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13 Plus Size Dresses To Wear For The Holidays

When it comes to dressing for the holidays, I have one word for you: Dresses! It’s all about the party dresses. Whether you’re a lover of the simple Little Black Dress, are a fan of sequins absolutely everywhere or like to add a splash of WOW color, there is nothing better than dressing up for all of the fiesta invitations that land in your mailbox this time of year.

And if you’re a curvy girl, then you know that it can sometimes be a bit of a pain to shop for just the right dress — which is where our list comes in. Looking for a dress in the perfect color? We’ve got it. Want something that will keep you warm and cozy? We got that, too. Want a dress in an impossibly bold color choice? Yes, we have that covered. Check out the list below for the most gorgeous 13 plus-size party dresses that you’ll simply adore wearing this holiday season.

1. Emily and Fin Keener Postures Midi Dress in Green Satin, $125


Shades of green (like this emerald dress) are great on pretty much any skin tone, which is why this might just be the perfect dress for Latinas. ModCloth knows a thing or two about dressing curvy ladies, too, so you can be sure that this dress is worth the hype.

2. Stop Staring! Plus Size Metallic Silver One Shoulder Wiggle Dress, $174


Who says that plus-size chicas can’t wear white? This silvery-white dress simply screams “holidays!” and looks fabulous hugging your curves. Unsurprisingly, Unique Vintage has the perfect form-fitting number that will be a hit at any party you go to this holiday season.

3. Black Off Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater Dress, $69


If you’re planning to go to the kind of party where you need something super cozy yet sexy, then look no further than this Torrid dress. It’s made in classic black, which means that you can really dazzle it up with plenty of sparkly accessories.

4. Plus Size Ombre Sequin Mini Dress, $59


You can have plenty of fun with sequins in this gorgeous ombre dress from Venus. In fact, you will probably feel like the Goddess of Love herself in this dress that hugs all the right curves and more. It’s especially great for ladies with, ahem, some chest heaviness.

5. Plaid Sequin Wrap Dress, $199


If you’re a lover of plaid but still want to dress fancy, then this Eloquii dress might just be perfect for you. Plaid simply screams warm and cozy while the sequins bring this dress up a notch. The fact that it’s a wrap dress to boot will help it look great, no matter your size.

6. Plus Size Velvet Twist Bodycon Dress, $21


Some ladies might like the calmer colors, like black and nudes, but some of us are made to stand out. That’s who this plus-size bodycon dress from Charlotte Russe is made for. Hot pink for the holidays? yes, please!

7. Club L Plus Christmas Fairisle Jersey Dress, $26


Every holiday season deserves at least one holiday-themed dress, which is precisely where this ASOS beauty comes in. I’m not sure what’s better here: The reindeer, the subtle snowflakes or the fact that this dress is perfect for curvy girls.

8. Plus Size Ribbed Mini Dress, $23


If you’re looking for an LBD that you can rock this holiday season and beyond, then this Forever21 dress is absolutely for you. The sexy cutout is absolutely perfect for showing a little skin while the long sleeves make it an ideal dress during the cold December nights.

9. Cara Velvet Wrap Dress, $148


Kiyonna is here to provide us with gorgeous dresses and this one is definitely one that needs to go on your Shopping List STAT. Not only is the velvet a fabric that your body will adore, but the fact that this is a Maxi dress will bring that extra tough of glamour to any holiday party.

10. LUXE by Carmen Marc Valvo Plus Size Rose Pleated Fit-And-Flare Dress, $80


Sure, you can browse through DressBarn picks for hours before finding your perfect dress but this red beauty might just be it. If you’re a fan of the color (which I totally am) or how festive it is, then you might want to get this classic, gorgeous dress.

11. Simply Be By Night Glitter Knot Wrap Dress, $47


Glittery purple is a great color to rock for any skin tone, and this SimplyBe dress is great for any shape. It’s flattering and sexy, plus adds a little extra flair to your outfit. Wear it with gold jewelry or a simple purse, like in this picture, to really complete the outfit.

12. Animal Print Shirtwaist Maxi Dress, $46


If animal prints are your thing, like the Thing Everyone Knows You For, then you will love this Avenue dress. It’s a maxi dress with some flair, which means that you can rock this during the holidays and well into the new year. Perhaps it’s even perfect for that New Year’s Eve kiss?

13. I’m The One Sequin Dress – Black, $75


If you’re going to your family’s big, fancy fiesta, then you NEED a dress that will impress — and this gorgeous gown from Fashion Nova is definitely the one. Not only is it full of incredible sequins but it’s form-fitting in a way that hugs all the right spots and leaves very little to the imagination.

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Last Minute New Years Eve Outfit Ideas To Ring In 2019

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Last Minute New Years Eve Outfit Ideas To Ring In 2019

Christmas is just around the corner but it won’t be long before New Year’s Eve is here and that means: PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! New Year’s is the perfect time to dress up and show off your best, most sparkly outfit. But in all of our madness to prep for Xmas every year, most of us forget our New Year’s outfit until the last minute — but that’s definitely not the case year!

If you’re ready to plan your gorgeous look for welcoming in 2019, then look no further. These 11 gorgeous New Year’s outfits are full of sparkle and glam. Whether you’re looking for a dress that’s luscious velvet, soft satin or many, many sequins, we have all of the looks you want. Here, you’ll find just the right outfit to bid goodbye to 2018 and say a big, amazing HELLO to 2019!

1. Crushed Velvet Maxi Dress, $25


Is there anything more luxurious than a truly awesome velvet dress? No, indeed there is not. This maxi dress in gold is soft and decadent but also hella sexy thanks to the slit on your thigh as well as your cleavage. Wear this one if you want to be, ahem, a little more daring than usual.

2. Black Ponte Lace Bodycon Dress, $53


A bodycon dress is a great way to accent your shape and this one is going to look great on anybody. The lace at the top gives the dress a little something special while still keeping the LBD aesthetic for those who want to go classic yet elegant at the same time.

3. Ace of Spades Sequin Bodycon Dress, $67


Sequins are a classic look for New Year’s and red is a color that we can all love forever and ever. The good news is that this chic mini dress is also available in gold and gunmetal gray if you want to go for a more subtle color.

4. Satin Wrap Dress, $30


For those that are going to a fancier party that doesn’t require sequins or who simply want a dress that they can wear after the new year, then this satin beauty is the one for you. It’s gorgeous and would be super simple to dress up with some sparkly details that make it NYE-appropriate.

5. By Invitation Only Maxi Dress, $129


If you’re looking for a dress that brings in the WOW factor, then this one’s just what you’ll want. It has a simple black top but the maxi skirt is absolutely to-die-for. The gorgeous purple flowers would look good on anyone, just make sure you’re tall enough (or wear high enough heels).

6. Diamond Sequin Dress, $70


Sequins are great for New Year’s Eve, but can especially be amazing when they create unique shapes that give your dress that little something extra. Sure, silver can be a simple color but these diamond shapes look even better. Definitely pair it with a red lip and black pumps, too.

7. Glittery Dress, $35


If you’re the kind of chica who prefer to show off some of your more unexpected assets (like your nicely toned back), then this dress is for you. It’s black but not even remotely a simple dress thanks to that sexy open back and the added sparkle.

8. Long Sleeve Sequin Sheath, $150


If you aren’t a fan of being color but still want to wow in your sparkly splendor, then may I suggest this gorgeous dress perfect for plus-size girls? It’s not only PRETTY but also comfy AF. And did I mention that those silver/gold/emerald colors are great for basically any skin tone and hair color? Yes, you’re welcome.

9. Velvet Balloon-Sleeve Dress, $78


You can never have too many velvet dress options, which is why this balloon-sleeve dress is probably calling your name right now. Available in three different colors, this dress would be perfect over leggings or tights when you are celebrating in the cold.

10. Striped Sequin Bodycon Dress, $20 (also available in plus-size!)


For the true adventurer, is there anything better than a dress that’s full of sparkle and color? Welcome in 2019 with all that you are and all that you have when you get this gorgeous dress that’s available for ladies of all shapes and sizes. WIN!

11. Plus Size 1920s Burgundy & Gold Sequin Pernelle Flapper Dress, $98 (also available in smaller sizes!)


If you want to welcome the new year with old style, then look no further than this gorgeous flapper dress. It’s oh-so-pretty and great for all ladies. And don’t worry, there are different colored options available, too.

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11 Ways I Celebrate The Holidays Without A Drink

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11 Ways I Celebrate The Holidays Without A Drink

This is my fourth year celebrating the holidays after entering recovery from alcoholism and, if I am being honest, I would tell you that it hasn’t gotten all that much easier. The holidays can be a turbulent time for anyone who suffers from anxiety (like I do) or who used to self-harm (like I did) or who is recovering from addiction (again, me). But even though things can still be sticky, I can say for certain that I have learned a thing or two about how to celebrate the holidays without a drink and I’ve come out better for it.

For anyone who is currently sober or trying to get sober, here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my years in recovery on how to stay sober and still have plenty of fun this time of year.

 I make lots and lots of cookies.


One of the things that really get me through the holidays is the food. For the past couple of years, ever since I quit drinking, I’ve also had more time during the busy holiday season since I am no longer going from party to party and dealing with hangovers the rest of the time. That’s why I have started to try my hand at baking. Now, I will fully admit that I am not the best at it (as my not-so-cute Cuban merengue cookies will show you) but I’m trying. And that’s what counts right now.

I talk to friends and family about why I don’t drink.


Sometimes, especially in early recovery, it’s difficult to discuss openly why you are no longer drinking. Some people quit because they no longer enjoy it and others quit because they have a problem managing their alcohol intake. I was definitely the latter and it took a long time before I could really discuss everything that happened. But these days I take pride in being open about my sobriety, even when occasionally well-meaning loved ones need a bit of a reminder during this time of year. A simple “I no longer drink and I’ve found that I am much happier without alcohol” can do wonders.

I evaluate every party invitation with care.


I know what you’re going to say: But what about holiday parties?! Although our instinct when we first go into recovery is to hide under the covers and never come out, that’s the wrong thing to do. For me, one of the worst things I did during the worst days of my addiction is that I hid from everyone. So, when it comes to my new sober life, I choose the opposite. Still, I have to be mindful of what I do and who I do it with — which is why I never automatically say “no” to parties but I do take time to consider the situation, the location and who will be there before making the decision to go out or stay in.

I make sure to bring a sober buddy whenever I can.


Most parties are more than happy to have you show up with a friend, which is precisely what I do and recommend that others in sobriety do. If you know that most people at a party are going to be drinking, then you know that things will be a whole lot less awkward if you bring someone that doesn’t drink (just like you). For me, this usually means bringing my husband since he gave up alcohol shortly after we met because he wanted to support my recovery. For others, it might mean bringing a new sober friend or knowing who is going to the party that is also not drinking, then gravitating towards them at the start.

I have a backup plan if I go to a fiesta.


Whether or not you have a sober buddy at the party, it’s always good to have a backup plan. For me, that backup plan usually involves having someone that I can call in case I feel awkward or awful or, at worst, like I want a drink. I also make sure that I have a solid exit plan in place. That’s for my own safety and for the safety of all my fellow party-goers who might not want to get super drunk in front of someone who isn’t drinking. That doesn’t mean that I can’t have plenty of fun at the party, it just means that I am probably going home much earlier than I used to back in my drinking days.

I make myself helpful to the hostess.


One way to make yourself a fabulous party guest is to help the hostess. I love going to someone else’s party early and helping them set up or asking them if I can bring a dessert for the festivities. If there are little kids at the party, I volunteer to watch them or play with them. If there’s some emergency or something to take care of, I volunteer for that too. It makes me feel useful and also gives me something to do so that I’m not always just standing there and talking to those who may be drinking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you, but making myself useful just makes me feel better.

I give myself plenty of opportunities for self-care.


During the holidays, there’s a lot going on. Not only are there all of those friend’s parties you want to go to and family gatherings you have to attend, but there are work events and who knows what else. It seems like this is the busiest time of year for even the busiest of people. That’s why it’s especially crucial to take some time off during this time of year. I make sure to schedule in self-care just the same as I would schedule any of my other holiday festivities.

I schedule extra calls with my therapist.


Although this can count as part of my self-care, I want to talk about therapy and support systems as a separate topic because they are just THAT important. Yes, having a sober buddy at parties is a great start but you know what’s even better? Having a solid support system behind you which, for me, always includes my therapist too. During the holidays or any other time when I am experiencing high stress, I like to schedule extra calls with her to make sure that I am doing okay and continue to do okay.

I bring holiday cheer in other ways.


As I mentioned above, bringing a sweet treat or helping the hostess is a great way to participate in the festivities without doing too much or putting yourself at risk of drinking. But there are also other ways to bring the holiday cheer without picking up that cup of sangria or rum-soaked coquito. Personally, I am all about dressing up in as many sparkly things as I can in order to bring some holiday cheer to the party. I also like decorating, bringing presents and giving out as many hugs as possible.

I have a signature mocktail.


One of the big keys to successful sobriety is that you have a go-to mocktail. I know that sounds a bit simple but, honestly, people can sometimes forget what it is that you can drink that doesn’t include booze, especially during a party where they themselves might already be tipsy. That’s why I have a go-to: Arnold Palmer. That’s half-lemonade, half-iced tea that’s delicious and refreshing and almost always easy to make. You can also try a classic Shirley Temple or come up with your own concoction. The key here is that you HAVE something that you can depend on that’s easy to make and has no alcohol.

I remember that this is my life and my choice.

msirinagonzalez / Instagram

The biggest thing that you need to know about partying while sober during the holidays is that you should remember why it is you are here in the first place. Whether you had issues with alcohol (as I did), gave it up for health reasons or are simply trying something new, this is your life and this is your choice. It’s a choice you made for good reasons and you should stick to it… For good reasons. It’ll make you happier and you know it. Plus, think how much better you’ll feel when you wake up NOT hungover on New Year’s Day and can tackle 2019 with ease.

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