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20 Stunning Halloween Makeup Looks To DIY Last Minute

There are lots of ways to dress up for Halloween and, of course, some of our favorites include makeup. Now, when it comes to Día de Los Muertos, there’s tons of makeup looks for that, too, but I’m thinking of something a little different this Halloween. With so many frightening monsters and images that are out there, did you know how many there are to choose from? Thankfully, a lot — which means you can basically do anything and everything with your Halloween makeup look.

Whether you do a skulltry look or something a little bloodier, we have the makeup looks for you. Maybe you want to go with a scary clown or the Bride of Frankenstein, then we have that too. There are some looks that are subtle, using just a little blue and some bats and some looks that are a little more complicated. But no matter what you’re hoping to do this Halloween, these 20 Halloween makeup looks (that aren’t Día de Los Muertos) will have you WOWing and scaring all your friends this holiday.

1. Look like a bloody murderer.


Oh man, this is one SCARY look! Between the blood and the red contacts, you’re sure to look like one scary murderer (in a good way) with this makeup look. I mean, seriously, SO scary.

2. A gorgeous, purple skull is just the thing.


I admit that this look is a little bit inspired by the classic Dia de Los Muertos one, but it’s so much fancier. By using these deep purples and pinks, you can create a whole new spooky look to love.

3. Become a very spooky spider.


There’s a reason that spiders are scary to many people on Halloween. I’m definitely frightened by them! With this makeup look, you’re sure to frighten all of your friends and coworkers, too.

4. Look like the goddess of lightning.

This dark and stormy look is not for everyone but it will certainly WOW the crowd when you put this on. It looks just like a sudden bolt of lightning from your eyes, and that’s just really badass.

5. Scare everyone just like the “It” clown.


Okay, seriously, what is scarier than a clown? If you didn’t grow up with the It movies of the early 90s, then you can certainly go watch the remake now and be frightened. Or you can just do this makeup look and frighten everyone else instead.

6. Pretend like you’re being tortured.


Seriously, I still can’t quite figure out how this look came about but it is definitely absolutely AMAZING. It’s a wonder to behold and has me in absolute awe. I simply dare you to try to recreate it.

7. Go inside-out for this frightening look.


It’s not quite so subtle but you can definitely look pretty scary if you do this Halloween makeup look that will have you looking like a skull. It’s not too bad, especially if you leave part of your face intact as she did here.

8. Scare your friends with crazy scars.


I’m not really into scars, but this look had me absolutely amazed. It’s scary and makes the wearer look like they just came out of a really bad horror flick. And isn’t that the point of Halloween, anyway?

9. Chew your face off with this look.


Okay, seriously, I am going to have NIGHTMARES about this look but that’s what makes it so cool. Get some fake teeth and get to work. It’s definitely the kind of monster look that’s easy to recreate but will scare the bejesus out of anyone you come across.

10. A starry night for Halloween.


If you’re going for something more subtle this Halloween, then look no further. There’s no reason for you to ignore the simple spookiness of a quiet, dark night… And with this makeup look, you totally can.

11. Unzip yourself slowly here, chicas.


You’ll look like the immortal damned with this Halloween look, and for good reason. It’s sort of like you are unzipping your insides out so that the blood is everywhere. Seriously, this look will make anyone cringe… but hopefully in a good way?

12. Become a monster from the inside.


Similar to the look above, part of why I love this one is that it actually only requires you to do something on the bottom half of your face. It’s kind of subtle but still really, really scary.

13. Try looking like a spider queen.


The spiderwebs on this look are pretty powerful, but you’ll look even better if you put a big spider on your shoulder. It will add a little something to this look but will be definitely worth it.

14. Sparkle and shine with your skull out.


This look might be frightening but, at the same time, it also looks kind of girly. That’s definitely an amazing achievement but one that you can recreate by using plenty of pinks and silvers in your Halloween look.

15. Burn, baby, burn this Halloween.


Set everything ablaze with this powerful makeup look. You’ll definitely look amazing if you try recreating this. Maybe you can even wear a bright orange dress to compliment the crown of flowers. Evil flowers, of course.

16. Bat your eyelashes for those bats.


If you want something that’s not just about the orange and black this Halloween, then blue might be your color. You’ll have to hand draw these bats on with an eyeliner but they will be worth it since they look OH so cool.

17. Try a Two Face look with some blood.


Okay, so we all know that Two-Face from the Batman comics is a lot more frightening than this, but you can use him as inspiration for your own creative Halloween look. I mean, doesn’t this just look frightening?

18. Go for a subtle Queen of the Damned thing.


The Queen of the Damned is the queen of the vampires and you can recreate her look with some simple flourishes. That silver hair, those dark lips and you’re set. Of course, don’t forget the vampire teeth to fully go for it.

19. Be a very awesome bruja.


There are lots of ways to create a witchy look this Halloween and this is one that you’ll love. All you really need is green makeup, red lips and then you can simply go for it.

20. Nothing quite like the Bride of Frankenstein.


The Bride of Frankenstein is a frightening monster and you can make her look as pretty as you want (like this look) or make her a lot scarier. Either way, it’s definitely a simple and subtle but awesome makeup look for Halloween.

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People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners


People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners

Yes, we know. Makeup maven Kat Von D has been long been on the outs with fans who once adored her. In addition to the slew of offenses stacked up against her, Von D’s recent declaration that she would not be vaccinating her son after his birth certainly has not done her any favors.

Now, the tattoo artists’ latest controversy means she’s enduring another fall from her fans’ graces.

Beauty enthusiasts are currently accusing Von D of scamming them out of their money with the Trooper Tattoo Liner

Cheyenne Vaughan / Facebook

At the end of last month, Facebook user Cheyenne Vaughan accused Von D’s makeup brand of “putting a sample-size eyeliner into a longer-shell tube,” and then selling it to customers for “triple the price.”

Vaughan shared a photo of the eyeliner in her post that showed the dismantled product in three pieces. One was a long tube, the other a cartridge that holds the actual product, and the last piece: a cap.

“Yall I’m about to lose my mind right now,” Vaughan wrote in the post. “Kat von D really been putting a sample size eyeliner into a longer shell tube and selling to my dumb ass for triple the price. I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND RIGHT NOW.”

Facebook users who saw the post were quick to respond to Vaughan.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” wrote on user.

Others came to Von D’s defense, asking Vaughan to support her claims with actual facts.

“Did you actually make sure this is factual, by weighing the amount of liquid in each one? I didn’t think so. Wtf is wrong with people??”

And of course, many didn’t waste time in bringing up the fact that Von D is anti-vaccinations.

“Y’all need to stop supporting the anti-Vaxer,” one wrote.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” replied another.

Six thousand shares of the post later, and Von D responded with her defense.

@thekatvond / Instagram

In a post to her Instagram account, Von D asserted that she wasn’t cheating customers. In fact, according to her, while the cartridge is the same size for every liner, the amount of ink inside of it differs depending on the liner size.

“The cartridges in both full size liners and mini liners are the same — it’s the amount of product inside each cartridge that is different. So, for example, the product fill on our full size Tattoo Liner is 0.55 ml, while the product fill for the mini is 0.2 ml – thats over DOUBLE the amount of product! Any brand who has an eyeliner with similar component on the market will tell you the same thing. You need that much cartridge space for the pigment to flow out,” she wrote.

See for yourself in the comments section of Von D’s post on whether or commenters are satisfied. Hint: people remain stanning their anti-Vanti-ant-vaxx position.

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Selena Quintanilla’s Family Is Creating A Makeup Line In Celebration Of The Tejana Queen


Selena Quintanilla’s Family Is Creating A Makeup Line In Celebration Of The Tejana Queen

This just in: the late Selena Quintanilla is getting her very own makeup line. I know what you’re thinking: hasn’t this been done before? But no, actually, it hasn’t. While big brands have had Selena-inspired collections, this will be the first full line, and it’s coming straight from the Quintanilla family.

According to The Blast, the queen of Tejano music’s family is launching “Selena Vive,” a full cosmetics line that will include lipsticks, eye makeup, foundations, nail polish, perfume and accessories.

The late singer’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, is also preparing to trademark the name “Selenaville,” what fans have nicknamed the museum dedicated to the star in Corpus, Christi, Texas, for a possible other cosmetics line.

While a release date hasn’t been set yet for either line, fans are already celebrating.

In 2016, MAC released its Selena collection, which sold out promptly. A year later, Forever 21 similarly starting selling Selena merch.

News of the late singer’s official line comes after Netflix announced they would be working with the Quintanilla family to produce a series on Selena’s life.

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