21 Cheap Everyday Recipes For When You’re Broke AF But Want to Eat Like a Queen

credit: pigout_nyc / Instagram

I absolutely love to cook but what I don’t love is spending my entire paycheck at those fancy, expensive grocery stores. Then again, I love good food just like the next person but also can’t afford to eat out for $10 lunches every single day fo the week. That’s not even to mention that eating out for dinner can quickly add up to the point that I’m checking my bank account and thinking, “oh lord, where did all that cash flow go to?!”

But here’s a secret I have learned in the past few years of my food adventures: Cooking at home is much, much cheaper. Not only that, but you can actually cook super-cheap recipes at home that are perfect for every day eating. What I mean by that is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to be satisfied at home, since there are many deals to be had on things like chicken and beans. From a delicious chicken enchilada soup to spicy spinach quesadillas, here are 21 cheap every day recipes for when you’re broke AF but still want to eat like a queen.

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