20 Stunning Halloween Makeup Looks To DIY Last Minute

There are lots of ways to dress up for Halloween and, of course, some of our favorites include makeup. Now, when it comes to Día de Los Muertos, there’s tons of makeup looks for that, too, but I’m thinking of something a little different this Halloween. With so many frightening monsters and images that are out there, did you know how many there are to choose from? Thankfully, a lot — which means you can basically do anything and everything with your Halloween makeup look.

Whether you do a skulltry look or something a little bloodier, we have the makeup looks for you. Maybe you want to go with a scary clown or the Bride of Frankenstein, then we have that too. There are some looks that are subtle, using just a little blue and some bats and some looks that are a little more complicated. But no matter what you’re hoping to do this Halloween, these 20 Halloween makeup looks (that aren’t Día de Los Muertos) will have you WOWing and scaring all your friends this holiday.

1. Look like a bloody murderer.

CREDIT: themuanextdoor_/Instagram

Oh man, this is one SCARY look! Between the blood and the red contacts, you’re sure to look like one scary murderer (in a good way) with this makeup look. I mean, seriously, SO scary.

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