two different colors so that you can pick what is best for her to adorn her home with.

8. For your fiancé

Welcome your fiancé into your life by welcoming them into your bed with this very cool Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Lofty Queen Size Pillow ($99). You’re probably already living together by this point but you can always get comfier in your life together. They will definitely enjoy the added ZZZ’s thanks to this awesome pillow.

9. For your husband/wife

Do you sometimes feel like some of the romance has gone out of your relationship? That’s okay and that’s totally normal but you CAN do something about it. This holiday season, get your husband or wife this limited-edition Adult Advent Calendar Gift Box ($99) from Ella Paradis. It technically says 1-24 in the traditional advent calendar sense but you can do these boxes any time. They each include a sexy surprise and a booklet explaining what to do to make your nights, ahem, a little naughtier.

10. For your sister

Your sis might just fall in love with this Frida Kahlo tote bag ($20). Not only is it adorable but it is obviously the perfect thing to carry around all of her things. Sure, she probably already has 17,000 tote bags but this one is clearly the winner. Don’t worry, we’re sure she will let you borrow it. *wink wink*

11. For your brother

Your brother is going to get a KICK out of this Millennial Loteria ($22) game. It’s just like the game we all know and love except with some really hysterical millennial signs. Now he can totally get everyone in on a game, whether that’s with your family or his friends.

12. For your tia

This one’s for your tia who LOVES hosting #TacoTuesday parties: The Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box ($85). It allows her to keep planning her parties while also making it easier than ever for you to come over and make tacos just like you want them. She will enjoy having all of the different elements for her next taco party.

13. For your tio

The TABLETOPICS Family ($25) card game is pretty perfect for your one tio who is not only a conversation starter but tries to get the entire family in on it. This is a great piece for any family member, really, but I think he will appreciate it most of all. The best part is that it’s the kind of present that is meant to be shared.

14. For your prima

The Scratch Map Deluxe ($32-48) is the ideal gift for your prima who dreams of traveling the world. You can help to encourage her wanderlust with this scratch-off map of the world that helps her mark every country where she’s been and where she plans to go.

15. For your primo

Your primo might just fall in LOVE with this Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote ($40) that will help him watch all of his favorite television shows easier than ever. The even cooler Alexa Voice Remote will have him feeling pretty good about himself, too.

16. For your abuela

What will truly warm abuela’s heart is this Personalized Family Hobby Art ($85-175) print that can be customized for up to 12 family members. Sure, that might not actually fit everyone but do your best and she will enjoy it for a long time. In fact, I’m betting it will adorn her wall for years to come.

17. For your abuelo

For the abuelo that has everything comes this Mini Movie Projector ($60), which promises to help him show his photos and movies with ease. Remember those nights when all he wants to do is have all you grandkids sit around him as he talks about the homecountry? Well, now it’s even easier for him!

18. For your BFF

My Cinema Lightbox Mini LED Marquee Lightbox ($23) is the PERFECT gift for your bestie. You can craft a message for her to start with, perhaps her favorite inspirational quote or a powerful saying that she loves? Afterward, she can use this to inspire her to do good work or just to jot down ideas.

19. For your girlfriends

You can get all of your best lady friends something that will make them totally relax, which is this Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides ($29). I’ve been using this tray for a while and it’s definitely my favorite bathtime product since it not only helps me to relax but also allows me to keep snacks and other goodies nearby when I need a break. Sadly, the cute plate of cherries is not included.

20. For your guy friends

The Codenames Deep Undercover 2.0 ($20) is a great board game for adults and your guy friends will love it. Sure, they’re difficult to shop for but this game is a surefire winner. Next time you’re getting together with your crew, your guy friend will be able to break this out and have everyone roaring with laughter. Trust me on this one.

21. For your professor

These Jumbo Magnetic Fidget Spheres ($13) are an ideal gift for your professor who is totally awesome but needs a bit more decoration on his or her desk. The bonus perk of these is that your professor can fidget a bit while the classroom is listening or otherwise occupied, or even while they are lecturing. It’s a little something they can do and a little something you can give them as a token of your appreciation.

22. For your boss

This Boss Lady Travel Mug ($20) is absolutely the gift you should give to your favorite boss who is so great that you think you might want to work for her forever. Now she can get her coffee on the way to work and carry around with her all day long, which might also keep you from having to fetch it for her. It’s definitely a winner of a gift.

BONUS: 23. For just about anyone else

If you still have people on the list, then why not go for an Indoor Zen Garden Relaxation Kit ($27)? It’s a great gift for pretty much anyone since we could ALL use something to de-stress. That is especially welcome during the holidays but this gift is perfect any time of year to help your loved ones relax.

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Latinx Books For People You May Have Forgotten to Buy Gifts For

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Latinx Books For People You May Have Forgotten to Buy Gifts For

Shopping for gifts for people you don’t regularly spend time with can be a little overwhelming and stressful. Yes, it’s the season of giving but chances are you’ve gone to the store with the intention of buying the gifts you know your nearest and dearest will love and not a clue as what to give to your catsitter watching your little baby while you’re away for the holidays.. This book gift guide is filled with ideas for those people including your hairdresser, neighbor and your significant other’s little sobrina that they’ll surely love. This mix of contemporary novels and classics is for everybody so beware cause (let’s be real) you may just find some books for yourself here too.

For la jefa who knows all about the hustle

The revised edition of the beloved “The New Latina’s Bible: The Modern Latina’s Guide to Love, Spirituality, Family, and La Vida” by Sandra Guzmán comes nearly a decade after the initial book release that became a must-have guide for Latinas. Emmy award-winning journalist Sandra Guzman knows all about what it takes to be a jefa and the work-life balance having also worked as the editor-in-chief of Latina magazine. Your boss will appreciate the range of topics from family to sex to career, all written in Guzman’s characteristic humor and warmth with a healthy dose of personal wisdom. The updated edition includes chapters on timely topics like abuse, interracial love, and gender identity making it as relevant as it is essential.

Buy it here.

For the office manager who gets sh*t done

Managing money is an issue everyone would appreciate help with and “A Latina’s Guide to Money” by Eva Macias is a lesson on how to get it right. Office managers are obviously familiar with budgets and just how much they can use for those office parties that tend to be the best part of the day. “A Latina’s Guide to Money” by financial expert Eva Macias is specifically written to guide Latinas through the hurdles that are specific to the cultura and the immigrant experience.

Buy it here.

 For the neighborhood pal who is always on the lookout

For the pal who knows all the houses in the neighborhood but really needs to check out la casa on Mango Street. This 1984 classic is a coming of age story about Esperanza Cordero, a teenage Latina, who struggles with her life in a Chicano and Puerto Rican neighborhood of Chicago. The story is about the future she sees for herself and is broken up in vignettes that will make you feel all the feels.

Buy it here.

To your prima  who is always there for a good talk

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Sofia, thank you for you're beautiful words and for reminding me that sharing my life in this way is worth it. It's hard to stay positive in a world that is so troubled, things sometimes seem so bleak. This letter says otherwise. This letter tells me we must continue to fight for love. We must continue to fight for our communities and continue sharing our stories no matter who they make uncomfortable. We belong. We are enough. We are beautiful. #Repost @sofiahaze_ ・・・ Wow, i can honestly say i've never been more devastated after finishing a book, not because of the book itself, but due to the fact that i never wanted it to end. I've read this book in three days and i regret it but at the same time it was impossible for me to stop. I bought it thinking ''Of course i'll like it, it's Diane's book. It'll be good, right?'' Well, i was wrong. This book was not only good, but one of the most eye opening and amazing experiences of my life. Never in my life had i felt my heart beating so fast with every sentence of a book. It was interesting, honest, emotional, funny but the most important thing is that i felt connected and i felt identified with Diane in so many ways. I read this book at a time of my life where i have to choose a path. Where everything is so confusing. Where i don't understand people around me. And worst of all when i'm living a life that i feel as if it didn't fit me. Thanks to this book i've also been able to connect more with my roots and being more understanding with what's happening in the world. My dad was once an undocumented immigrant and was deported. Although i hadn't been born yet, my mom and him were separated and he was back to a latino-american country that wasn't safe for him where he could hear bombs exploding in streets next to his. So, i want to thank the author for changing my life in such a huge way and giving me passion again for what i love (and teaching me not to take anyone's shit anymore). But above all things i want to thank @dianeguerrero_ for making me feel free. I'll forever be grateful ❤ #InTheCountryWeLove

A post shared by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) on

Actress and immigration activist Diane Guerrero’s heartbreaking story “In The Country We Love: My Family Divided” is about the deportation of her undocumented parents when she was a young girl, is a worthwhile and educational read. Guerrero, whose family is from Colombia, is best known for her roles on Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin and she’s now using her platform to advocate for immigration reform. This one will make whoever you gift it to want to discuss the very important issues in the book.

Buy it here.

Your significant other’s young sobrina/sobrino

Alma and How She Got Her Name” by Juana Martinez-Neal is an endearing children’s book follows Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela’s journey to discovery about her history through the stories behind all six of her names. The message is focused on learning about and loving your roots and familia and even adults can appreciate that message. This is Peruvian Juana Martinez-Neal’s author-illustrator debut with autobiographical elements because let’s be real, most Latinx can relate to Alma.

Buy it here.

For your co-worker who makes the day tolerable

Today’s Inspired Latina Volume III: Life Stories of Success in the Face of Adversity by Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz a  book that is worthwhile for two reasons: 1. It’s full of inspiring stories 2. It’s Volume Three so if they love it (and why wouldn’t they?) there’s more volumes to enjoy. It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. The anthology features stories about overcoming language barriers, self-doubt and other barriers that may keep you from happiness. Anyone, Latina or otherwise, can appreciate stories of perseverance and success.

La peluquera who knows all about good hair and good gossip

Peinate: Hair Battles Between Latina Mothers & Daughters” edited by Raquel I. Penzo peers into the concept of “pelo malo” permeates Afro-Latinx culture and this book is all about embracing the curls instead of resenting them. Hairdressers with Latinx customers are all too familiar with our varying textures and will appreciate the message and truth behind this collection put together by Dominicana Raquel Penzo. This anthology includes stories, poems, and essays about the battles, insecurities, identity issues, and acceptance revolving around pelo and how it affects family bonds.

Buy it here.

 For the babysitter that’s not your mamá or hermana

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Life-sized. #alamidwinter

A post shared by Elizabeth Acevedo (@acevedowrites) on

For her debut Young Adult novel, Dominicana Elizabeth Acevedo unleashes her passion for poetry and the healing effects its had through her protagonist, 16-year-old Xiomara Batista. Xiomara struggles with religion and exploring love and freedom of expression. It’s a captivating read written in verse with the same passion she uses to deliver her poems on stage. Learn more about her and other Afro-Latinx writers.

Buy it here.

Your dog walker who deserves a good read

The award-winning “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” by Erika L. Sanchez is already being made into a movie so yeah, it’s that good. The story revolves around Julia as she copes with the death of her sister Olga and her family’s treatment of her and she battles their perceptions of how she should behave to be the “perfect daughter”. It’s a story of discovery filled with poignant humor and revelations that explores the stereotype and pressures of growing up in a Mexican-American home. Learn more about Sanchez and other Mexican-American writers.

Buy it here.

Your significant other’s best friend who loves to cook

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[⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️] Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel . Let’s talk troupes we gravitate toward…Like a moth to a flame I love Love Triangles and I love difficult mother daughter relationships. What does that say about me ???? I have no idea and I don’t really want to know. ???? . LWFC is a family saga set during the Mexican Revolution. It has 2 of my favorite troupes and man oh man is Mamá Elena mean. Though there are serious themes to dissect I find this to be a lighter and fun romance novel. It could be the magical realism paired with the hyperbolic prose, or the focus on food, or the high drama…. . If you are interested in: • classic #latinxlit • challenging family dynamics, focused on women • women who challenge early 20th century convention • an ode to food . . What are some of your favorite troupes? . Have you seen the movie adaption? . . . . . . #reading #read #bookstagram #bookish #bookworm #readallthebooks #readwomen #fiction #literature #paperback #womenintranslation #browngirlsread #latinasread #tbr #mustread #booklover #currentlyreading #books #booksintomovies #bookshelf #diversereads #wellreadmujer #bookreview #likewaterforchocolate #mexicanliterature #latinolit #magicalrealism

A post shared by Irene (Chicago) (@read.rewind) on

In Laura Esquivel’s “Like Water for Chocolate” magical realism classic infuses two things everybody enjoys: food and love. It tells the story of Tita who is pining for her beloved Pedro but is confined to taking care of her mother till she passes. Her passions and feelings are transferred into her food, the only way she’s able to express herself. The book has spawned a movie and series but they pale in comparison to the original which (literally) leaves you hungry for more.  Bonus: it comes with recipes for the meals featured in the book so it’s kinda like two gifts in one!

Buy it here.

For your Lit professor who loves a good read

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"I write, she wrote, that memory is fragile and the space of a single life is brief, passing so quickly that we never get a chance to see the relationship between events; we cannot gauge the consequences of our acts, and we believe in the fiction of past, present, and future, but it may also be true that everything happens simultaneously . . . And now I seek my hatred and cannot seem to find it. I feel its flame going out as I come to understand [its] existence . . . It would be difficult for me to avenge all those who should be avenged, because my revenge would be just another part of the same inexorable rite. I have to break that terrible chain. I want to think that my task is life and that my mission is not to prolong hatred but simply fill these pages " . ~ The house of spirits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#insta_quotes#writingcommunity #writingcenter #quotes_n_much_more #bookshelves #booksphotography #thehouseofspirits #darkflowers #igflowers #igflower #igflowershot #bookphotographer #booksgeek #bookoftheday#lebanonbooks#insta_lebanon #ourclickdays #clickdynamic #tvstilllife #vscogirl #vscomood #imaginativeuniverse #global_ladies #heart_imprint #ig_shotz_sep18 #flowerz #bookread #bookreaders #كتب#قراءات

A post shared by Πour Darwiche (@passion_nd) on

In “The House of Spirits” Isabel Allende creates an epic family saga which has long been considered one of the greatest novels of all time so it’s a no-fail gift to give. It spans generations in the Trueba family exploring love, pain, familial conflict, and obviously, the spirit world. Yes, there’s also a movie the three of you could sit down to enjoy together after he/she finishes the book so it’s a win-win.

Buy it here.

 Your significant other’s mom who will appreciate this ode to la fuerza de mamas

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i have a book. (???? @caban_ichiban) #nycpoetryfestival

A post shared by aja (@ajamonet) on

Aja Monet is a Cuban-Jamaican poet and writer based in Brooklyn who released “My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter” in 2017 as an ode to all mothers.  These powerful poems take on racism, sexism, genocide, displacement, heartbreak, and grief, but also love, motherhood, spirituality, and Black joy. It speaks to women who know the struggles and the joys of motherhood and also the greater issues beyond family bonds that enrich and sometimes complicate life. Any mom would appreciate the words that drip with honesty and passion. Learn more about her and other Afro-Latinx poets.

Buy it here.

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