The Stigma Against Short Hair For Latinas Still Causes Them To Panic When I Cut A Few Inches

Most people think of a stereotypical Latina as someone with big lips, huge brown eyes, and long, flowy hair. While that look is gorgeous, that is something I, as a half Colombian/Ecuadorian woman, do not identify with. I’ve always loved having short hair. My family always gasped and even cried when I cut my hair, but eventually, they realized I am more than my hair.

Here’s how dramatic some of our Latino families are when they see you chop your hair off…

Before going short, I had to mentally prepare myself for this major chop.


Really, this was a pep talk build strength to face my family.

I admit, sometimes I had immediate regrets because I knew I was going against what “Latinas should look like” according to stereotypes.

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Plus, watching your hair tumble down onto the floor isn’t always easy.

But that regret didn’t last very long.

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Look at me, carefree Latina girl with short hair. Who would’ve thought?

I was working my short hair, but now I had to face my parents.

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God, please help me.

While some people understood my style and accepted it, some didn’t quite get it.

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Like my mom. I got hit with the “Why!? You had such beautiful, long hair!!”

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Alright, I get it.

And “Well, it’ll grow back fast, gracias a Dios.”

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Yeah, thank baby Jesus because what would I do for the rest of my life with short hair, right? ?

Chismosos assumed I was going through something when I went short.

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I actually was just tired of my frizz and hot hair on my head all summer. But, okay, aren’t we all a little emo and want a change sometimes??

Next, I had to get approval from the final boss: abuelita.

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She is notoriously not very accepting of change.

She didn’t hide the disapproval on her face.

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Do abuelas ever hold back on anything?

But eventually, she told me I was linda no matter what.

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Even if short hair pretty much meant I was BALD. Her words, not mine.

In the end, I appreciate anyone that accepts long hair, short hair, or even no hair.

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Because the length of my hair doesn’t determine how “Latina” I am.

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??It’s ?? just ?? hair. ??

I wonder when I should tell them that I want a pixie cut next?

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I’ll give them some time for that one.

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Did your friends or family ever freak out when you cut your hair super short? Are you afraid to do the chop? Let us know your struggle!