Latina Instagram Stars Are Embracing Body Positivity By Sharing Their Favorite Foods From Their Cocinas

I love posting photos of my food on Instagram (yes, I’m one of those people) because I love writing about food, reading about food, looking at food photos, and pretty much everything else about food. But what I love most about food is the way that it brings people together. In particular, the way it has brought food lovers together on mediums such as Instagram, where we can all share our culinary adventures and love for the thing that unites us all as humans.

With food uniting all of us, I think it’s fair to say that social media is the best place to see just how. That’s why we have put together this list of 21 Latina foodies to love on your Instagram feed. From Alejandra Ramos of Always Order Dessert, who shares her delicious recipes on TV and on her Insta feed, to Laura Fuentes of MOMables, who’s a master of food prep for busy families, these ladies share their love of food on our favorite social media platform.

Follow all of them if you are ready to drool all over your phone for the rest of your life — and trust me, you will be.

1. Alejandra Ramos, @alwaysalejandra

CREDIT: alwaysalejandra/Instagram

The blogger and lifestyle expert behind is a recognizable face thanks to her many TV appearances talking about and cooking up delicious food. Her Instagram account is full of incredible-looking food and her daily adventures, from behind-the-scenes of her television segments to her many travels around the world in search of oh-so-yummy adventures.

2. Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, @muybuenocooking

CREDIT: muybuenocooking/Instagram

This Mexican food expert knows a thing or two about good food and good cocktails. Originally from El Paso but now living in Denver, the Emmy-winning producer and writer is the name behind Muy Bueno and Latin Twist cookbooks. Her Instagram shows her daily adventures in cooking, along with tidbits about her family life. 

3. Gina Homolka, @skinnytaste

CREDIT: skinnytaste/Instagram

The Brazilian food blogger who focuses on healthy recipes is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of some truly incredible food. On her Instagram, and especially in her stories, you can find the behind-the-scenes looks at how she creates her recipes and information about her current and future cookbooks. She also helps her users meal plan by featuring her own meal planning adventures as a busy mom and foodie.

4. Lesley Tellez, @lesleytellez

CREDIT: lesleytellez/Instagram

If you want to follow a Mexican foodie, then Lesley is your lady. She’s the author of Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City’s Streets, Markets and Fondas, and owner of EatMexico Culinary Tours. She’s also a writer and mom, so her Instagram is filled with her food adventures as well as some oh-so-pretty photos of her exploring Mexican cuisine.

5. Terry Hope Romero, @terryhope

CREDIT: terryhope/Instagram

Terry has authored several books on veganism, including Viva Vegan! which includes 200 good-for-you recipes for all us Latin food lovers out there. On her Instagram, you can find great recipes and good food, along with her culinary adventures. If you’re even remotely considering eating healthy, then you simply must follow her for everything she has to offer.

6. Marnely Murray, @marnely_murray

CREDIT: marnely_murray/Instagram

This food and travel blogger, and the name behind is constantly wowing us with her delicious-looking culinary adventures. She lives on Martha’s Vineyard, so you can always find her exploring the area for good, fresh food (especially in the summer). But she’s also a big traveler and cook, so her Instagram is filled with all of that and more.

7. Bren Herrera, @brenherrera

CREDIT: brenherrera/Instagram

The Afro-Cubana behind Modern Pressure Cooking and an amazing food blog is an author and influencer living in Washington, D.C. She’s an avid traveler, so don’t be surprised if you see one or two or seventeen travel photos in her Instagram — along with plenty of food photos. She’s also an avid fashionista, so you can see some truly stylin’ photos here too. 

8. Melissa Bailey, @hungryfoodlove

CREDIT: hungryfoodlove/Instagram

Hungry Food Love is a blog devoted to Melissa sharing her favorite recipes straight from the heart. There’s so much here, and her Instagram feed is one to follow because it is sure to make you hungry ASAP. She’s a Latina mom who is proud to not only share her favorite recipes but also devoted to cooking good food for her little ones, and then share it all with us too.

9. Marie Elena Martinez, @mariesworld

CREDIT: mariesworld/Instagram

This Latina foodie is well-known in the culinary world, and for good reason. She was the founding editor of, founder of MeetsNYC (a food event in NYC), and the co-founder of New Worlder (a site on food, culture, and travel in the Americas). Her food and culture coverage can be seen in various publications, but also on her Instagram where the new mom eats and drinks her way to happiness.

10. Nicole Presley, @presleyspantry

CREDIT: presleyspantry/Instagram

This Latina food blogger has been sharing her incredible recipes for years, and you can follow her Instagram now some of the most delicious vegetarian and plant-based food around. She’s also a video personality, so don’t be surprised if you see her sharing some of her favorites online. Her food photography and styling is also pretty impressive, so you’ll pretty much be drooling as you scroll through.

11. Clara Gonzalez, @simplebyclara

CREDIT: simplebyclara/Instagram

This bilingual food blogger is all about incredible Dominican food, and you can find her photos and recipes coming straight to you from Punta Cana. She’s a food photographer and writer who has a lot to share, especially if you’re curious about food, home, travel, and what life is like in paradise (yes, seriously). So many good things are happening on this feed that you’ll constantly be impressed.

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