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7 Makeup Looks For Every Skulltry Enthusiast To Rock This Halloween

As we approach October, Latinxs across the globe are eagerly awaiting and preparing for a time of the year where things get just a little bit more vibrant and spooky. Halloween and Día de Los Muertos are two holidays during the year that Latinxs get to celebrate culture, life, death, and their ancestors. Still, besides all of the customs and attire that come out of these big events, perhaps one of the most exciting parts about  Halloween and Día de Los Muertos season are amazing costumes and makeup art inspired by their occurrence.

As you gear up for your costumes and the events surrounding the season, here’s a look at 7 skulltry makeup looks to consider this year.

This dame of roses and death.

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Shaked it up a little from the previous design. Got my teethsies out I'm just really stuck on one style and of skull Also featuring more vines, rose tits and edited eyes Products @heahair wig @isadora_blake headress @sanegirls earrings @mehronmakeup paradise paint in white, black, red, forest green and lime @byscosmetics rebel palette @farzanabeauty powder illuminator and Piper lipstick @katvondbeauty lipliner in misfit @thinlizzybeauty 6 in 1 powder in EBR1, and mascara (with 3D fibres to try and get my lower lashes to measure up to the fake top ones) @nyxcosmetics_australia pro highlight and contour palette @1000hour lashes #thinlizzybeauty #1000hours #nyxprofessionalmakeup #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmeticsaustralia #byscosmetics #bys#morbidart #morbidangel #morbid #deathwish #greenhairdontcare #greenhair #rosey #rosebush #rosebuds #skullart #halloweenmakeupideas #creepmachine #sfxatlas #thinlizzy #katvond #mehrongirl #katvondmakeup #mehronaustralia #mehron #mehronmakeup #wisdomteeth

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This design created by Instagram designer Pigeon Pie features a stunning display of florals and vines. With makeup from brands like Kat Von D Beauty and Nyx Cosmetics, you can recreate a similar look with some time and practice.

This simplistic skull doll.

Mexicanas were all over celebrating their culture and country over the weekend for Día de la Independencia. This face designed and created by Long Beach-based artist María Pérez is a stunning take on the celebrated skull to copy/paste for your next big Halloween party.

The floral print skull.

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Bone China ????☠️???? Where are you from? I’d love to know where in the world my followers are from. Let me know below your country and town ???????? __________________________________________________________ FACE: @maccosmeticsuk HD Airbrush Makeup in NC10 as the bottom layer followed by a bottle of White over the top @makeupforeverofficial Ultra HD translucent powder @maccosmeticsuk Extra Dimension Blush ‘Just a Pinch’ EYES: @katvondbeauty Ever Lasting Liquid Lip ‘Tank Girl’ @eldorafalseeyelashes false lashes @sugarpill pressed eyeshadow ‘Tako’ & ‘Heart Shaped Cookie’ @maccosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow ‘Blanc Type’ LIPS: @limecrimemakeup Velvetine Matte ‘Blood Moon’ ROSES: @thefickletattoo #jasoncampbellstudio #katvondbeauty #katvondcosmetics #hudabeauty #crazymakeups #skullmakeup #halloweenmakeup #airbrushmakeup #maccosmetics #sugarpillcosmetics

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Something about this skull gives off major Abuela’s sofá vibes and I don’t hate it. There’s something absolutely stunning and haunting about the way Vanessa Davis, a U.K-based Mexican makeup artist, collects the floral designs around her subjects face to create a skull.

The one that used Kat Von D.

Mashing together equal parts Japanese and Mexican culture, this image gives us the Little Mermaid skull vibes we never knew we needed.

La Doña skull vibes.

La Spektator’s design of a sophisticated skull lady seems easy enough to nail down once you’ve got the makeup design down. For a similar sweet and classic look, get your skull face down and pair with a classic 50s-inspired pencil dressed.

La Mexicana.

Mexican makeup designer Alondra brings all of the vibes of her culture to this look that can be pretty easy to recreate for other countries once you’ve figured out the design of its flag.

This devastatingly elaborate display.

This sugar skull queen has eyes that are poppin’.

The skull that’ll be perfect for your Friday look.

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Heart, are you there? It’s me, Maria. You’ve been damaged for so long. This healing process is not what we thought it would be. It’s slow and it’s selfish, yet it keeps us strongly rooted in our convictions and sanity. How did we become so jaded? Let’s stay in touch and stay balanced, yeah? Sincerely, Brain. #confessions #conversationswithmyself • Photography: @butch_locsin_from_la Makeup, headdress and wardrobe: @paulina_clothing Edited: @laspektator Hand painted background: @butch_locsin_from_la and @laspektator • #vivalaspektor #girlswithtattoos #MujerSuprema #laspektator #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #streetmeetla #dropdeadgorgeous #comolaflor #yassskween #redroses #speaktomeinflowers #venus #thefutureisfemale #wearestrongertogether #newbeginnings #conquer_la #lacatrina #mexicanculture #lifeisbeautiful #fairytale #paulinaclothing #tehuana #frida #vogue #fridakahlo #vivalavida

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Thinking of doing a Frida look for Halloween? Replicate one of her paintings and add a twist by incorporating a sugar skull.

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People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners


People Are Accusing Kat Von D Beauty of Scamming Customers With Their Famous Tattoo Liners

Yes, we know. Makeup maven Kat Von D has been long been on the outs with fans who once adored her. In addition to the slew of offenses stacked up against her, Von D’s recent declaration that she would not be vaccinating her son after his birth certainly has not done her any favors.

Now, the tattoo artists’ latest controversy means she’s enduring another fall from her fans’ graces.

Beauty enthusiasts are currently accusing Von D of scamming them out of their money with the Trooper Tattoo Liner

Cheyenne Vaughan / Facebook

At the end of last month, Facebook user Cheyenne Vaughan accused Von D’s makeup brand of “putting a sample-size eyeliner into a longer-shell tube,” and then selling it to customers for “triple the price.”

Vaughan shared a photo of the eyeliner in her post that showed the dismantled product in three pieces. One was a long tube, the other a cartridge that holds the actual product, and the last piece: a cap.

“Yall I’m about to lose my mind right now,” Vaughan wrote in the post. “Kat von D really been putting a sample size eyeliner into a longer shell tube and selling to my dumb ass for triple the price. I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND RIGHT NOW.”

Facebook users who saw the post were quick to respond to Vaughan.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” wrote on user.

Others came to Von D’s defense, asking Vaughan to support her claims with actual facts.

“Did you actually make sure this is factual, by weighing the amount of liquid in each one? I didn’t think so. Wtf is wrong with people??”

And of course, many didn’t waste time in bringing up the fact that Von D is anti-vaccinations.

“Y’all need to stop supporting the anti-Vaxer,” one wrote.

“That’s what you get for supporting an anti-vaxer,” replied another.

Six thousand shares of the post later, and Von D responded with her defense.

@thekatvond / Instagram

In a post to her Instagram account, Von D asserted that she wasn’t cheating customers. In fact, according to her, while the cartridge is the same size for every liner, the amount of ink inside of it differs depending on the liner size.

“The cartridges in both full size liners and mini liners are the same — it’s the amount of product inside each cartridge that is different. So, for example, the product fill on our full size Tattoo Liner is 0.55 ml, while the product fill for the mini is 0.2 ml – thats over DOUBLE the amount of product! Any brand who has an eyeliner with similar component on the market will tell you the same thing. You need that much cartridge space for the pigment to flow out,” she wrote.

See for yourself in the comments section of Von D’s post on whether or commenters are satisfied. Hint: people remain stanning their anti-Vanti-ant-vaxx position.

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Selena Quintanilla’s Family Is Creating A Makeup Line In Celebration Of The Tejana Queen


Selena Quintanilla’s Family Is Creating A Makeup Line In Celebration Of The Tejana Queen

This just in: the late Selena Quintanilla is getting her very own makeup line. I know what you’re thinking: hasn’t this been done before? But no, actually, it hasn’t. While big brands have had Selena-inspired collections, this will be the first full line, and it’s coming straight from the Quintanilla family.

According to The Blast, the queen of Tejano music’s family is launching “Selena Vive,” a full cosmetics line that will include lipsticks, eye makeup, foundations, nail polish, perfume and accessories.

The late singer’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, is also preparing to trademark the name “Selenaville,” what fans have nicknamed the museum dedicated to the star in Corpus, Christi, Texas, for a possible other cosmetics line.

While a release date hasn’t been set yet for either line, fans are already celebrating.

In 2016, MAC released its Selena collection, which sold out promptly. A year later, Forever 21 similarly starting selling Selena merch.

News of the late singer’s official line comes after Netflix announced they would be working with the Quintanilla family to produce a series on Selena’s life.

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