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A Mexican Company Put Frida Kahlo’s Face On Its Feminine Hygiene Products And Someone Please Pass The Midol

There’s a reason why we can find the face of Frida Kahlo splashed front and center on billboards, TV screens, magazines, and even Snapchat. For decades she has stood as a paragon of modern womanhood, raw and unapologetic. She used her immense talent to share this with the world. Frida is iconic.

Her activism, image, and art have been immortalized on sites where shrines of printed T-shirts, buttons, and posters have, for better or for worse, been made in her honor.

This time, the latest brand to use Kahlo’s face in an effort to sell a product is raising some eyebrows.

The latest Kahlo-inspired item comes in the form of period products.


Saba is a Mexican feminine hygiene brand putting Frida Kahlo’s face on a series of its limited edition products. The Frida-themed collection comes in the form of pads, pantyliners, and tampons. But, get this, the painter’s face is being used for more than just the actual products.

She’s also fronting the covers of the company’s pad dispenser items.

Netflix /

Which I didn’t even know was thing, but I guess there’s always something for something???

Anyway, here’s the thing about Saba’s latest products – everyone is SUPER torn on how to feel about them.

Frida / Miramax /

The discussion so far has been a whole lot of “Do we like it or nah? Do we buy it or nah? It’s actually kind of cute… But would Frida like it or nah?”

For some, the Kahlo products represent and merge two concepts women know well.

One is the fact that being a woman comes with guaranteed pains that can be emotional, mental, and physical. The other, is the fact that Kahlo had been a fervent illustrator of the pains and struggles of being a woman. Her infamous oil painting “Henry Ford Hospital (The Flying Bed)” directly portrayed the pain Kahlo dealt with when forced to address her inability to bear children and the miscarriages she siffered. For some, Kahlo’s rendition on a series of female period products is a tribute to the message of her work, her feminism, and empowerment.

Others are taking issue with the fact that the artist loathed capitalism.

“Zero bummed out feelings, guys, but my friend Frida Kahlo hated capitalism,” the user above wrote while also pointing out the artist’s particular distaste for enterprise culture. One famous painting depicts her particular aversion towards capitalism, with the portrayal of the fundamental human values that are being destructed by the industrial world.

Others underlined that the image would have her rolling in her grave.

“If Frida Kahlo was alive again and saw that they used her name and image for saba’s sanitary napkins, literally she would die again,” the user above said in a post.

Some women are just dead ass confused about the whole point of her face on pads, period.

In another post, the above user wrote: “I do not understand very well why Frida Kahlo is on the packaging of the Saba pantiliners,”

So what do you think?

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20 Things I Never Want To Hear Come Out Of Your Dang Mouth When I’m On My Period

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20 Things I Never Want To Hear Come Out Of Your Dang Mouth When I’m On My Period

Unless you want an earful, never ask a “moody” mujer if she’s on her period. While having a period (which is obviously natural and inevitable) and talking about it is less taboo than it used to be, many mujeres would rather you didn’t come at them with all your stupid comments, especially when we have one of those tinny headaches, the kind that makes the sound of your voice set our teeth on edge.

Mi mamá never talked about being on her period.


“Mi mamá never talked about her period. We never even knew she had one.” Well, Vato, your mamá grew up in a different time, and do you really want to compare your bae to your mom today, during this time of the month, or ever? Not only is it bad form, but it’s also downright Freudian. And ese Freud, he was a pendejo too.

Why are you taking your bag to the bathroom?


At school, the last thing a young woman wants to hear, when she’s sure she’s about to have a tampon malfunction, is a teacher questioning her attempt at discretion:

Well, señor, if I don’t bring my mochila, the whole class is going to know I’m on my period, and I’m still a teenager, and I haven’t learned to not feel insecure about all these new things I’m learning about my body, things I’ve have learned to feel shame about, so thanks for putting me on blast. And while we’re asking questions, how long have you been teaching?

What are you on the rag?


We also don’t want to be catcalled and then insulted for by some rando on the street for ignoring his bad manners: “What are you on the fucking rag?

As a matter of fact, cabron, I am on the rag? Do you want to see what that looks like right now? Is that really what you want?

Do you really have to soak your bloody underwear in a bucket in the tub?


Why, yes, I do have to soak my bloody underwear in the tub. Would you rather I do it in the kitchen sink or in a pot on the stove? Mujeres, we all know that the best blast of cold water comes out of the bathtub nozzle, amiright?

Why is there blood on the toilet seat?


Guys piss on toilet seats everywhere they go, everyday, and we get this mierda when we, one time, accidentally leave a drop of blood on the seat. Felicititaciónes, now you get to clean up after me, and preferably quietly, as I have done 99 out of 100 hundred times I had to clean up after you in the bathroom.

You want me to go to the store and buy what?


There are just some days when we can’t get out of bed between the pain and flood. There are just some days we’re going to need your help, so if you ever want to see me again, you’ll get on down to the market and find the feminine hygiene aisle. A qué esperas? Apuraté!

You must still be on your period.


Why is this the go-to comment when women aren’t acting like men think we should act, or when we don’t act the way they want us to, when we have feelings, moods, or opinions?

You’re still hungry?


We don’t like feeling like bottomless pits who can’t seem to feel satisfied no matter what we eat either. None of this means that you should comment on it. And eating what we happen to be craving, often sugar, carbs, and salt just makes us feel worse.

Are you sure you’re not pregnant? You look like you’re pregnant.


If I’m not pregnant, I’m miscarrying your seed. Should I go on, do you really want me to go on, or do you want to shut up right now?

Why are you crying? This movie isn’t even that sad.


And questions like this one are why not having a mother who talked about her period is a problem. If our crying makes you uncomfortable, just pretend you don’t notice. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Are you sure your period is totally over?


Fortunately, people are becoming less afraid of period sex and it can actually be therapeutic, but try telling that to some tipos who could easily do these things: put a towel down, use a condom, try some creative positions, take a shower afterward, masturbate instead.

Sorry, Babe, I ate all the brownies.


WTF? Who raised you so wrong that you ate the last anything without offering to share it. And let us give you a word of advice: calendar. Use a one. Mark the possible days your bae will likely be on her period, and don’t forget to include the PMS days. Now, prepare to do some shopping in advance. Yes, planning for the monthly period takes half the month! Stock up on chocolate, ice cream, all her faves — you call yourself a feminist, orale!

It doesn’t hurt that bad, does it?


When it comes to los cólicos, the period cramps, there are all sorts of things we don’t want to hear. Things like, it doesn’t hurt that bad does it? Since pain tolerance varies for all people, this is also just a very stupid thing to say to anyone.

I never get period cramps.


Well, aren’t you one of the lucky ones. If you’re a good friend you won’t be so insensitive as mention how fortunate you are that you don’t get cramps while your amiga suffers at home in her nightie, unable to get out of bed to make herself lunch.

So what does it feel like?


It seems like some men ask this question because they don’t believe that cramps can be as bad as we say they are. And they seem to always ask just at the wrong time.

Exercise makes the cramps go away, doesn’t it?


Many women have such painful cramps that they can do very little during the first day or two of their regla, and it’s often not just cramps, but all-over body pain, nausea, and blaring headaches. While exercise can help for many women, for those who experience such intense period symptoms, it may not help at all, and during those first days, there may be no product that would make it comfortable to exercise in without staining our clothes, which we’re going to do anyway laying in bed. So do your bae, your amiga, your hermana, your hija, or your mamà a favor, go to the store, get her what she needs, keep her company when she wants watch her favorite movie, or get the hell out of her face when she just wants to be alone.

When your period is over can you …


Can I what? Wash the sheets? Brush my hair? Start cooking again? Go out of the house? Watch what you want to watch on Netflix for the rest of the month? Dame fuerza, Virgen, dame fuerza.

Saying the Right Thing


And in case you want to make things right, here are a couple of things you could say during her regla.

Be more like this dog.


For most women, periods are just a fact of life. They can be a major inconvenience. A simple “I hope your feel better soon,” can go a long way.

Since it your woman time, here’s some chocolate.


We’ll forgive these dudes for not being able to write the word period because this is a super sweet gesture, and they know how to use apostrophes!

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After His Wife’s Death, Diego Rivera Tried To Hide The Fact That Frida Kahlo Had Other Sexual Partners But It Didn’t Work

Fierce Boss Ladies

After His Wife’s Death, Diego Rivera Tried To Hide The Fact That Frida Kahlo Had Other Sexual Partners But It Didn’t Work

During her lifetime, acclaimed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was not only renowned for her breathtaking surrealist paintings. She was also known for being a passionate lover with an insatiable appetite. An unabashed bisexual, Kahlo was notorious for her extramarital affairs with partners of both genders during her lifetime. Allegedly, Kahlo’s motto regarding sex was: “make love, take a bath, make love again”. In celebration of Kahlo’s liberated love life, we’ve compiled the definitive list of Frida Kahlo’s sexual conquests (that we know of). Take a peek below!

1. Diego Rivera


Of course, we must start this list off with Kahlo’s primary partner and the self-professed love of her life, Diego Rivera. When Kahlo and Rivera married in 1929, many regarded him as an unusual choice of a husband. Not only was he 20 years her senior, but he was a notorious womanizer and grossly overweight, to boot. In fact, Kahlo’s parents dubbed the couple “the elephant and the dove” due to their size contrast. Despite their differences, Kahlo and Rivera were married for 25 years (not including a one-year period of divorce) and considered each other soulmates. She even wrote a poem about him, describing their all-consuming relationship: “Diego in my urine—Diego in my mouth—in my heart. In my madness. In my dreams”.

2. Chavela Vargas


As we mentioned before, Kahlo was bisexual and enjoyed experiencing the carnal pleasures both men and women had to offer. One of these women was famous lesbian singer Chavela Vargas. According to reports, Vargas and Kahlo began a passionate affair sometime in the 1940s when they met at a party. Later in life, Vargas would refer to Kahlo as her “great love” and wrote about her extensively in her autobiography. As for Frida, she was evidently smitten with Vargas as well. In a letter to a friend, she wrote: “Today I met Chavela Vargas. An extraordinary woman, a lesbian, and what’s more, I desire her…Was she a gift sent to me from heaven?”.

3. Leon Trotsky


Leon Trostky was a Marxist philosopher and politician who, with the help of Diego Rivera, fled the USSR to Mexico to escape Stalin. Because of Rivera’s deep commitment to the Communist cause, he insisted Trotsky and his wife Natalia stay with him and Frida for safety reasons. They ended up staying for two years. It was at Rivera and Kahlo’s residence, the famous “Casa Azul”, that Trostky and Kahlo began an affair. Upon hearing of the infidelity, Rivera became enraged. Rivera was tolerant of Kahlo’s same-sex dalliances, but her heterosexual conquests made him insanely jealous. Trostky and his wife left La Casa Azul in 1939. A year later, Trotsky was murdered in Mexico by Stalinists who were threatened by Trotsky’s controversial views.

4. Georgia O’Keeffe


Kahlo had a complicated relationship with successful American artist Georgia O’Keefe that was a mixture of both awe and jealousy. In a letter to a friend about a trip she took to New York in 1939, Kahlo reveals that she and O’Keefe engaged in at least a sexual relationship, stating: “O’Keeffe was in the hospital for three months, she went to Bermuda for a rest. She didn’t make love to me that time, I think on account of her weakness. Too bad.”

5. Nickolas Muray


Hungarian-born photographer Nickolas Muray was one of the men that Kahlo engaged in the longest affair with, their relationship lasting, on and off, for over 10 years. Their affair began in 1931 when Muray was working in Mexico. According to love letters between them unearthed in the 1990s, their relationship was incredibly passionate. At one point, Kahlo wrote: “I miss every movement of your being, your voice, your eyes, your hands, your beautiful mouth, your laugh so clear and honest. YOU. I love you my Nick. I am so happy to think I love you –to think you wait for me– you love me”. According to reports, Muray wanted to marry Kahlo, but she was intent on keeping him as a lover, not a husband. Although they ended their affair in 1941, they remained good friends until her death in 1954.

6. Paulette Goddard


Paulette Goddard was an American actress most famous for starring in Charlie Chaplin films and later marrying him. Goddard is primarily known for having an affair with Diego Rivera, but many historians agree that she likely had a physical relationship with Frida as well. Although Kahlo was no doubt jealous of the affair between Rivera and Goddard, she also regarded Goddard as a friend and was sexually attracted to her. Many biographers of Frida Kahlo conjecture that Kahlo’s affairs with Rivera’s mistresses were a means for her to reclaim some authority within their relationship. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, Kahlo’s relationship with Goddard was deep enough for her to paint a still life in her honor. The 1941 painting was entitled “The flower basket”.

7. Isamu Noguchi


Isamu Noguchi was a Japanese-American sculptor who was both popular in the Mexican art scene when they started their affair in the mid-1930s. They had a short-lived, passionate physical relationship that drove Diego Rivera mad with jealousy. In Hayden Herrera’s seminal biographical work of Kahlo, “Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo”, Herrera recounts a story of Noguchi escaping a tryst between him and Kahlo by climbing down a tree outside the patio. The next time Rivera saw him, he threatened Noguchi with a gun. Although their affair was brief, Kahlo and Noguchi remained friends until her death

8. Tina Modotti


Tina Modotti was an Italian model, actress, photographer, and political activist that was good friends with Frida throughout her life. Like many of Frida’s same-sex relationships, she was introduced to Modotti through her husband Diego as one of his mistresses. However, Kahlo and Modotti quickly became the closer of the husband and wife couple and became lovers and good friends. Modotti was portrayed by Ashely Judd in the Salma Hayek-starring biopic “Frida” in 2002, one of the only female lovers of Frida’s depicted in the movie.

9. Alejandro Gomez Arias


Alejandro Gomez Arias was Kahlo’s first love and arguably the catalyst for Kahlo’s initial burst of artistic creativity. After getting in a violent bus accident in 1925 with Arias–an accident that mangled her body and left her with lifelong chronic pain–Frida was left bedridden and immobile for months. During this time, Kahlo was so frightened that Arias would lose interest in her that she created her first painting entitled “Self-Portrait in a Velvet Dress” as a gift to him and an attempt to keep him interested. Unfortunately, the painting didn’t work, and she and Arias ended their relationship shortly after.

10. Jacqueline Lamba


Jacqueline Lamba was a French painter and the wife of famous writer and poet, André Breton. Kahlo met Lamba through her husband’s friendship with Breton. Although Kahlo found Breton “insufferable”, she became close to his wife and was “intimate” with her according to contemporary friends’ accounts. In fact, the relationship between Lamba and Kahlo was another of Frida’s same-sex relationships that inspired her creatively. Kahlo created the iconic  “The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened” painting after being inspired by Lamba’s recount of her traumatic wedding night.

11. Heinz Berggruen


Heinz Berggruen was an art collector, art dealer, and a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany when he met Frida Kahlo in 1940. Before he was introduced to her, he was told by Diego Rivera: “You will meet my wife and you will fall in love with her”. He had a short love affair with Frida in New York in 1940 when he was only 25 years old and she was 32.  Berggruen, who lived to be 93 and died in 2007, said of his 6-week relationship with Kahlo, that she considered it “very freeing”, as she had just divorced her husband, Diego Rivera. Although he was a famous art collect and critique, Berggruen claims he never saw any of Frida’s work or talked to her about it while they were together. Of Frida, Berggruen said: “I met Frida Kahlo the woman, and that was enough for me”.

12. Josephine Baker


Josephine Baker was an African-American singer and dancer who moved to Paris to escape discrimination. Baker and Kahlo met in 1939, right after Frida had separated from Diego. She traveled to Paris for an exhibition of her paintings where photographic evidence documents at least one of her meetings with Baker. While Frida was openly bisexual and proud of her relationships, Josephine was much more secretive about her affairs with women and denied them publically. However, her son, Jean-Claude Baker, later confirmed his mother’s affairs with women, referring to them as her “lady lovers”.

13. Jose Bartoli


Jose Bartoli was a Spanish painter whom Frida met on one of her many trips to New York City. They had a secret three-year affair from 1946 to 1949 that was primarily conducted through letter-writing. Their relationship developed an iconic, public status when their letters were put up for auction in 2015 by his family. In one of her letters addressed to Bartloi, Kahlo wrote: “Last night I felt as if many wings caressed me all over as if your fingertips had mouths that kissed my skin”. According to Kahlo’s primary biographer, Hayden Herrera, she believes Kahlo “would have left [Diego Rivera] in order to live with Bartoli” and her love for Bartoli was “passionate, carnal, tender and maternal”

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