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20 Fruity And Flowery Summer Manicure Looks To Add To Your To-Rock List

Summer isn’t over yet! Embrace the rays and the waves with the sweetest treatment to your nails and hop on the edgiest looks of the summer.

Here’s a look at 20 nails that are sweet enough to wear all year long.

1. These Stone Cold Geo Nails

betina_goldstein / Instagram

This fresh look created by Betina Goldstein gives off major underwater and beach vibes.

2. These Dottastic Nails

betina_goldstein / Instagram

Super modern but also a bit throwbacky as well. It’s a perfect and classic look to rock at any Quinceañera you head off to.

3. These Glittery Mermaid Nails

betina_goldstein / Instagram

Glittery and geo shapes, these babes give off a major mermaid look.

4. These Berrylicious Nails

betina_goldstein / Instagram

They look sweet enough to eat TBH. I wonder how much time it takes to get these painted on.

5. Scaley and Blue

betina_goldstein / Instagram

These nails are the ultimate beach wear with their scaley looks.

6. Yo Cardi

betina_goldstein / Instagram

These Cardi B nails are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I like it like that.

7. Habana a Butterfly Nails

betina_goldstein / Instagram

These nails give us major Camila Cabello vibes.

8. Palm leaves nails that’ll give you all of the shades.

betina_goldstein / Instagram

These palm nails give me major Tropicali vibes.

9. These nails that are about to take fliiiight

betina_goldstein / Instagram

Dotted around the edges and as sweet as a dove.

10. Golf fish babies

betina_goldstein / Instagram

These nails are all kinds of kissable and sweet.

11. Rosa Nails For Amor

betina_goldstein / Instagram

This mini rose will flower up and spread the light onto your manos the moment you walk out of the salon.

12. Magnolia Lovers

betina_goldstein / Instagram

I feel like the only thing that could make these nails better is if they were scratch and sniff.

13.  Summer lovin’ and flowery nails

karanailedit / Instagram

These florals would look the sweetest a pair of denim jeans.

14.  Super poppin for the summer

karanailedit / Instagram

Omg can we get some conchas and churros on these babes?

15. Starry daze and nights

karanailedit / Instagram

These starry nails would be perfect for a night out or a day at the beach.

16. Nails that bring all of the waves

karanailedit / Instagram

Literally, where is the closest beach.  I feel like I wouldn’t even try to head out into the sand with these babies though.

17. This mani is bananas

karanailedit / Instagram

YES bring the fruity to work/ the club/ the fam with these nails that are a bit over the top but still a little bit more tamed.

18. These nails look super yummy

karanailedit / Instagram

There’s so much texture and design going on in these nail sets. Gotta love how the artist brings color.

19. And these I could bite into.

opi / Instagram

These nails aren’t quite so out there, but they’re perfect for beach nights and summer days.

20. So citrusy nails

lauramusuroaea / Instagram

And of course, you can’t make a list about the insane power of good nails without including a pair that fruity to the max.

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These Latina Inspired Manicures are Just the Style You Need to Rock For Your Next Mani

Everyday Runway

These Latina Inspired Manicures are Just the Style You Need to Rock For Your Next Mani

Nail care has come a long way since the first manicure salon opened in New York in 1878. First considered part of the medical and hygiene industry, manicures were only for the rich who favored short, round nails as a symbol of wealth. Despite it’s origin, manicures are now widely available, inexpensive and more creative than ever.

Innovation in the nail care field has seen manicurists push the limits of what can be realistically done to nails. Bubble, sculpted and embellished nail art are seen both on the runway and in your barrio. Themed nail art is an especially popular trend and is designed to express individual style.

What better way to express that style than with nail art specifically designed for Latina-themed manicures?

These creative Latina-inspired manicures  have your girls asking where you got your nails did.

1. The perfect match for your concha craving.

Credit: topknotnails / Instagram

Is there anything better than a fresh-baked concha? How about getting those pretty pastel pastries without worrying about your diet? This concha nailsart offers just the sweet manicure you need. These handpainted nails come courtesy of TopKnot Nails in Portland Oregon.

2. Nails fit for a queen—specifically the Queen of Tejano music.

Credit: naildbycassiechaos / Instagram

Selena has been an icon since she first stepped up to the microphone. Show your devotion and immortalize the superstar with your next manicure. These nails, designed by San Antonio’s Cassie Chaos, add even more glitz and glamour to iconic images of the Queen of Tejano music.

3. Nails for you Dominican dolls.

Credit: allthingsada / Instagram

Show your love for your Dominican roots with this manicure featuring the country’s muñecas sin rostro. These colorful dolls are created without facial features to showcase the diversity of the Dominican people. This lovely nail art comes from master nail technician Ami Vega.

4. Manicures like this will protect you from the Mal de Ojo.

Credit: amivnails / Instagram

Your mama, tías and abuela have been warning you about the dangers of the Evil Eye all your life. Now you can take the protection of the Mal de Ojo with you wherever you go. This killer mani is another masterpiece to come out of Ami Vega’s New York shop.

5. A mani that’s just plain ingenious.

Credit: amivnails / Instagram

These nails completely capture the vibe of Mexico and the Southwest. Based on the beautiful artwork of ingenous_, these nails feature colorful depictions of cacti, Day of the Dead-styled skulls, and a tiny Frida. Furthermore, this mani is another incredible handpainted work of art by Ami Vega.

6. Let’s Taco-bout these nails.

Credit: nails_by_kait_ / Instagram

Do you wish that everyday were Taco Tuesday? With this manicure, it can be! First of all, we’ve gotta taco-bout this mani’s punny message. The colorful palette and handpainted artwork is courtesy of the creative Nails by Kait.

7. Rep these raspas next time you hit the salon.

(Insert insta)

This mani will take you back to those summer days outside the refresqueria. You can practically taste the sweetness when you look at these gorgeously embellished raspas. Nail artist Ka Yee is responsible for this refreshingly unique manicure.

8. A perfect offering for Día de los Muertos.

With these nails, you can celebrate Día de los Muertos every day of the year. This manicure features traditional imagery, like sugar skulls and flowers, to observe the festival of the dead. These hauntingly beautiful nails are the creation of irienailsllc.

9. This manicure is meant for Mass.

Credit: ddawn122 / Instagram

No doubt, your overly devout grandmother will gush over these works of art. Catholic iconography and bling collide to create the baddest mani this side of Sunday Mass. With this mani, making the sign of the cross never looked so good.

10. These nails will match your cutest Pueblo dress.

Credit: mc_dingbat / Instagram

Delicate florals, lace, and embroidery are mainstays in Mexican fashion and art. So, we’re not surprised to see these images make their way onto our manis. This Pueblo-inspired design comes to us from the artists at Florida’s s Nail Art Lounge.

11. Where this sweet mani when you get all dolled up.

Credit: nails.15_beautyinyourhands / Instagram

These sweet Mexican rag-dolls will take you back to your days as a little girl. You’ll never be alone when you display these darling dolls on your nails. These cute memories of our childhood were created by Nails 15 in Baja California.

12. Inspired by the beauty of Mexican ceramics.

Credit: missbettyrose / Instagram

Your friends will think they wandered into a Mexican market when they see you sporting these clean and colorful nails. Looking like the ceramic tiles you’ll find adorning our cities, this manicure uses delicate handpainted brushwork to replicate the look. This nail art was created all the way in Sydney, Australia by Miss Betty Rose.

13. When you want to wear your heart on your sleeve (or at least your nails).

Credit: rosebnails / Instagram

In Mexican Folk Art, there are a few images that are essential to depicting the genre. The Sacred Heart, crosses, skulls, and cacti are all essential to an authentic piece. With those guidelines checked, this mani is a true work of Mexican Folk Art. Miami’s Rose B Nails is the artist behind this handpainted masterpiece.

14. Show you’re crazy about cacti with these nails.

Credit: lluvia_stampingnail / Instagram

Cacti can be found across the Southwest United States, down through Mexico and across Latin America. Whether we’re growing succulents in our gardens or grilling up napoles, cacti have become a symbol of our cultures. This stamped manicure is a true Mexicana original designed by lluvia_stampingnail.

15. Rock these if Guadalupe is your homegirl.

Credit: alicemcnails / Instagram

Ever since La Virgen appeared to Juan Diego, she became the OG homegirl. Hand-painted to perfection and decked put in dazzling embellishments, these nails are the perfect tribute to the Queen of Queens. The nail tech behind this heavenly design is London’s Alice McColm.

16. You need these for your next night of Loteria.

Credit: chachacovers / Instagram

Are you feeling lucky? Well, maybe you’ll feel a little more fortunate with nails like these. Everyone’s favorite game is now an awesome manicure. Featuring Loteria images like La Sirena and El Corazon, the decals for this mani were created by Cha Cha Covers.

17. Because Avocados are life.

Credit: melvglam / Instagram

Daily reminder that avocados are the good kind of fat so eat up, gente. We’ve had the delectable Latin American native as guacamole and sliced inside a torta but we’ve never had it on our manicures. These cutie ‘cados were hand painted by Colorado nail technician Melinda X Vang.

18. This mani will make you feel like you’re on a Mexican vacay.

Credit: amivnails / Instagram

During these cold winter months, we could use a vacation to somewhere warmer. However, if you can’t sneak away down south, your nails can at least say “I’m ready for Spring Break.” Yet again, Ami Vega brings a Latinx-vibe to nail art with her hand-drawn chilis, maracas, and tacos.

19. A manicure to that will have you singing “Recuérdame.”

Credit: chachacovers / Instagram

We still haven’t gotten over the feels from Disney’s Coco. It’s cool, though, because we can turn our manis into makeshift ofrendas to honor Mama Coco and the familia. These decals from Cha Cha Covers make us go “Un Poco Loco” over this look.

20. Man-Go get this mani, ASAP.

Credit: nail_paintings_by_rupa / Instagram

Vibrant and irresistible. Do you think we’re talking about the fruit or describing this cool mani? The build-up of greens, red and yellows create nail art almost good enough to eat. This delicious artwork comes all the way from Bangladesh where Nail Paintings by Rupa creates next level manicures.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Had A Long Weekend Thanks To The Government Shutdown And Did Some Self-Care With This Drugstore Hack

Everyday Runway

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Had A Long Weekend Thanks To The Government Shutdown And Did Some Self-Care With This Drugstore Hack

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has never been afraid to exercise her right to self-expression. She has also been publicly defiant of critics who deem traditionally feminine modes self-expression (like makeup and jewelry) as “unprofessional” or “distracting”. She’s revealed the lipstick brand she used when she rose to fame (Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid in “Beso”), talked about how she wears braids to celebrate her Afro-Latina heritage, and rocks hoop earrings and white pantsuits to Congress. But recently, she outdid herself when she revealed on Instagram that she rocks an $8 press-on manicure for when she’s in a pinch and as a self-care ritual.

During her train ride from New York City to Washington D.C., Ocasio-Cortez shared a picture of how she treats herself to a press-on manicure when she needs a “pick me up”.

ocasio2018 / Instagram

And it’s no wonder Ocasio-Cortez needed the boost–after a weekend break during the 24-day government shutdown, Ocasio-Cortez ended up stuck at LaGuardia Airport for hours due to snow storm delays. After hours she opted to head back to Washington D.C. via train, where she indulged in a glass of wine, some self-care, and some Instagramming.

In her Instagram Stories post, the congresswoman officially made press-on nails cool again by dubbing them “not corny anymore”. She went on to reveal what made her treat herself, saying, “Today was so nuts I am having a glass of wine and giving myself a press-on manicure”. She went into more detail about her beauty routine, saying, “I usually go with plain nails, but when I want a little pick me up or if an event is coming, I’ll grab these at the drugstore. They last a for week.” The press-on set she wore was a rosy matte pink called “So, So Stellar” from imPress.

Ocasio-Cortez has previously been candid about how her own self-expression through clothing and makeup.

She’s defended politicians’ rights to self-expression before on Twitter when insisted that expressing your individuality in offbeat ways shouldn’t disqualify a person from running for office. “You can pierce your nose, be a bartender, a teacher, a stay at home parent; wear a dress or rip your jeans”, she said. “None of this disqualifies you from advancing the fight for healthcare, education, housing, and justice”.

As for Latina Twitter, they were completely down with Ocasio-Cortez’s beauty tips.

Reactions like this prove that Ocasio-Cortez’s commitment to individual self-expression is important. Women need to be shown that expressing oneself in a traditionally “feminine” way doesn’t make you weak.

Others’ reactions proved that Ocasio-Cortez is further cementing her status as a fashion icon.

Ocasio-Cortez’s beauty opinions pack enough of a punch to change the way her constituents fashion themselves.

Some Latinas made jokes about how her Insta-Story about nails was a political act:

This further proves that there are many different types of representation and they’re all incredibly important to marginalized communities.

This woman recognized that a woman can be a powerful politician and still be interestd in so-called “silly” things like caring about how your nails look:

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares part of her life that other politicians don’t usually share, she’s proving to women and girls everywhere that there is no “right” way to be a politician.

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