20 Kat Von D Products Here To Make Your Summer a Little More Goth Glam

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Queen of Goth Kat Von D is adding just the right amount of color to your summer that you didn’t know you needed. Having already released a sweet line of slick eyebrow color pomades earlier this season, la reina de makeup is continuing her effort to deliver quality products to her fans. In addition to the Mexicana beauty maven recent reveal of a fierce new beauty palette, fans have a ton of other product releases to look forward to.

1. Kat recently gave fans another preview of her new Fetish palette on Instagram.

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

Last year, Kat fans got a little sneak peek of her designs for a yet to be released collection called Fetish. The name coupled with sketches of the new line which featured a whip STRONGLY suggested to fans that the new line would be all kinds of BDSM themed and loaded with a ton of fun new shade names and colors. This week, Kat made a big preview which revealed that she’s dropping TWO Fetish palettes one of which contain a highlighter and brush (thank the Saints since Kat hasn’t created a blush in years!) the other is an eyeshadow palette that’ll feature 24 different shades with names like s&m, fixation, and stiletto ????

2. She’s also released a new line of nude lipsticks which come in a set.

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

Von D’s Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick set comes in five different colors INCLUDING “OG Lolita” (!!!!!) “Lolita,” “Lolita II,” “Double Dare,” and “Lovecraft.”

3. Kat’s Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

Kat’s metallic colored highlighter palette is packed with hyper-reflective micro-crystals that’ll make your face sparkly like a fairy’s. The fun colors are perfect for fun days out at the beach as well as nightlife.

4. The perfect foundation Power Pair Set.

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

This summer Kat’s beauty brand has been selling her beloved foundation WITH her Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush at an exclusive price. Don’t miss out on the limited value deal, lock this set down.

5. Kat’s Lash Liner which comes out this month!

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

Come June 20th, beauty lovers with an addiction a great eyelash will finally be able to lock down one of Kat’s most anticipated products: her Lash Liner. First featured on Instagram, the revolutionary line will allow you to apply a long-wear water-resistant liner on your waterline without any running or smudging.

6. Kat Von D Beauty’s Brow Collection is officially on shelves and ready for your love and adoration.

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

The new brow line is made up of 16 shades of Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade, seven different brow powders, the Signature Brow Precision Pencil, and two brow brushes. All of the items are available on the Kat Von D Beauty website, Sephora.com, as well as in Sephora stores. The long-lasting pomades already all have an average of 4.5 / 5 star reviews.

 7. Fans of the brand will be surprised to find a new ingredient brought to the brown landscape by the vegan artist.

CREDIT: katvondbeauty/ Instagram

Von D who has actively worked to bring cruelty-free methods to the production of her beauty products and upcoming shoe line recently shared an interview that her Browstruck Dimension Powder has a stroke of subtle genius added to the mix. While most brands typically use a matte color for their eyebrow products, Kat Von D’s label adds a bit of shine in order to bring a more natural look to your brow.

“The formula mimics the same reflection of light that your hair does — because eyebrows are not matte naturally,” Von D told Popsugar. “We have glossy hair that makes up our eyebrows. So, this formula basically just enhances that, and it gives you the most natural-looking brow.”

8. Von D revealed her custom lipstick for her wedding guests on Instagram on Wednesday.

Von D showed off the lipstick’s packaging and revealed that the product is vegan AND features the phrase “En vida y en muerte.” Seeing that this message is a pretty popular one for the couple, who use it to hashtag their photos together often, I’m gonna bet that this will be part of their wedding hashtag… Any takers?

9. Inkwell matte liquid liner

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Kat’s inkwell matte liquid liners will launch in SIX rich shades called trooper black, darkwave, whiteout, outlaw, dreamer and vampira.

10. Dagger liner

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Kat’s Dagger liner is perfect for the chica looking for a smaller version of her Tattoo liner. This babe comes out in August.

11. Sinner Perfume

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Embrace your bad side with a Kat’s travel-friendly 30mL size Sinner perfume.

12.  Saint Perfume

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Kat’s beautiful Saint Perfume bottle comes in a new 30 mL size and is perfect for the angel in your life.

13. Sattelite Blue Pomade

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Kat’s brow pomade is perfect for brows, but just think about what you could do if you got created with the makeup!

14. Lemmy Green Pomade

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

We love the brow pomade as a way to jazz up our cute baby hairs.

15. Dafodil Pomade

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

You can also use it to dot your lashes.

16. Scarlet Pomade

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Match the brow with one of Kat’s cute ndues and look seductive as hell.

17. Browstruck dimension powder

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Kat’s browstruck dimension powder has a slight sheen to it in order to mimic the shine of real hair.

18. Santa Sangre Studded Kiss

CREDIT: katvondbeauty / Instagram

Add a stunning look to your pout with Kat’s Santa Sangre Studded Kiss lightly dusted with her metal crush highlighter.

19. Fans can also expect a collection made up of sleek red and black footwear.

CREDIT: vondshoes /Instagram

Previews of the line on Instagram also revealed the shoes will all be made by hand in Italy. Being vegan isn’t the only impressive perk about Von D’s new products, none of the styles will be “limited edition” and the line will ride hard on ensuring inclusivity. Von D’s shoes will offer unisex options and include sizes that range from 5 to 12.

20. The @VonDshoes Instagram account has already reeled in 59.6k followers since launching on Monday.

CREDIT: vondshoes /Instagram

Fans are already gearing up to spend their cash on the shoes which have yet to be given a set launch date. “There goes all my money ????” one user joked.

Of course, when it comes to prices, it’s still TBD on how much these bad boys will cost you. “I’ve worked extremely hard at making my shoes as accessible as possible without sacrificing the quality+design. These are luxe vegan shoes that will last a lifetime and will make your feet look+feel beautiful. So while they will be affordable, they won’t be as cheap as Payless,” Von D explained to fans.


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