9 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Curly Hair And Make Sure It Retains Moisture

credit: afrolatinas_/ Instagram

Winter, with its windchill and dry air, can be a particularly brutal time on sensitive strands–especially for Afro-Latinas. Hair with a curlier pattern is more prone to breakage, as it is more difficult for the natural lubrication of the scalp to travel down the hair shaft and moisturize hair ends.

So although we love the winter months for all the festivities and the rare time we get to spend with our families, a part of us also dreads it. Or more accurately, our hair dreads it. With our (often) ethnically mixed heritage, our hair patterns can run the gamut–from poker-straight to kinky-coily. And because of this, we have to pay special attention to the way our hair reacts to the winter elements. Because what works for our primas doesn’t necessarily work for us. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of ways to winter-proof our hair this season. Check it out below!

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