Latinas Make Up Almost Half Of The Women In The Military, For A Time Your Favorite Beauty Blogger Was Part Of That Number

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Fans of Dulce Candy might know her best as a Beauty YouTuber to many of her followers, but long before she was teaching followers how to blend it like a celeb she was serving as a soldier in Iraq. Women have been a presence in the United States army for decades and have worked to serve and defend the country for just as many. Latinas make up a massive part of that pool. In 2015, a profile of the military community revealed that Latinas cover 48 percent of the women in the U.S. military. For followers of the Mexican-American beauty blogger, it’s clear Dulce Candy has quite a bit of pride for her time serving in the military as a soldier in Iraq.

Following a series of extreme life experiences, the veteran enlisted in the army with a green card when she was eighteen.

Dulce has been open with fans about her bouts of depression and suicide as well as a time in which she often acted out at school. “I had zero self-worth—I thought things would never be better. If I could go back, I’d tell my younger self that she’s beautiful and worthy. I’ve learned to love the little girl I used to be, and who I am today,” Dulce told in an interview. In a blog about finding confidence in herself, Dulce revealed that it wasn’t until she started working at a Carls Jr. and soon after enlisted in the military that she found confidence in herself. “I went through basic training and my AIT training I went through that and I was still feeling confident and met this amazing drill sergeant that changed my whole life and ay of thinking he really shipped me into shape because I was a really wild teen.”

Candy also revealed that her time in the military also saw her in a period where her confidence took an extreme dip.

After becoming subject to intense ridicule from a different sergeant she was often made to question her self-worth. “He was the biggest A-hole to me and he was an A-hole to me truth be told because he thought I was trying to get away with things because of my looks.”

Still, even despite the toll this particular sergeants treatment of her had on her confidence, Dulce has often expressed extreme pride in her time serving the country. “There’s a lot of things that I love from [my time in the miltary],” Candy gushed in a video from her early days as a blogger. 

Check out Dulce Candy’s video about her time in the military below!


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