9 Simplistic Tattoos For The Beauty Maven Looking For A New Kind of Coverage

credit: beckyd_tattoo / Instagram

One of the best things about makeup and beauty is the diversity it lends to self-expression and creativity. With the right tools and palette, we’re able to create simple looks, fun faces, and often times find a new sense of self. If you’re looking for a way to permanently express your love for all that beauty and makeup has done for you, tattoo will literally have you covered.

Whether you’ve got a love for blush or a vibe for great lashes, here’s 9 tattoos to help you express your love for all things beauty on your sleeve.

This fine line tattoo for the chica with mad eyeliner skills.

Mini tattoos have become all the rage in recent years and for some, there’s no better way to blow up your love for beauty in a simple form. For your next trip to the tattoo parlor, consider a minimalist tattoo to break out your inner makeup maven.

All eyes on this tattoo that gives major vintage vibes.

There’s something romantic about our abuela’s old makeup staples. Pay tribute to your love for makeup and your abuela with a cool tattoo that steals its designs from her favorite compact, mascara bottle or lipstick.

The tattoo that has all of the accessories you obsess over.

We’ve all got a collection of makeup favorites in our cosmetic bags. For your big tattoo job, consider going all in by commemorating all of your favorites.

Perfect falsies for the real chica.

Your lashes will never look more voluminous and lengthy than when they’re tatted up on your sleeve!

Mashup your abuela and makeup love with this needlepoint lipstick tattoo.

We get all kinds of abuela makeup vibes with these tattoos. Needlepoint your favorite beauty product with ink and you’ll be sure to have one creative and minimalist look.

Get creative with this watercolor makeup brush.

Watercolor tattoos are all of the rage these days. Pair up the tattoo design with a beauty product or item that you love to create your favorite tattoo.

Be the highlight of the ball.

We’re living in an era of highlights and color. Pay tribute to your favorite beauty product of late with a tattoo of color and swirls.

Bust out the claws and brush faves.

Just when you thought a tattoo of beauty brushes couldn’t get anymore fun, one tattoo artist busts out the big moves with a set of claws to awe over. Vamp up your next tattoo with a set of nails your favorite nail stylist will envy.

Wear your lipstick love on your ankle.

Bring on the minimalism and love with a delicate design of lipstick, eyelashes, lipliner or eyelashes.

So much to love in these simple lines.

Love your pout and want to find a creative way to pay tribute to it? We love this minimalist tattoo that breaks out the most delicate lines and a fun ode to lipstick.


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