These 7 Protective Hairstyles Are For The Afro-Latina Ready To Take On Summer And Protect Her Rizos

The hot season can be a double-edged sword for Black women. While summer rays give us a chance to soak in the sun, it also brings the threat of heat damage (something so many of try to avoid) is ever-looming. Fortunately, protective hairstyles can be the ultimate saving grace, keeping our hair free of the breakage and frizzies that come with the sun’s harsh beams.

For tips on the easiest, cutest and most protective styles for summer looks, we spoke with some of our fave Afro-Latina Instagrammers about how they rock their fly curls in the summer.

Silk wraps

CREDIT: @solpaulino / Instagram

When it comes to keeping her curls moisturized and healthy, Afro Latina hair and fashion blogger Solimar Paulino says one of her favorite methods is to keep things under wraps. “It is important for us to have a good hair care routine in the summer because, as Afro-Latinas, our hair tends to be dryer when the weather changes,” the Dominicana tells FIERCE . “It is important to be conscious of how weather changes affect your hair and what products you need to add to your routine to help your hair transition. Your curls can be your best summer accessory if you take care of them.”

Paulino shared that when summer comes around, one of her biggest concerns is seeing her curls turn dry. To keep them silky smooth, she uses wraps daily. “I silk wrap my hair every night. A silk wrap keeps all the moisture in your hair and helps your curls last longer from wash to wash.”

French braids

CREDIT: @solpaulino / Instagram

Paulino’s other preferred protective method involves pulling off the classic french braid. Mostly because, as she explains, “they are a good way to keep your hair from tangling and and promote growth.” Whether you go for a single French braid, two or three—it’s up to you—make sure your hair is getting the care it needs and be sure to moisturize before plaiting up your hair by using a nourishing product.

To keep her curls hydrated, Paulino says her favorite products are ones created by the Latina-owned brand Rizos Curls. “My favorite products are the Rizos Curls hydrating shampoo, deep conditioner and curl defining cream. I love their products because they are the perfect combination for full curls that feel smooth to touch.”


CREDIT: @miaroublow / Instagram

Mia-Loren Roublow is the voice and creator of the Latina intersectional feminist clothing line Pussandboobs. She’s also a model and rizos queen. Roublow knows the damage the sun can end up doing to her hair and says that, because of this, she thinks moisturizing and protective hairstyling methods are a must. To keep her hair moisturized and styled, the Afro-Latina model says she’s all about affordable products. “Aussie Moisturizing conditioner does it for me! After years of looking for a good leave-inl I feel like I found something that gives me consistent results. It not only leaves my curls smelling good, but also keeps them moisturized without that greasy feel,” she tells FIERCE.

During the summer season, when it’s hot and dry outside, Roublow says pulling her hair up into a chic bun and smoothing her edges is one of her go-to looks. “I try to stay cool, so in the summer I make sure to keep my hair out my face. [Buns] are super cute for during the day and a night out with your boo or friends.”

Pineapples and silk scarves for straight hair

CREDIT: @miaroublow / Instagram

As much as we all adore our curly hair, sporting straight locks every once and a while can be a fun way to switch things up. Still, all Black girls know that the only thing more damaging to our hair than the summer sun is the direct heat from style tools. Together, the two can make for a truly ugly combination.

To combat damage, Roublow, whose hair tends to dry out and get knotted in the summer when it’s in its natural curly state, says she always makes sure to wrap up her hair at night. “I used to just put it up in a pineapple,” she says. “But now I wrap with a silk scarf and place hair pins around my edges so the scarf stays on while I sleep. Its made a huge difference.”

Keep your trenzas low.

CREDIT: @miss_rizos / Instagram

Fans of Afro-Latina hair dream queen Carolina Contreras knows that this Dominicana has a head full of rizos. To keep her hair safe in the summer months, she often sports protective box braids with ends that extend to great lengths. Contreras has taught us that trenzas can be one of the most versatile protective looks, giving us the ability to sport braided bobs and mermaid-length hair.

Faux Locs

CREDIT: @hola_carola / Instagram

Faux locs can be a pretty easy way to keep your hair wrapped up and protected during the summer. Head to a stylist to get your hair sectioned off and woven up with yarn or synthetic material, but whatever you choose, be sure to keep your locs moisturized and your baby hairs slick.

Bantu Knots

CREDIT: @browngirlsondeck / Instagram

For the Afro-Latina leaning into the super ’90s retro trend, bantu knots are the ultimate summer choice. To accomplish the look, section off your hair and twist one section at a time until it turns back on itself. Fasten with bobby-pins and accessorize with colorful twine, and you’re good to go.


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