20 Animal-Friendly Beauty Brands That Are An Alternative To Kat Von D’s

credit: wetnwildbeauty/Instagram

If you love Kat Von D beauty, you’re not alone. Sure, her tattoos are super awesome but what’s even greater is her beauty company’s commitment to vegan and cruelty-free makeup (which means that none of her products use animal products or are tested on animals), making Kat Von D Beauty one of the most animal-friendly beauty friends out there.

But if you’re a beauty junkie like me, then you probably use more than one beauty brand to create your overall look, amirite? Well, you can now rest easy because Kat Von D Beauty is not the only animal-friendly beauty brand out there. In order to celebrate the cruelty-free lifestyle, we’ve done our research and collected 20 other animal-friendly beauty brands that are an alternative to Kan Von D’s. From Stila (which makes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s favorite lipstick) to bareMinerals, here are your new fave cruelty-free beauty brands.

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